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The origin and history of NFL (national rugby union) sina sports National Football League (NFL) is the largest professional rugby union in the world, and the most commercially valuable sports league in the world. In the United States, this is a very appealing, you may not know, Ronaldo, Zidane, Messi, C Ronaldo, but you can't know Jean · Washington, Bret faffe, Payton Manning, Tom Brady, Steve Smith, Joe - Montana, fans are often the focus of competition after the game. There are 32 teams in the league, because they are both private investment and operating in the company model, so they are also known as the Franchise. NFL is the most famous professional rugby union in the United States, so it has the largest number of fans. Other alliances try to compete with NFL, but they have not been able to get such support as NFL and have so many fans. overview There are 32 teams in NFL. Each team has 53 players in the routine. Unlike the US Professional Baseball League (MLB), the National Basketball League (NBA) and the National Hockey League (NHL), the league has no team in Canada, because Canada itself has Canadian Football League. most of the big American cities have a team. Besides second big cities, California, Losangeles and Dezhou Sanantonio, there are a team in the city and metropolitan area. NFL is still trying to convince the government of Losangeles will provide funding for a team to the Los Angeles metropolitan area. The red cheap nfl jerseys free shipping man in Washington is the most profitable in the current American career movement, with a total market value of about $1 billion 400 million. origin like the United States University football, NFL Football Rugby Football (Rugby Football, Chinese called rugby) developed by the. Rugby Football from Canada in 1874 to the United States, and the Mcgill University in Montreal (McGill University) Harvard University (Harvard University) invited to Quebec to play a Canadian version of the new "Rugby football". Occupation football to less than in 1892, when a Pittsburgh Sporting Club Hotel for $500 to hire William · Hefei finger (William " Pudge" Heffelfinger) appears during the match. Within a few decades, when the majority of American football have focused their attention on the east coast of the elite university, spread widely in the Midwest occupation competition, especially in 1903 the state of Ohio (Massillon) Massillon tigers, a very strong amateur team, hiring 4 Pittsburgh occupation the military means, if the enemy to occupy a favorable terrain, and the number of troops, then we should leads to strong enemy positions, or put into the enemy of our favorable areas, can win. In American football there is a kind of tactics have similar ideas, called: Screen Pass, for short screen. ???????????????????11???11??????????????5?????????????????????????????????6???????6??????????????????????????????????J.J.?????????-????????????????????????????????????????????????? However, in the battle of wits of the game, the offensive team will not let the defense played so well. if the defender is too strong for the quarterback, it is necessary to press the momentum in a timely manner. So want to sack the quarterback, then put them in, nor the quarterback pole, he would dodge maneuvers, was sacked before they pass, although the time is not enough, a short distance of the total. As long as the teammates receive a pass, it should not be a problem to advance 10 yards. Because the offensive front, originally dedicated to the protection of the quarterback, has formed a new protection network before the player, and opens the way for the players. The attacking frontlines face the size, strength and number of players who are smaller than their second tier defensive players. They naturally form the rolling force and can crush the entire defensive formation in a short time. The core of 's tactics is to use quarterback as a bait, lead the defensive front forward, attack frontline, give up the protection of quarterback, and protect the target players, so as to form the advantage of the local players and complete the code number. In this kind of tactics, the quarterback duty is to lead the defensive front line away from the catch target, the farther the better, but we must pass the ball quality and quantity before being killed by several evil men. Attacking frontline is the key point of tactical execution. They have to pass ball protection first, then immediately give a defensive way to capture the quarterback for defensive frontline players. When they are on the back of quarterback, they should judge the time for the quarterback to pass and run out of the tee line to stop. It has to be an innumerable attack rehearsal to achieve sufficient tacit understanding and very high requirements for tactical execution. , however, do not infallible tactics. Once the defensive frontline is able to see through this offensive routine, it will destroy the pass and even intercept the pass. If the copy is successful, no one can prevent him from reaching the goal in the entire backcourt.The official website of NFL | announced the chief and near end Harris | Rugby contract in 3 years announced the Kansas City Chiefs tight end Harris de Torres (Demetrius Harris) is a 3 year contract agreement. According to the NFL official, the 3 - year contract was worth $6 million 300 thousand. As a substitute for Travis Cares (Travis Kelce), played an important rotation role in the emirate's attack group. This season he finished 7 receptions for 74 yards, 1 touchdowns also got. The 's tactical significance is more important than the more mediocre catch data. The two - grade near - end front has excellent cover skills and can find his own position in a variety of tactics. He played basketball in college and was then signed by the emirate as a rookie.Fuzhou Ao Kai bowling season preview | Bowling CpBA news: Bowling League occupation season approaching! A huge gift coupon for you to get! a quarterly OK bowling season is about to start! The season competition you must now be scraped and palm! are you trying to compete this season? doesn't matter, no matter whether you come or not, we're all at this (Fuzhou OK bowling alley) waiting for you to challenge! this is our gift voucher! A ticket is a game. is it tickled? or I guess wrong! actually stays in your heart? looks like you must be an older generation! but... if we tell you our voucher, do you make it? What does look like in the end of this season coupon? To sign up for the competition, I'll tell you. Hey?? one, the aim of the competition: to promote bowling, to provide competitive communication platform for bowling enthusiasts. two, system arrangement: (1) competition time: April 25, 2015 (Saturday) 14:00 (two) Venue: OK bowling alley () in the Gulou District, Fuzhou (three) participants: the broad bowling enthusiast (four) registration fee: 300 yuan for each entry registration fee can take part in the application: The value of 350 yuan (after bowling training VIP tickets before April 25, 2015); (five) registration time: from today to April 25, 2015 (Saturday) at 13:00. (six) contact: , manager of the forest three, rules of competition system: (a 〉

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