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Matt shaobu (Matt Schaub) is about to start a new journey. Baltimore crow announced Tuesday that they have signed the quarterback. Ian Rapoport (Ian Rapoport), a reporter on the NFL official network, said the contract was worth $3 million. Shao cloth a year ago by the Oakland Raiders policymakers think is a long-term starting quarterback position, but he as four Joe Fraco crow (Joe Flacco) in the reserve role is more reasonable. Fraco has been an iron man in his NFL career, and has started every game since he entered the league in 2008. In the case of Keith Wei Ning (Keith Wenning) and Blaine Leonard (Bryn Renner), the only two other quarterback players in the Raven array, Shaw will provide security for the veteran as the location. local media reported that the crow was the only team that shaobu visited. He also aroused the interest of Atlanta falcons, Tennessee Titans and Dallas cowboys. Shab, 33, cheap nfl jerseys free shipping has been at the peak of Houston's Dezhou people for many years, but he represents the upgrades of the crow on the quarterback bench.on Sunday, the Denver wild horse team got their Super Bowl champion ring. The wild horse held a ring ceremony in Denver. Although linebacker von Miller (Von Miller) and the team contract talks stalled, he still attended the ceremony, in addition, because of the recent shootings treated cornerback AKI Budd Talib (Aqib Talib) also attended. The wild horse players have published their own photo of the champion ring in social media. wild horse's champion ring is considered the largest champion ring in the super bowl. The champion ring is inlaid with 212 diamonds in all. In addition to the "50", "world champion", the three long Battie cup and the Mustang team logo, it is written on the side of the ring, "this is for pat", to commemorate the team boss Pat Bowlen. , however, was disappointed in this great day. The team defense coordinator, Wade Phillips (Wade Philips), was unfortunate to get a ring with the wrong name. In his ring, his name was carved into the Peters "(Peters). He had to wait for the ring company to give him a new one as soon as possible. 1997-2018 NetEase Ltd. all rights reserved. About NetEase | company | contact | Recruitment Information | customer service | privacy policy | advertising service | site map adverse feedback information reporting (function () {if (window.NTES!) return; function showFeedbackBox (x, y) {var footmainNd = NTES ('.N-nav-bottom-main') [0]; VAR feedbacklinkNd = NTES ('.ne_foot_feedback_link') [0]; if (! FootmainNd) {} (feedbacklinkNd.href); return; VaR; X = x; VAR = Y Y; if (x) {(NTES & quot;.Ne_foot_feedback_box" [0] = x +" px"else{; X = - footmainNd.offsetLeft + feedbacklinkNd.offsetLeft (feedbacklinkNd.offsetWidth/2) - if (NTES.browser.msie 246; & & (parseInt (NTES.browser.version) = 7 ||parseInt (NTES.browser.version) {x = = = 6)) FeedbacklinkNd.offsetLeft + (feedbacklinkNd.offsetWidth/2) - 246 NTES (".Ne_foot_feedback_box" [0].style.left) = x +" px" if (y) {NTES (".Ne_foot_feedback_box" [0] = y +" px& quot; NTES (".Ne_foot_feedback_box" [0].style.display) = " block" function bindFeedbackBoxClose (1);The official website of NFL | jets defensive star toe injury may lack of war | football Muhammad Muhammad, a Muhammad defensive player on the Tuesday, underwent MRI to check his toe injury on Tuesday, which might make him miss the first match of his career. The detection results of NMR will not immediately come out, the New York jets haven't updated initial treatment in the state of Wilkerson, but Lex - Ruian (Rex Ryan) sounds very worried. he didn't look well, Ryan said, but there was a hope that after a few days it was possible to get out of the injury. Wilkerson is the jetted leader of the jet now. He was injured in the second quarter of the 3 - 38 defeat to Buffalo Bill, and never came back to the match. By Daozebao (Leger Douzable) substitute. After the match, Wilson didn't provide any details, and didn't explain how it happened, but he couldn't play again. It's a big thing, because Wilson is one of the most durable players in the team, and he has not been absent in the first 59 games of his career. jet until next Monday night against the dolphins, so Wilkerson will have an extra day, the jets (2 - 9) on Wednesday will have a relaxing training, then there will be a day for Thanksgiving break, after this Friday training Saturday will be ready for the game. Jace Amaro, the new rookie, is also in doubt. His head is hurt in the game and will be evaluated by the NFL concussion standard.

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