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Baltimore Raven runner Justin Forsythe (Justin Forsett) was included in a list of doubts about the battle against the Miami dolphin this Sunday. Fawcett this season, currently in the League all running back evaluation fourth, but the match with San Diego lightning team in the last week of the third day, he injured his knee. After a few days of training, foersett returned to training on Friday, but he did not use his strength. On Wednesday, he said he was going to play: "it's just a common pain, no big deal." crows are in good condition, and Fawcett is the only player who can't be sure to play. However, another player who can't be sure is Smith Smith Torrey.New Orleans saints Mark Ingram Ingram is suffering from shoulder injury. He is also included in the battle list. The team will meet 49 people in San Francisco this week. saints announced another two running backs Pierre team Thomas (Pierre cheap nfl jerseys free shipping Thomas) and Kelly Robinson (Khiry Robinson) were due to the ribs and arm discomfort will not be in this week's debut, so with the team of Ingram was worried that this will make them in Paibingbuzhen stretched. Despite the unsatisfactory performance of the 49 people this season, their defense is still dominant in the face of a single attack. The recent success of saints is inseparable from the rise of Ingram. In the previous two games, the first round of the first round show scored 54 times in the match between the Green Bay Packers and Carolina Panthers. It exceeded the sum of two consecutive weeks of professional career. Ingram has become the team's offensive group metronome, changed the team before the ground offensive against difficulties. therefore, once Ingram was absent, lost saints metronome will face lots of difficulties.Suzhou fire Feng century bowling alley in August 2014 almost perfect 300 | bowling tournament Huang Chen win CpBA occupation League news: . 2014 Suzhou fire Feng century bowling game in August nearly Third Bureau, Huang Chen played out of 300 points and 981 points in the final 4, super high won the championship, Ma Yuqing 927 points runner up, Wang Caixiang 861 points in third, Li, Hao Jun, Zhu Zheng, Tang Zhongming Xiyuan, van Jin Zhang won four to eight, Zhao Rentian, Liu Zhucai Bu Xiaodong, Wu Xinming, get lucky prize. Huang Chen 300 points sponsor for champion Huang Chen award Huang Chen 300 points, ball hall award bowling a runner up: Ma Yuqing season: Wang Caixiang No. 4 to eight: right Li Xiyuan, Hao Jun, Zhu Zheng, Tang Zhongming, Fan Jinzhang lucky winners: right up Zhao Rentian, Liu Zhucai, Bu Xiaodong, Wu Xinming, competition site Suzhou Huo Feng century bowling handicap match August 17, 2014 ranking member name G1G2G3G4 a total score of 1 points. Huang Chen 9812 Ma Yuqing 9273 Wang Caixiang 7B207246178217138614 15C235231234227 12C239195300247 Li Xiyuan 10A225206215195198605 16B197203217203158356 Zhu Zheng 16A192180202195618307 in the Hao Fan Jin Zhang 8B200188207201328288 Tang Zhongming 9C225170226189108209 Yu Yongjun 14B1691992331774181910 Zhu Tao 18B186189227213 81512 10C2271702261841081711 Xue Jinlong bear active 12B2011662032152681113 7C2131811991714180514 Wang Liangxin 11C1911892012032080415 12A18115618117610079416 Wu Xinming, Xu h Zhang Qin 17B182153216214207851〉tiger August 8th news in the absence of Jeremy - Mclean (Jeremy Maclin), buffalo Bill finally signed a veteran to take over. Bill signed amkhan - Boulding (Anquan Boldin). The contract lasted 1 years and was worth up to $4 million. At the age of 37 to join the fifth teams bouldin 15 years now at the beginning of October. is known for a level of sound and the bolding last season received 70.5% for his passing - this is one of the highest level of career. Last season he completed a total of 67 catches for 584 yards and 8 touchdowns made. though signing Boulding will not enhance Bill's offensive comprehensively, it will be a great fortune for him to introduce such a veteran to four points Wei Tai Rhodes Taylor (Tyrod Taylor) and Sami Sami Sammy Watkins. Bill hopes that Watkins can grow to the top of the field. Boulding's understanding of physical confrontation and the ability to find narrow receiving space are among the best. In the early days of the training camp, had many unknowns for Bill's position in the outside. Rookie Jones saey (Zay Jones) in the early stage of good performance, but apart from him that he did not have a group of players and some veteran. Should bolding will add some stability to this position.

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