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The official website of NFL, NFL before the tight end Michel Henry died of leukemia in rugby nest Michel Henry (Mitchell Henry) died on Friday in the United States after seven months of fighting with leukemia before the July 2nd news of NFL. , according to the media, left Henry in the company of his family and friends. Henry played two games for the wild horse in 2015, and last season had been used by packers and crows. Crow with him in November after termination, he visited Kentucky a doctor because the shoulder problem is then diagnosed with acute myeloid leukemia. we are proud of Michel's struggle against the disease and have been proud of his life in the past 24 years. His family said in social media that we are grateful to everyone who has supported Michel over the past 7 months. R.I.P The above content of is reproduced from the Internet, which does not mean that the station agrees with its views and is responsible for its au cheap nfl jerseys free shipping thenticity.The Cincinnati tigers have received a good news this week, and their star AJ Green (A.J.Green) plans to return to training this week. , according to coach Malvin Lewis (Marvin Lewis), revealed on Monday that Green should be attending the team training on Wednesday. has been in a state of injury since the eleventh week's hamstring injury against buffalo Bill. At first, Green indicated that his hamstring injury might cause his season to be reimbursed, but later reports said that he might return in a few weeks. but he obviously didn't show up for fourteenth weeks, but this week's training meant he was likely to return to the game in fifteenth weeks. The currently 5 wins 7 negative level 1, will host Pittsburgh Steelers in 15 weeks, so far this season, Green finished 66 catches for 964 yards and 4 touchdowns, although missed 4 games, he is still the first external team. ? Denver wild horse found the new manager. Mustang general manager John elvy (John Elway) on Wednesday announced that Vance Joseph (Vance Joseph) to be retired Gary Kubiak (Gary Kubiak) successor. It is reported that Joseph's contract lasted 4 years. Joseph, who was the Miami dolphin defense coordinator last season, spoke to the team for the first time on Tuesday, followed by second interviews with the team on Wednesday. Then he was sure that he would join the wild horse. "he has great leadership and clearly know what you need to do to win," elvy said on Tuesday. Joseph in 2011 to 2013 in Dezhou at the Houston Kubiak command as the defensive backs coach. He then served as a defender coach for 2 years in the Cincinnati tigers. dolphin defense group late in the season badly - and crash against Pittsburgh Steelers in the playoffs -- but this did not shake the interest in Joseph mustang. The defense coordinator, Wade Phillips (Wade Phillips), has expired. It is reported that he is likely to return to the team, but Joe Woods, the coach of the wild horse defender, is also likely to act as a defensive coordinator. In Miami, Matt Burke, the line guard coach, will take over as the defensive coordinator. Joseph must find the right offensive team assistant coach to train the team's 2 young quarterback. Recently fired before the lightning San Diego coach Mike - Mccoy (Mike McCoy) is a strong candidate for the new Broncos offensive coordinator, he had also served as the role in the wild. Elvy has a lot of good candidates for selection. After he made many successful decisions, he made us believe that it would also be a wise choice.|2010 national handball Handball Championship (second stage) results of | hand Association Luca in September 8 to 17, the 2010 National Men's Handball Championship (second stage) at the start of the Jinzhong city stadium. More than 200 athletes from 10 teams from Guangdong, Shanghai and Shanxi participated in the competition. All the Games will end in September 17th. The picture shows: in the 2010 National Men's handball championships. (my handball network) September 8th A group: Beijing - Sichuan 53:25 (24:13) , Jiangsu - Anhui 37:20 (15:13) B group: North - Shanghai 26:28 (13:12) Tianjin - Shanxi 37:20 (21: 9) September 9th B group: Shanghai - Shandong 18:26 (15:11) Shanxi - A group: Anhui - Guangdong 23:27 (7:15) Sichuan - Jiangsu 25:56 September 10th A group: Guangdong - Beijing 28:28 (13:15) Anhui - Sichuan 31:21 (17:11) B group: Shandong - Tianjin 27:20 (15:11) Shanghai - Shanxi 39:17 (18:10) September 11th B group: Tianjin - 21:32 (14:17) in the North (14:17) Shandong Shanxi 43:16 (14: 6) A group: Guangdong - Sichuan 38:26 (20:11) Beijing - Jiangsu 22:34 September 12th A group: Jiangsu - Guangdong 26:22 (13:9) , Beijing - Anhui 30:26 (15:11) B group: Tianjin - Shanghai 22:26 (11:11) north - Shandong (10:8)

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