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the Tampa Bay Buccaneers coach Ravi Smith (Lovie Smith) told local media in local time on Monday that the team ran guard (Doug Martin) - Martin will continue to bear the main responsibility of running back in the new season. He said: "the coaching team has discussed thoroughly how to build the ground offensive problem, and finally decided that Martin will also be the main runner of the team. What we need to focus on now is how to make the offensive front better cover him and give him full play to his talents. Doug - Martin's amazing performance experienced rapidly in his rookie season after the banal, over the past two seasons were mediocre, often plagued by injuries, but the bench running back Bobby Rainey (Bobby Rainey) play much better. The team chose another running back Charles Sims in the third round of the 2013 (Charles Sims), intends to focus on training and in the future to replace Martin, all the signs are that Martin should be the pirates did not want to give up, the situation of pirate's new offensive coordinator The path winds along mountain ridges., Dirk Skrtel (Dirk Koetter) is a huge admirer of Martin, decided to give him a chance of redemption.Handball | hand curved rod base on the joint education center and the training of coaches hand Co director of the thunder army and President Zhong Bingshu signed a joint school agreement director of the Lei Jun, President Zhong Bingshu, deputy inspector of Yin Feifei, and so on with the students Luca October 16th, handball, hockey outstanding young coach cl cheap nfl jerseys free shipping ass and the opening ceremony of bangleiqiu hand song center and the Capital Institute of Physical Education jointly sponsoring the opening ceremony held at the Olympic Sports Center, the two sides formally signed an agreement to provide postgraduate study opportunities for youth handball and hockey project outstanding coaches, coaches training common line. Zhong Bingshu, Dean of Capital Institute of Physical Education, the State Sports General Administration bangleiqiu hand song Science Center Director Lei Jun, deputy inspector Yin Feifei, deputy director of the Department of science researcher and Education Department Zhang Xia, the capital of the Institute of Postgraduate Department Director Wang Wensheng, Secretary Qian Wen, center bangleiqiu hand song oppau minister Xie Bin, deputy director of the Department of Capital Institute graduate pay and the student representatives attended the launching ceremony. , the State Sports General Administration Center bangleiqiu hand song in the opening ceremony director Lei Jun said: the London Olympic Games after the end of the first half of the center of in-depth summary, summed up the 6 aspects of the lesson, the first is the coach training gap, very painful lesson, center deep guilt, feel a heavy responsibility. At the same time, there is a great distance between the grasp of the project rule and the inheritance of the project culture. There is a big gap between the coaches. Therefore, we must make a decision this time, at any cost, and train our coach. The goal of the training course is to train excellent coaches in the first line. Lei Jun director for this group of students have high hopes, not only in his speech and even cited inculcate their learning examples of English but also to the students sincere words and earnest wishes to put forward three requirements: first, to cherish the opportunity to study hard, don't just take a class, learn to consciously develop learning ability learn the way, is to keep records and rules; two; three is to handle the relationship between work and learning, teaching and learning. Zhong Bingshu, the capital of the Institute Dean said: complete grasp the law, the mission of cultural heritage projects need teachers and coaches with each other, handball, have excellent hockey history in our country, has made achievements, but until now, is still relatively weak this year, director Liu Peng also proposed the development of "project population" the concept, in this background, the profound significance of this training class. It is hoped that the coach will learn with the problem and take himself as the director of the training class, instead of following the instructor, or the training will lose its meaning. After three months of training and passing the exam, the students will enter the training class. Zhong Bingshu also said, the capital of the Institute will do our best to live up to the trust, cultivating excellent coaches hockey handball. state 〉don't think this year the first round of the show over Bray Shad - Perryman (Breshad Perriman) will certainly enter the Baltimore crow starting list. this year in the off-season training, former special teams player Kamal Aiken (Kamar Aiken) and the third grade wide receiver Malone Brown (Marlon Brown) respectively for a period of time to take over Steve Smith in the starting lineup as the number one foreign attack group (Steve Smith) on the other side of the receiver. coach John Harbert (John Harbaugh) inspired Brown to break through the season. "I have high expectations for him," Harbert said recently. "I really want to see him make a breakthrough. It's time for him to make progress and to give full play to his strength. He is very determined to do this. " At the end of the current started training camp, Brown will compete with Perryman Aiken starting position. "The competition is fierce," said Bobby Engram, the coach of the foreign relay. "Malone has done what he has always done, that is to finish the attack." Brown did not finish enough attack last season, and he did not get the game last season after winning 7 hits as a rookie in the 2013 season. In fact, after entering the red area, the quarterback didn't threaten to pass the ball to the 6 - foot - 5 - Inch red area. No. three after even if his position fell to Perryman Aiken or take over, this will change this season.NFL 27-6 Dezhou patriots win! Re - occupy the top of the United States League patriots are easy to win Beijing time of December 14th, the new England patriots came to Houston to meet the Dezhou people. The four quarter, Dezhou almost no strength to fight back, the Patriots in the away team easily won a victory, returning to the top of the American league. The score of the whole game is 27:6. In the first quarter of , after a brief trial, the Patriots took the lead and completed the 2 yard catch from Sean Keshawn (Keshawn Martin). Then the Dezhou people returned a 37 - yard free kick. The first section of Harding Park, the road ahead of the Dezhou patriots team to 7:3. second games, the first two rounds of attack, each side completed a free kick of more than 40 yards. Then it went into the battle of the saw. Until the second quarter ended, Tom Brady (Tom Brady) and rob Kowski (Rob Gronkowski) Gelon line appeared again, this time with a 1 yard touchdown pass. At the end of the half, the Patriots expanded the difference to 11 points. 17:6. third, the first attacking patriots continued to widen the difference with a free kick. And the Dezhou people came to the red area of the Patriots, despite the mistakes made by the Patriot team. But the 4 consecutive offense failed to get the first attack or the array, in vain to return the ball to the patriot. Then the two sides abandoned each other until the end of the festival. The Patriot entered the fourth section with the score of 20:6. fourth competition, Blaine - Hoyle (Brian Hoyer) in the red area of the side appeared to lose the ball error. James - White (James White) easily reaped a running ball. Since then, the two sides have not been able to build a tree. The Patriots took a victory on the road with a 27:6 score.

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