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The official website of NFL, the Vikings quarterback Bridgewater successfully underwent knee surgery in rugby nest 's road to recovery of Teddy Bridgewater, the quarterback, has just begun after a serious injury to his knee. Minnesota Viking boss Mike Zimmer (Mike Zimmer) said on Thursday that Bridge Voight's knee surgery was successful, and the team got better news: no additional structural damage was found in Bridge Voight's knee. even though Zimmer had not talked with him after Bridgewater underwent surgery, Zimmer felt confident that the latter could be ready for further recovery. he's going to recover very well, Zimmer said. When he feels bad, he will feel good, and he has to stick to it all the time. Thursday was the first step by Bridge and Voight to return to the unveiling of the next season. The above content of is reproduced from the Internet, which does not mean that the station agrees with its views and is responsible for its authenticity.The official website of NFL | Dezhou will compete with football quarterback Oswald vhailor | Mustang Denver Mustang has said goodbye to a quarterback, and they have no intention of saying goodbye to the other. NFL website reporter Ian - Rapoport (Ian Rapoport) on Monday reported that Bullock - Aus Ville Mustang (Brock Osweiler) will become the team next season starting quarterback Houston, but he also said Dezhou is believed to have taken away from the Mustang Oswald vhailor force threat. Rapoport also said to improve their Mustang on Oswald Villar's offer. On Saturday, the Mustang o cheap nfl jerseys free shipping ffered a 3 year contract for $45 million to Oswald veller, but Rapoport said Oswald Wheeler will not accept this contract because if he did better than expected in 2016 he will not be able to re negotiate the contract. as for the people of Dezhou, the first season including Blaine Heuer (Brian Hoyer), Ryan Malet (Ryan Mallett), T.J. (T.J. Yates) and Brandon Yates (Brandon Weede) - Vuitton this series of four who is far from satisfactory. 4 botched steals Heuer's performance in the American League wild card playoff game in week 0-30 against the Kansas City Chiefs led the team. January, Dezhou boss Bob McNally (Bob McNair) stressed that the team found an ace quarterback's importance. if the people of Dezhou and the Broncos started bidding war if vhailor price will be very high. Are people in Dezhou willing to pay a big price to get a new quarterback in surprise?Author: ARodgers, NFL Chinese official web columnist 2014 season halfway, the media are busy half and half the best selection of the best team award, the Oscar prize has the Razzies, this column also frontsword once selected the 2014 quarter performance is not half so some excellent players and coaches, come and take a look at those big won half ring one award: The failed to stage a Comeback Player of the year: Blaine Cushing (Dezhou) in recent seasons, as long as the Defense Institute Houston Dezhou people, we will first think it is "a J.J. watt personal defense group", of course, behind the general will add "if hurt attributive cushing". Indeed, the 2012 quarter was absent from 11, and the 2013 quarter was absent from 9. He was always on vacation at the critical moment of the season. In his career the 2009 attendance and 2011 season, he were selected for the sports news network and the The Associated Press in the season second team, in other words, as long as Cushing can stay healthy, then his play is excellent. into the 2014 season, do not know is the fibula tear injury of poor or other reasons, although the basic game can be stable starting debut, but Cushing is unable to return to the top 173 of the season, only scored 13 runs against the file against running stop, all inside linebacker ranked thirty-seventh. 34 flush passes only take 6 times pressure, inner line guard twenty-second. The road defense is missed 4 times, the catch is 4 times, the catch is 4 times. The League loses sixth more. The catch efficiency is ranked one of the worst guards. In the direction of the passing quarterback mark scores of more than 110, so far only a failure pass, no steals. the last two, Cushing again injured hanging mianzhanpai, plus this is Cushing career so far the worst season, let the people of Dezhou fans of Cushing heavy-hearted future career, people expect he can help J.J. w share the pressure, but he unexpectedly disappear, this is the most important reason for winning the. Other candidates for the Award: Ryan Kledy (wild horse) 's most disappointing attack group new show: Jack Mathews (Lie Ying) Before the show this year, experts from the NFL official network discussed a topic, who would be the most stable of the new rookie? Most people voted for Jack - Mathews. As the hall of famer's children, Jack has a good occupation literacy and education, university period main right tackle, and left Jiefeng, action based solid, can pass protection and cover both the road. he was eventually Falcon sixth pick, but the season out of the crisis, Sam Baker claims that he must hurt from the start to play left Jiefeng, although he still showed solid basic skills, but NFL for a rookie is too harsh, the best in the world at. For 〉Xu Guiyuan: playing baseball is like life! Thank you for the more than 70 year old teacher of Enlightenment Xu Guiyuan signed yesterday afternoon, Xu Guiyuan, a 19 year old student from the MLB baseball development center of Wuxi, was officially signed by MLB and Baltimore professional Orioles. He was also a young player in MLB. Yesterday morning, the reporter came to the office of MLB, China's Beijing District, and met Xu Guiyuan, who was ready to attend the signing ceremony in the afternoon. A trim suit, 1 meter 80 tall Xu Guiyuan feelstrange, waiting for his American occupation Baseball League full of unknown opportunities and challenges. was admitted to the more than 70 year old teacher of enlightenment Xu Guiyuan, a born in Shenzhen, entered the MLB baseball development center as a pitcher in 2010. After years of training, he successfully transformed into the best batter in the development center. In China, the two words of baseball and popularity seem to be out of touch, involving the grounds, rules, equipment and other reasons. Not many schools will carry out this sport. So how did Xu Guiyuan get in touch with baseball? This has to mention his enlightenment coach, Wang Fulin. JINGWAH times: how do you start to get in touch with the baseball game? Xu Guiyuan: because my body is taller and stronger than the children of the same age, our sports teacher recommends me to practice this, and I didn't expect to be fascinated by it. JINGWAH times: is baseball good for local schools in Shenzhen? Xu Guiyuan: actually, no one was playing baseball at that time. That's my mentor, Wang Fulin. The coach went to that place to develop baseball. We got this project in Shenzhen Tong Le school. JINGWAH times: can you talk about your coach? Xu Guiyuan: he has been engaged in many years of baseball education, his son Wang Jian, a baseball coach began to teach in Shenzhen, and later because of a car accident died, when coach Wang Fulin is more than 70 years old, but in order to be able to complete his child's desire, will continue to the baseball career developed, then came to Shenzhen. JINGWAH times: don't you understand baseball at the beginning? Xu Guiyuan: I don't know what is the baseball coach Wang, is a little bit from the basic rules of action, began to teach me, when we love together with him, even if the weather hot, he insisted with us in the field, with our basic skills training at the age of more than 70 is not particularly easy. JINGWAH times: can you tell me how much you love baseball? Xu Guiyuan: when I started to practice, we were crazy. We went to the mall to use a few more.

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