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The patriot American Federation's final victory in the super bowl was a comeback and was exposed to the final match of the United States. According to reporter Bob ravitz - G union broke, conducted an investigation on the matter. The official spokesman of the League confirmed the news later. According to the league rules, the normal pressure of the ball is 12.5-13.5 pounds. The home team needs to test 12 balls that are provided for the game 2 hours before the game. The patriot is suspected of special box for the ball from the deflated and devoted to the placement of the ball in the switch. The Patriots said they would cooperate fully with the alliance survey. The "spy door" of the patriots who had peeped at the jet defense tactics in the 07 season has still been often mentioned. And if this is once again confirmed, it will be fined and even deducted from the draft. In addition, in th cheap nfl jerseys free shipping e 2012 season of the NCAA University of Southern California in the University of Oregon competition, the director of the South Canadian college students was also found to give the ball. South enlarges was fined twenty-five thousand dollars, and the director was dismissed.No. 3 Jacksonville Jaguars rookie, Chong military dantay Fowler (Dante Fowler) has been announced to be absent because of injury throughout the 2015 season, a few days later, the team by signing the way to support him. On Tuesday local time, Jaguar announced a agreement with Fowler on a 4 - year, $23 million 500 thousand full guarantee contract. even though Fowler will miss his rookie season by injury, the Jaguar still offers him the highest pay contract available at the present stage. Jaguar general manager David Caldwell (David Caldwell) said: "we are very pleased to sign and dante. Our support and trust in him will not be changed by injury. His attitude to the game and the spirit of athleticism are the reasons we choose him at third. He knows what he should do and is willing to do it. They all believe that he will have a bright future at Jaguar and expect him to return strongly in the 2016 season. Fowler himself said, "I have to thank the team's management and the coaching team, and they gave me such a chance. I will focus on how to recover my injuries, and I am confident that I will return.Indiana Colts this Sunday will be in the home court against the Jacksonville jaguars, but the team two generals will be absent, and the two men reached the ball array and the number of 13, you know Andrew ruck touchdowns number is 28. runner Ahmad Brad Shaw (Ahmad Bradshaw) was reimbursed for the season after losing fibula fracture to the new England patriots last week. The near end Dwayne Alan (Dwayne Allen) is also injured in the match, and will miss this week's match. Alan said earlier this week that he was recovering from a day's observation, but it was clear that there had been no apparent recovery in the past few days. Alan's injury will make Iraq at the Stanford University frini teammate Kobe (Coby Fleener) continue to play a major role in passing attack last week, he had 7 catches for 144 yards. Right tackle Gus - Colts Qieliliusi (Gosder Cherilus) is also absent due to a shoulder injury in training this week and was unable to play this Sunday, Joey Leitz (Joe Reitz) or Xavier Nixon (Xavier Nixon) will replace his position on. and cornerback Grieg (Greg Toler) - Ptolemy with concussion will be third consecutive weeks sidelined, the team cornerback position only Feng tower - Davies (Vontae Davis), Darius Butler (Darius Butler) and Josh Goddi (Josh Gordy).The official website of NFL | Reaves not affected by the earthquake | football stadium San Francisco 49 days ago issued a statement Sunday morning, the earthquake will not affect the schedule in this area. The 49 people, scheduled to be held on Sunday, are still holding a match against the Santiago electric light team. The competition will be held at the new Reaves stadium in Santa Clara, California. A spokesman for the 49 team said: We sincerely wish the best wishes to all the neighbors, family and friends that have been affected by this early earthquake. The 49 man team said that the cost of the Reaves stadium was 1 billion 270 million dollars. Its construction was designed to cope with the actual situation of many earthquakes in this area, and the seismic design was strengthened during the construction. The engineer inspected the whole building after the earthquake and did not find any damage to the earthquake.

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