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The chief of Kansas City continued an awkward record that their external relay had not been able to finish the game for 17 consecutive games. The arrival of Jeremy Mclean (Jeremy Maclin) did not help the chief of the team in the first week of the match, and the team looked forward to doing something in this week's match with the Denver Mustang. chiefs took over complete touchdowns last time, was traced back to the 2013 season. In December 29th of that year, San Diego chiefs against lightning, is registered as a running back, but it is outside the over - Mai clastres Patel (Dexter DEX McCluster) completed 2 yard touchdown catch. On the other hand, the team still has enough way of scoring even though the relay can't complete the array. In last week's match, the close - end Travis - Kelsey (Travis Kelce) and the running Jamal - Charles (Jammal Charles) completed a total of 3 hits. according to ESPN statistics, since the 2013 season, the team cheap nfl jerseys free shipping 's foreign players in the red area have only 34 goals to pass, 23 times to catch the ball, and two data in the league. And Charles had 46 goals, 38 times and 15. Although the Sheikh has enough scoring methods, Mclean's line-up team still hopes to end the embarrassing record this week.NFL official website, rob Gelon 'travel to Barcelona, football nest players in the offseason rest mode always frequent pattern. When the Patriots tight end rob Gelon '(Rob Gronkowski) recently went to Barcelona to enjoy the game in Barcelona. After the NFL London bowl was included in the regular schedule, many European football giants were also attracted by the event. For example, Tottenham - Harry Kaine (Harry Kane). in addition to outside J.J. watts of Gelon, have a keen interest in football, and he has a lot of Mexico national team star Javier Hernandez - photo, coach Miguel Herrera and Tom Brady, who also met. Barcelona is also the home of the NFL European dragon team. The above content of is reproduced from the Internet, which does not mean that the station agrees with its views and is responsible for its authenticity.Tom Brady (Tom Brady) this weekend to find old teammate Weiss - Welker (Wes Welker) as a training partner pass. "it's fun. I was actually going to watch the game (Saturday), and I called him to ask him to have dinner on Saturday night, "Welker said. "(meaning" Brady) as I later flew back from Ann Arbor, but the morning we came to pass? " I sat there and said, 'I just want to make a dinner, but yes, of course.' I'll be early and we can pass the ball. This is the only thing we really plan to do. " Brady due to "bleed" incident was sentenced to 4 match ban. As part of the ban, he was forbidden to participate in any Rugby related activities or discussions with his current teammates within or outside the patriotic base, even including training or passing ball practice. 35 year old Welker is one of the top passing target in the validity of the Brady patriot in 6 years, he completed 672 receptions for 5 times in the occupation bowl. "it's fun," said Welker, a free agent. "I was sitting there trying to make a dinner, and I replied, 'Hey, come here and play the pass!' I feel like, 'God, he's going to have a two - minute offensive training in his backyard.' Saturday will be graduating in 1999 for the first time since the Brady return to Ann Arbor to watch the game. He spoke to the University of Michigan team on Friday night and would join the team skipper in the coin throwing ceremony.The official website of NFL | Steelers President: Ben contract as soon as possible | football Pittsburgh Steelers president art Rooney II (Art Rooney II) did not choose to extend the quarterback Ben Rothlisberger last July (Ben Roethlisberger) of the contract, but the choice of locking like center Maerjisi pouncey (Maurkice Pouncey) - Marcus Gilbert, offensive players (Marcus Gilbert) and Alan (cornerback Cortez Allen, theze these young core players). now that Rothlisberger is about to enter the last 8 season of 102 million years in 2008, the team is in urgent need of a new contract. I think the sooner the better is a reasonable statement, Rooney told the local media on Wednesday. But I'm not going to make a concrete timetable for these things. It's hard to predict how long it will take to do such a thing. But of course we want in this offseason fix this thing. This is of course. was once in the Steelers coached Bruce (Bruce Arians) - Arians called one of the 6 best league quarterback Rothlisberger has just completed the occupation career best season data. His new contract is expected to include more than $50 million in guaranteed income and an average of at least $20 million a year. Rooney also said he would not have a problem with Rothlisberger's team.

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