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NFL official website | Graham to celebrate | in occupation football bowl performance dunk due to the New Orleans saints tight end Jimmy - Graham (Jimmy Graham) in previous years with game dunk goal celebrations touchdown goal makes tilt to delay the game in the season, union issued new regulations banned the celebration of the touchdown, otherwise it will be a flagrant and be fined, this provision has also been dubbed as the Graham rule. , but in the unimportant pre-season match, Graham ignored it and continued to ravage the goal for two times. He also received a 30 thousand dollar fine. But in each of the regular games, Graham could not afford the number of codes to be punished for breaking the foul. when people gradually forget about this matter, Graham said in an interview on Thursday, one hundred percent sure, I have to endure for a long time, I hope they throw the ball to me, I will go to dunk touchdowns, I do not know the alliance will fine to me not in the bowl, but this will not hinder me to do what I love, I think the occupation is a bowl entertainment event, they should not ask me for money. On the other hand, it's interesting to say that everyone is going to perform the buckle after the array.The official website of NFL | Dezhou's playoff cheap nfl jerseys free shipping hopes remain | football ended the season with 2 wins and 14 losses last season. Houston, a fan of Dezhou, could not imagine that in the 2014 season, he still had the chance to discuss the fate of the playoffs in 17 weeks. The team drafted in the first round of the elimination rookie quarterback Jed viand clowney (Jadeveon Clowney) - because of injuries that forced him to miss most of the games, Dezhou people still made the playoffs, especially after 25 to 13 victory over the Baltimore crow. but for the people of Dezhou playoff fate still have to rely on other teams, they will first need 3 wins and 12 losses Jacksonville Jaguars win, then they are eligible for the playoffs, then they have to do is pray Cliff Lamb Lang beat Kansas chiefs so that they can successfully qualify for the playoffs, so if you qualify for the playoffs this is since 2012 have a breakthrough.The official website of NFL | replacement quarterback Bill really can make rapid upgrade | football Buffalo Bill experienced a big rise and fall in the first four weeks of the season, a beautiful two winning streak and a tragic defeat in the next two weeks. In the last two games, the team's main quarterback E.J. Manuel (E.J.Manuel) has a total score of only -10.2, which is one of the biggest offense of the team's loss. But even so, when coach Bill announced veteran Kell - Theoden (Kyle Orton) will replace Manuel to become the first, let a lot of people are scared. Manuel of the NFL road is quite difficult, from entering the League until he started 14 times, the total score of only -28.7, the same period of time is the second worst quarterback. Last season in the occupation football focus website (profootballfocus) top quarterback score, Manuel only scored 77.51 points in the all pass more than 250 times four points in ranked twenty-ninth, also in the face of pressure from rushing, passing accuracy also plummeted from 68.4% to 59.4%. By the end of this season, Manuel's data continue to slide, with only 74.6 quarterback score and 68% passing accurate percentage and 45.9% accurate passing ratio. looked back and looked at his replacement, Orton. Kell Orton, in recent years as a substitute role, only occasionally play fair, so we have to look at the end of a first season Orden, also is the performance in 2010. At the time of the Denver Broncos in Orton started 13 games, the total score is -5.2, the occupation football website focusing season to he hit 83.7 quarterback score, ranked seventeenth in the league, and this is his career best score. In addition, his precision is 67.2%, down to 60.7% in the face of the pressure, which is similar to Manuel's rookie season. Manuel, the biggest advantage of Orton is nothing more than the game experience more rich. In fact, his first appearance doesn't compare with the actual improvement of his offensive. After all, his pass accuracy is basically in a same level with Manuel. The first may be more Orton means that coach Bill has lost the confidence of the future of ManuelThe official website of NFL | San Francisco 49 quarterback revealed his last season | injuries to play rugby if you look at the shot data of the 2013 season in the 2013 season of Colin Kaepernick, you may notice that the data slumped after second weeks. It is obvious that this is the reason. Capet Nick told the Sacramento bee reported himself in the second week 3-29 loss to the Seattle Seahawks game before the foot bones and plantar foot ball (Note: the thumb, foot before the connection between the thumb and the soles of the spherical joint capsular tear). I ran to the sideline and fell down, and Capet Nick talked about the attack that had hurt him. I think they defended the striker or one of the line guards on my foot when I was down. against the Seahawks when 87 yards out, Capet Nick in the 4 game the next were 15.75 yards rushing. The 49 quarterback until the team usher in the tenth week break weeks ago has been listed on the injured list due to a foot injury, but the team never elaborated on the severity of the injury. is always going to happen, Capet Nick said. Never need to mention such a thing, for this kind of thing will never say anything because you are a football player, you have to battle with injuries. Unless you are taken out of the field, you have to be on the spot. If you can bear the pain, you have to do it. He also said it was the mentality of everyone in the team. I think this is the kind of player our team has: you will not let such a minor injury, such a real injury, make you unable to play, Capet Nick said. You're going to get hurt, yes. You can have a sprain or something else. But you are a football player; you can Daishang battle. local time in a news conference on Tuesday, the 26 year old quarterback said his injury is not required in the offseason surgery and can slow recovery. When asked whether his foot against the National League final Seahawks to him, Capet Nick said the foot did not affect what. 49 were obviously satisfied with Capet Nick's health, or they might not renew his contract in June.

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