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The twentieth World Men's handball handball | Youth Championships in Brazil opening | hand Association China Handball Association official website twentieth world men handball Youth Championship was launched in Brazil in July 19th. The host Brazil team defeated Japan by 31:30. there are 24 teams in this competition. It is divided into four groups, A group: Sweden, Russia, Holland, Tunisia, Belarus, Paraguay; B group: Spain, Romania, Serbia, Qatar, Angola, Portugal; C group: Denmark, France, Argentina, Chile, South Korea, Algeria; D group: Germany, Brazil, Egypt, Norway, Uruguay, Japan. The remainder of the first round of will start in July 20th. the technical statistics of this competition are supported by China's handball statistics software PHMS. Chinese Handball Association sent 4 technical support team went to Brazil, before the completion of the statistician timely training and practice exams. In the first unveiling battle, successfully completed the guarantee task, ensuring the uploading of al cheap nfl jerseys free shipping l the match data and the real-time broadcast of the match score. can focus on competition progress and technical statistics through the International Association of hands: JuniorWorldChampionship2015/tabid/7100/Default.aspx can also focus on the related competition information through the domestic "my handball / handball online" website (Li Zhaomeng from Brazil)need to enter the Dallas Cowboys training camp before the attention about the team's running backs in the team. last season's main runner Darren Mcfadden (Darren McFadden) is still recovering from her elbow fracture. There is news that he needs 2 months to recover, that is to say, it may return at the end of 8, and have the chance to catch up with the pre-season. recently told reporters that Mcfadden will check his elbows on Monday in the United States and decide if he can return to the pre - season. is worth mentioning, because Mcfadden in the recovery, while rookie running back from Iraq Seoul - Eliot (Ezekiel Elliott) need to face domestic violence allegations from his girlfriend, it also needs to keep him for a long time. The only team to ensure that the running guard is able to attend the training camp is left by Alfred - Maurice (Alfred Morris).obviously Philadelphia Eagle has been paying attention to Sam Bradford (Sam Bradford) for nearly 6 years. 2010 in Saint Louis before the rams selected Bradford, the boss Jeffrey - Lu Rui (Jeffrey Lurie) had such evaluation Bradford: "Payton - Manning (Peyton Manning) graduated from the University since he is the best I've ever seen the young quarterback." We all know that chip - Kelly (Chip Kelly) is Bradford's savior, now it seems that he will not allow the team to the 27 year old Kelly is a potential quarterback sold, commented: "you see, it is such a great quarterback, Manning missed a year, Tom Brady (Tom Brady) the absence of a year, Drew - Bracey (Drew Brees) a year, we need Bradford such ability of quarterback, unless he is injured again." Bradford has only completed 7 games in the past 2 years. Because of the ligament injury, he has been recovering. It is not easy to restore the excellent performance in 2010. , of course, all of which may be the smoke bombs given by hawks, trying to improve their first pick of bits in exchange for Marcus Mario Kobita (Marcus Mariota).The official website of NFL | former coach cowboy four years ago admonish don't miss Murray | football team Barry Switzer is the former manager of University of Oklahoma's rugby team. He also coached and helped the team win the super bowl of the 1995 season in Dallas cowboys. Recently, Sweezey claimed that he had tried to insist that the cowboy in the final 2011 draft pick now star running back Murray (DeMarco Murray, DImax). After Sweezy watched Murray in Oklahoma City University of high optical performance was affected by, then to the Cowboys owner Jerry - Jones (Jerry Jones) called to get Murray in the draft. In an interview, he recalls that on the day of the show, I was watching the live show, when the show was in the third round. Jerry Jones suddenly called, and he said to me at the other end, "Barry, please repeat the words you talked to me last time with the people in the war room." I said to them on the phone, 'Murray is the first class, and your bastards are really shit and can have a chance to choose him in three rounds. Think about how you missed the Randy - Moss (Randy Moss), and if you don't choose Murray this time, you're going to repeat the same mistake. the other end of the line in the war room set the whole room roaring with laughter heard the speech, but they were persuaded by Sweezey, in front of a Kansas City Chiefs picked Justin Houston (Justin Houston) after the Cowboys immediately chose Murray. The draft in 5 running backs were selected before Murray, are Mark - Ingram (Mark Ingram), Ryan Williams (Ryan Williams), Sean Flynn (Shane Vereen), Jimmy Kell (Mikel Leshoure) - Le Shure and Daniel - Thomas (Daniel Thomas), the five person present personal achievements are significantly less than Murray.

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