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The official website of NFL, the Minnesota Vikings signed former Cardinals punter Ryan Quigley, rugby wo last month, the Viking kicker, Geoff - Jeff Locke, ran to the pony. So before the Cardinals punter Ryan Quigley (Ryan Quigley) office. Quigley had spent three years in the jets, played in six games last season in the cardinals, after being cut. He also worked in the offseason for a month. Quigley career played in 51 regular season games, net size 38.9, the total size of 44.6 career. He will compete for the first place with Tyler Symmank (Tyler). The above content of is reproduced from the Internet, which does not mean that the station agrees with its views and is responsible for its authenticity.it's not a secret that Cleveland Brown has been having a hard time for so many years. But the arrival of Hue Jackson, the new coach, has brought new h cheap nfl jerseys free shipping ope. us time Thursday, we get the news not only Jackson, Brown's legendary superstar Jim Brown (Jim Brown) will also appear in Brown's team. Brown had worked for the team for a few years before, but with Jackson's teaching, Brown would have got an important position. Jackson said in an interview: "Jim understands young people very well. He knows how to deal with them, how to mobilize them and how to make them the same people as Jim. Jim is such an excellent manager. I didn't have a career in NFL, so we need someone who has career experience to teach players how to deal with everything else and how to make it more successful. Brown himself explains his new work: "the fact that I have been doing in the past, I have done so in every place of Cleveland, I try to respect the arena, to respect each person's story, sometimes you need to understand that players have some psychological problems this, from their past experiences, these will become a factor in the game, we need to further guide them, and I will become a guide to teach them how to help yourself."Squash | squash tour Suqian Grand Prix ended Wang Junjie Gu Jinyue won a crown Figure : won the senior men's top three players attending the ceremony. (Photography Road) Luca May 26th 2013 Chinese squash tour of the Suqian Grand Prix ended in Suqian City Square Center hall. 52 after 3 days of fierce rivalry, following the first stop at Wang Junjie and Gu Jinyue won the male and female division champion, Xu Tong, Ma Lu respectively male and female group B champion. The Suqian competition is the second leg of the tour. It attracted 61 top squash players from Beijing, Shanghai and Hongkong, including 6 national team members, including two men's singles and women's singles. The competition is particularly fierce. is worth mentioning is that the China squash tour since the beginning of 2009, in Suqian for the first time into the mall, held in the relatively large flow of people in the city square center hall. During the competition, numerous citizens were stopped to watch. When they praised the superb skills of athletes, they knew all about squash, and were eager to support the signing of the 2020 squash Olympic bid signature. , we broke the traditional form of sports competition in the stadium, so that more citizens of Suqian can enjoy the beauty of squash and join in squash to enrich their sports culture life. With the promotion of the squash movement, the Chinese squash is about to enter a period of rapid development, the organizers said. it is understood that the race is sponsored by the State Sports General Administration of sports management center, the ball China Squash Association, Suqian Municipal People's government, Jiangsu Province Social Sports Management Center, Suqian Municipal Sports Bureau, Suqian city Suyu District People's Government hosted, Suqian City English fitness Co., Ltd. and Nanjing Tianyang Johnson culture media Co., Ltd. Suqian branch Ltd, Suqian Baolong City Square Co. The touring finals will be held in Guangzhou on June.Dobson explained: "ten years after the Brisbane roar will still be present and the success of the club, we are in a strong position, we have found the right direction for the next ten years. Our men and women in A and W respectively in the League league, is Australia's most successful football club, we need to maintain a strong vision, and on the pitch, OTC and community continue beyond their high standards."

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