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was selected in the first round of the draft before the two players, Baltimore crow knows San Diego lightning will pick Joey botha (Joey Bosa) - and the Dallas cowboys are willing to listen to the transaction fourth picks the quotation. San Diego will pick Bossa, "Assistant General Manager Eric decosta (Eric DeCosta) announced in crow's office. "Bossa Tuesday and (lightning boss) Dean spanos (Dean Spanos) played two hours of phone." is responsible for public relations and fans vice president Kevin - Byrne (Kevin Byrne) said that the general manager of the European crow (Ozzie Newsome) - odd niusemu want to trade their hands once contact cowboy fourth picks. When the Cowboys reply, Newsom responded by saying, "no, we do not agree to the transaction." Who is niusemu goals? Baltimore, according to media reports, the crow's goal is to be in front of a crow Jacksonville Jaguars selected cornerback Jaron Ramsey (Jalen Ramsey). in charge of Newsom, crow's draft philosophy has been the best player can choose to target. Ramsey was obviously in a high position in their plan. Can choose to stay in the final after Ramsey crow sixth pick and choose from the University of Notre Dame - Stanley Ronnie left Jiefeng (Ronnie Stanley). "we evaluated our draft plan," Newsom told the media. "He was the highest ranking player in our plan when it came to us."NFL's official website, the 2016 Hall of fame ceremony held in Waterloo rugby players selected The number of fifty-fourth NFL Hall of fame players was formally e cheap nfl jerseys free shipping lected on Saturday night, and the number of hall of fame was up to 303. Bret faffe (Brett Favre), Kevin Green (Kevin Greene), Eddie de Ba TORO (Eddie Debartolo Jr.), Ken Sitabule (Ken Stabler), Dick Sitanfuer (Dick Stanfel), Orlando (Orlando Pace) - Perth, Toni Deng Ji (Tony Dungy) and Malvin Harrison (Marvin Harrison) head statue unveiled at the ceremony. Sitabule among these people and Stan Faure died, their families on behalf of their announced statue. is probably the most popular player faffe ceremony in his speech affectionate remembrance of his father. In December 2003 to Favre 399 yards passing with 4 touchdowns and lead the Green Bay Packers defeated the Oakland Raiders on the same day, the father died. Farve says his success is driven by his father and eventually in the hall of fame for their high demand. Green has made at least 10 escapement in 10 years of his 15 year career, including 14 escapement in 5 seasons. He chose the professional bowl 5 times. Harrison a full 13 year career in the Indianapolis Colts spent his career, completed a total of 1102 receptions, 14580 yards and 128 touchdowns. He set a 143 season record for the season in 2002. Pais also worked at NFL for 13 years, for 12 years for the goats. Pais was selected as a professional bowl for 7 consecutive seasons from 2000 to 2006. He helped the ram win 7 super bowl and win the thirty-sixth Super Bowl Championship. Dungi has 11 season into the playoffs in 13 seasons at the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and the Indianapolis colts, in 7 seasons at the pony, pony each season at least 10 victory, he also led the Colts won 5 division titles and forty-first Super Bowl champion, became the first to win the Super Bowl champion African American coach. de Ba TORO's self - mockery in his speech may be the only member of the hall of fame that did not join the team in high school. But he helped 49 people in San Francisco from the union belly became the 5 Super Bowl champion winner. also served as ESPN NFL reporter Chris Mortensen (〉Minnesota Vikings cornerback Kaiputeng - Mengnalin (Captain Munnerlyn) has confirmed that it will miss the next game against the Washington redskins. Vikings on Saturday announced the news, and one day they will encounter an ankle injury Mengnalinlie is unable to determine whether the appearance of. He took part in some training on Friday and hoped to be able to play. Mengnalin injured against Detroit lions playing the game, eventually he had to leave the stadium on crutches. Mengnalin cannot play for the Vikings is a huge loss, they now hope to prevent losing streak decline. As a style of aggressive, reliable groove angle guard, Mengnalin is a key figure in the team defense group. This may mean that Mackensie Alexander, a new rookie, will get more time in the next game. Mengnalin since before joining the Vikings 2014 season before and after they have played in 40 consecutive games. He has never been out of the game since the end of the 2011 season.The official website of NFL |2015 opener: vs | patriots Steelers Rugby forward one year spent similar, each year is different. One year opener rujierzhi, twenty-first Century United's two most successful team, the defending champion of the new England patriots, and the American League North title - Pittsburgh Steelers fans around the world will offer opening drama. of in January 23, 2005, and the Steelers meet in Midland patriot battle, the first half of the Patriots set off a perfect storm, forcing the Steelers twice by steals twice off the ball, like The wind puffs the clouds away. grabbed 24 points in the second half, Rao is also unable to save the Steelers outbreak. The first fourteen games at the age of 22, Ben Roethlisberger went career starts all the victory, his 3 interceptions and 1 lost ball turnovers, 27 year old Tom Brady let Wallace gleaned bitter defeat. It is this one, laid the foundation for four years, the three dynasty patriot league. said it is incredible, since twenty-first Century six, the Patriots in the Super Bowl champion four times, while the Steelers Super Bowl twice won the first prize in three, but the two sides are met in the 2001 and 2004 season playoffs, the next ten years, the Patriots and never met in the playoffs stage steelers. Considering the crow on both sides to feel irreconcilable hatred of revenge, the enemy of my enemy is a friend, the regular season for nearly ten years, the Patriots and the Steelers against is the outcome of each other, the game with just harmony. VS attack defense patriot Steelers pavement pavement Master Steelers last season run Weile viand - Baer suspended, and the Steelers offensive front leader Keith - years of Mo pouncey was seriously injured, the Steelers Road Attack suffered crowning calamity. DAngelo Williams and Jordan Todman had played in the opener to the Panther, they will carry 20 red ball to share the responsibility of the braided handsome Williams's knee injury after Months and years pass by. has lost the survival rate, and the other is to attack the Steelers front pass protection Kyo, almost can assert that it is difficult to Steelers from the road to the Patriot cause too much trouble. on the other hand, Vince Will Falk's departure, and cut on suspicion of drunk driving inside linebacker Brandon sparks, let the Patriots lost an overwhelming advantage in the defense of the road. But Tangta - Hightower, Jamie Corinth and Jerrod Mayo was controlled void grapple master, the Qiang Weizhong family is also a fiercely grapple, the Patriots don't have to worry about road running prevention. In addition, the first round of the Patriots nearly two years were selected signed defensive tackle Dominic Easley and Maldives hole - Brown, director of defense origin Bailey Cheik Chuaizhuo understand confused, the importance of continuing emphasis on defense after the line, but quietly up the defensive tackle, strengthen the anti line hardness, this trick really do one thing under cover of another sinister and ruthless. attack VS road pavement patriots Steelers 〉

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