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ESPN reporter Adam - Adam Schefter reported a news that was not a secret. completed the second interview with patriot attack coordinator Josh Mike Daniels (Josh McDaniels) on Friday, and he wanted to hire him to be the new manager after the Super Bowl ended. In addition to Macdaniels, the new manager of the Titan Mike - Frabel (Mike Vrabel) was also one of the candidates. About two weeks ago, the two arrows of the pony and Macdaniels were obvious, and several media reported the progress of the relationship between the pony and Macdaniels. Although has not yet officially signed a contract, it can be said to be a basic set. Because in most cases, the team and the manager just finalized, signi cheap nfl jerseys free shipping ng a contract is just a matter of time, if either party breach of contract, it means that the two after no intersection in the business world may.The official website of NFL | patriots group against | football at the Gillette Stadium every playoff bye, Bill - Bailey (Bill Belichick) chick always led to the Gillette stadium training team against the group, in order to maintain the state of the game. half of the players in this field training are wearing white jerseys, half of the players are wearing blue shirts, and the 2 players are absent from the training. They are Brandon LaFell and Brandon Allen (Alan LaFell). training after cornerback Brandon browner (Brandon Browner) excitedly told reporters: We white team win, win a kick shot! This is really interesting, everyone together to fight against, training together, and this is a rare opportunity for you bye, the state maintained, this is what we want to do. our occupation was rob Gelon bowl (Rob Gronkowski) 'on the losing blue team, but his mood seems good, he said: we are here for training, very happy, this is football, you need to correct their mistakes, run every tactic. Patriots will also take the last training before the first day of the new year. After that, they can enjoy the college games and NFL playoffs as fans.The official website of NFL | Seahawks coach Carol: two generals back | football Seattle Seahawks tight end Cooper - Helfert (Cooper Helfet) and shawntae Jeremy - Lynn (Jeremy Lane) will decide whether to play Sunday with the Philadelphia hawks before the game. Seahawk coach Peter Carol (Pete Carroll) said on Friday on the plane going to Philadelphia before Cooper (sprained ankle) feel he has fully recovered stage there is no problem; and Germi (hip injury) recovery is limited, but we will still be with him. currently, Seahawks player list still has a vacancy, Carol said the team will be on Saturday to fill, but did not disclose what players will. Brown, Bryon Maxwell, who was the main body of tibial injury, returned to normal training on Friday, which is good news for the team. Because once Jill MI can't play, Brown's return can be effectively replenished.even-even football equipment network football related scenery is always the most eye-catching, this is a breed of great culture movement, with music, art and design and many other areas are closely linked. In the world's creative capital, such as man Chester, Manchester United's jersey gives football a sense of fashion. Although the performance of and the world dress shirt movement is still in different way, we can not deny the shirt style better. In this age of selling classic shirts on eBay, there is nothing that can stop the reversion of the tide to follow the contemporary classic. The original address:

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