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if Qian Pu - Bailey (Champ Bailey) is on the field, the width of the court must be less than 160 feet wide for the quarterback. As the first real "shut-down corner" in the history of NFL, Qian Pu cut down half of the passing points of the opposite quarterback. 6 feet tall with nearly 200 pounds, almost all the money Pu para body catcher, in addition, he has a sprinter like speed, which allows him to stick to the catcher. However, Qian Pu's player is his most deadly weapon, and he seems to be able to swim across the second line of defense everywhere. The following is his story... growth experience Jr was born in Fuerkesidun Rowland - Bailey Georgia in June 22, 1978, their 3 brothers are a rugby player, he ranked second child. His mother Elaine gave him a little called money to his brother, "the name" Boss "(Boss). When they were young, people thought they were twins, because they were so much alike. when Qian Pu was ten years old, his parents divorced. His mother Elaine got the custody of 4 children (including daughter Danielle), but had to work two jobs to support the whole family. But Elaine is not alone in fighting, and the Bailey family are good students and star athletes at school, which makes their mother a lot less pressure. They run a logger's grandfather John as well as they can help. Fowles Clintonn is a marsh on the border of Flo cheap nfl jerseys free shipping rida, Georgia, where there are more crocodiles than men. But every Friday night, they will play rugby. The town has only a small place of 3 lights and nearly 50 American football stars in the first class League of the United States. In the growth process of Qian Pu, he played with Larry Smith (Larry Smith) and set an example of the mainstay of the future University -- Joe Huggins (Joe Hagins) and Henry Macmillan (Henry McMillan). Qian Pu has great talent in all sports. When he entered rugby football field, he soon showed clever footwork and explosive acceleration. The most surprising thing is that he has an inherent instinct to see through the heart of the quarterback, and even to predict the special ability of the offensive tactics. When he was in 7, his fans offered the University of Georgia to offer the money. 1992 years, the money into the general Charlton County high school, joined the team after being placed in the team quarterback and safety position, no matter which side to hold the ball, universal money can dominate a game. In the winter of the same year, Qian Pu joined the basketball team. He jumped up to 43 feet and was a dunk madman. In the spring, Qian Pu began to practice track and field, and became the high jump champion of Georgia state as a freshman. 〉The official website of NFL | players stretched Panther running back will take turns playing football | Carolina Black Panther coach Ron Rivera (Ron Rivera) said that the team will play the runner up strategy in the match against Chicago bears on Sunday. because the first running back Williams Dean Gloucester (DeAngelo Williams) because of a sprained ankle can not play, No. two running back Jonathan Stewart (Jonathan Stewart) due to a knee injury against a doubt, so Rivera had to declare folsy - Vitek (Fozzy Whittaker), Darin Reeves (Darrin Reaves) and the recent signing Chris Aug Bong Nayar (Chris Ogbonnaya) will play the ball right allocation. Vitek and Reeves will get the main running task, but he still tend to use the good. Rivera said: who may up better who can get the ball, an opening, everyone will be holding the opportunity, if can like folsy preseason game against Kansas and Pittsburgh Steelers chief game as well, that he is exciting for us is. In the 2 games prior to , Vitek completed a total of 162 yards of advance and 2 matches, and did a good job in the pre - season. now David Mike - Bert (Mike Tolbert), and Ricci (Richie Brockel) - brouncker unable to play fullback candidates temporarily vacant. At least this week, the Black Panther didn't sign a free player to replace the position. Rivery said the near end Brandon Williams (Brandon Williams) and Ed Dixon (Ed Dickson) will help to play this position. But at least whether Dixon is in the war is not yet to decide. Stewart was well trained but not enough to play. He also needs to make further efforts. Williams may have more than 2 games in his absence, and his ankle is still unknown. And the leopard game advance team in the League ranked twenty-ninth in the league, each time only a poor 3.1 yards, which is the main reason for the continuous loss of the ball. The star quarterback Caim Newton (Cam Newton) is running less and less. It is one of the most dangerous four seasons quarterback players in the first three seasons, and now he runs 8 times and 33 yards in three games. coach said: our decision depends on his feelings. Everything is based on his body. We will not give him too much pressure to run. As you can see, it all depends on his own feeling. The good news for the Panther is the defensive end., on Tuesday, Oakland, the United States announced the cancellation of their Antonio Antonio Smith by Anthony. Smith only had a season in Oakland, and he signed a two year contract. last season, Smith first 16 games, completed 3 quarterback killing, the team is a strong impact of passing the ball, but the anti - running ability is not good. Smith spent 11 seasons in the league, respectively in the Arizona Cardinals, Houston Dezhou and Oakland Raiders spent in his past 156 field occupation competition contributed a total of 44.5 sacks. now the Raiders have signed up with Dan Williams, the defensive intercepts, to ensure that the defense line has sufficient strength.Tom Brady (Tom Brady) has had enough of his supporters that he is always one of the best quarterbacks in history. Miami dolphins pass four quarterback Dan Marino (Dan Marino) recent first TV interview about "bleeding", he said that there was a problem of the new England patriots ball is not enough to influence the American League champion Brady won the 2014. he said: "I have always been Brady's fans, is always, I know him for many years, I think he is one of the greatest players in this position, this has not changed." Marino also said that as a quarterback he needs to consider more than the pressure of the ball. He also said that before he retired in 1999 he didn't know that the League was going to check the ball before the game. He explained: "training on Friday, picking up a good ball is very natural for me. I don't care if I check the ball before the game. I just put it in the bag and take it to the gym, so it's so simple." Marino also said that now there is a big difference from now. Now many teams need quarterback to get the route of the team without adjusting the ball, so that's why he doesn't think it's necessary to check the ball before the match.

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