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Seattle Seahawks finally ready to admit near end Jimmy - Graham (Jimmy Graham) the recovery schedule may be extended to the regular season. Pete, Pete Carroll, made a vague answer to questions about Graham's preparation. His answer seemed to avoid the central issue: patellar tendon rupture is difficult to recover quickly, and the recovery process involves a lot of work. "we don't have any problems with his training in the field," Carol told ESPN. "His workload will continue to increase over the next few weeks. The real goal is: what will he be at the start of the season? We will then assess how long it will take for the recovery process, or how long he will be ready. We don't know that. But he feels good. " Carol also said: "I will do some evaluation by the next week, but I don't have any expectations for the result. We just wait and see. We have no timetable for this, and he does not have to meet the requirements of any time. We're just trying to get him back. It's really important that he's getting confidence, it's not going to happen again and again. So we do it carefully. " s cheap nfl jerseys free shipping eafalcon wisely wait patiently. In the last season, the offensive team has stable operation and quarterback Russell Wilson (Russell Wilson) under the condition of great progress, Graham for the Seahawks offensive group rather than are the icing on the cake. although it is difficult to let Graham soon appeared, the other team to understand how the Seahawks arranged for him is very difficult. If Graham can fully recover the Seahawks advantage obviously.Super Bowl lost a few days later, Tom Brady (Tom Brady) has completed the attitude adjustment. On Instagram, he expressed his feelings after the game and expressed his gratitude to his supporters. below is the full text translation: I took a few days to get out of the super bowl and also spent the same time looking back on the wonderful performance of the Patriots this season. Only one step away from the realization of the goal will make people feel much, but this is the experience of the life journey and the motivation to help people grow. Holding a learning attitude will make everything positive and positive. In the last four days, the strongest emotion in my heart is to thank. Thanks to my teammates for this season, the difficult challenge and hard work to overcome the difficulties. thanked the coaches for their contributions and sacrifices and thanked them for letting each player play a role. is grateful to the new England patriot club for their support during this difficult journey. thank Philadelphia hawks and clubs for giving us the best performance. We appreciate their noble character as a winner and congratulate them on winning the championship. ??Y??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? thanks my family and friends who have always loved me and supported my dreams. thank you. I love you. good, Tom Brady 2018 Brady at the age of 41, will open his nineteenth NFL season. 2017 won the regular season MVP he looks like there are still a lot of momentum.Kobe was chosen to play in the NBA No. 8 and No. 24, but in the international arena has chosen the number 10 shirt, wearing Jersey No. 10 Kobe for the U.S. national team played 08 years in the Beijing Olympic Games and the 12 Olympic Games in London, is a member of the eight dream and the dream of ten teams. And for the national team championship twice. Why does Kobe choose No. 10 shirt on the National Stadium for the following three points: at the time of the FIBA number, only wearing No. 4-15 jersey number 14 years ago FIBA (FIBA) has provisions can only use No. 4-15 jersey number, but can not use other Jersey numbers. In the 14 years after May, the FIBA to relax the rules, players can be in 0, 00 and 1~99 numbers, but after the American dream team is still a continuation of the traditional jersey number No. 4~15. For example, Curie chose No. 11 and No. 4 on the international court. Durant chose No. 5. They didn't choose the number 30 and 35 when they played in NBA. and Kobe two to participate in the Olympic Games are in 14 years ago, once in the 08 Beijing Olympic Games, once in the 12 Olympic Games in London, so Kobe was in the Lakers' 24 (06-07 season Kobe Jersey from No. 8 to No. 24) cannot be used to use the number 10 Jersey number.The official website of NFL | Matt - Ford: I lost hope for the contract | football Matt Ford (Matt Forte) has been growing up as a team pillar since it was selected by the Chicago bear in 2008. Now there are 2 matches to play, and he will face the new contract with the team. Ford told reporters in the US on Wednesday: "now I have no hope for my contract, because I have contacted with the team, but they didn't give me any answer. , Ford, is 30 years old and will become a free agent in March. He has completed 8472 yards of punching and 4059 yards catching up in the past 8 seasons. This season has already completed 768 yards of punching and 332 yards catching. now looks like the team is only hoping to sign a short-term contract with the veteran. Ford said: no one wants to get a one-year contract because there are too many unknown factors in football. But you should think about it. A guy is staying here on the first day, training hard and creating value. This guy should be rewarded, but it has to be said that this is business, so this will not happen. now seems to have a low chance of staying in the bear for the ninth season of Ford.

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