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The other cheaper shirt prepared by the club for their supporters took the unusual design. The shirt is black, and the big golden "25" is printed on the chest, and the golden wreath is surrounded by "25". The wreath is printed under the word "Rekordmeister-forever number one" (meaning: a record champion - forever first place). On the back of the shirt, each year of the 25 Bayern topping was printed.The official website of NFL | crow kicker Tucker disappointed | Rugby for negotiations Baltimore crow kicker Justin Tucker (Justin Tucker) is now the franchise tag player, but he was very dissatisfied to the negotiations, he vowed that if the two sides cannot be completed before the deadline in the contract, he is not at the end of the season and the team contract. Justin now for the negotiation process and in the contract the crow felt disappointed for his " Tucker's agent said. If we do not finish the renewal by Friday, Justin will not renew his contract with the crow after the season. recent negotiations between the two sides have made progress, but on Thursday, the latest quotation from crows to Tucker i cheap nfl jerseys free shipping s actually less than the previous offer, and it is also lower than that of the Green Bay Packers Mason Crosby (Mason Crosby)'s salary. this year's kicker's privileged label contract is worth $4 million 500 thousand, and Tucker will back the contract if both sides fail to complete the contract. But according to the current developments and Friday's deadline, this may be Tucker's last year for the crow. , 26, is the second precise kicker of the league, with a career success rate of 87.8% in his career. Since 2012, Tucker entered the League successfully completed 130 kick and 529 touchdowns additional points shot, which ranked second in the league. But Tucker's performance last season was the worst of his career, and the goal of a free kick was only 82.5%.this season, the Carolina Black Panther has lost the Josh Norman, but so far they are not ready to find alternative candidates in the free market. Josh, Josh. on Saturday U.S. time, coach Luo - Rivera (Ron Rivera) told reporters that the team saw the rookie cornerback in the body a lot of hope, he said: "I think if we need to do what things it is later choice, we have identified at present, past 2 training we are delighted see the excellent performance of the rookies." In the 2015 season, the Panther finished the 44 quarterback of the sixth League in the league, but this is not the guarantee of the 2016 season they still have such dominance. If red pass enough awesome, also can make up for the rookie cornerback. although the Panther can't find a good corner like Norman at once, the team's overall defense can make up for it.Water polo |'flower swim godmother' Imura Masayo return to Japan is still not enemy China | The Inchon Asian Games Group synchronized swimming group self finalist final ended on the afternoon of 22 th. The Japanese team of the former Chinese team's foreign teacher and the flower swimming godmother Imura Masayo received the silver medal. The Japanese media's expectation of beating the Chinese team did not materialize. the Japanese synchronized swimming team came out fourth times in the free free final, gaining 92.0333 points, plus the day's technical self scoring, with a total score of 181.7047 points, 4.0174 points difference from the champion China team. Kentomo Kiko, a Japanese player, said after the game: "we have played the role of ourselves, but this competition has made us realize that we should continue our efforts in the future. Jing Cun said, since February this year to return to coaching, she has to teach, they will learn to teach all the Japanese flower swim team. From this point of view, they have reached more than half the level I expected. well village also said that the score of flower travel has changed, which has led to a general decline in the scores of all teams, but the results of the Japanese flower swimming team have not changed much, so the Japanese team is improving. But she admitted that the Japanese team lift does not do well. Another point is that the girls in Japan need to trust their teammates more, be more decisive in action, and don't worry too much about the overall coordination. well village has been teaching the Chinese captain for 6 years. During that time, he led the Chinese synchronized swimming team to win the bronze medal of the Beijing Olympic Games collective tournament and the silver medal of the London Olympic Games collectives. This year, she returned to Japan and coached the Japanese team with her former teammates, Kimko Masako, in charge of the collective project. Japanese coach Yoshida Miho said: since the coach of well village coach, Japanese synchronized swimmers have made remarkable progress in the performance and accuracy, especially the leg line has changed a lot. for the return of Imura Shi for 10 years, Japanese media showed great concern, said Kimko Masako and Imura Masayo the gold combination once again teamed up to make Japan's synchronized swimming team can beat China team to regain the Asian leadership into focus. Japanese style swimming team also reap the silver medal in the double match that ended 20 days. For the future of the Japanese team, Kimko Masako said confidently that the competition was still not enough. But I see the goal of transcending China is getting closer and closer. And well village in 21, after the group technical self-election contest end to the Japanese media a cool paste - it is not easy for the Japanese team to surpass the Chinese team. (finished)

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