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The official website of NFL, outside linebacker over Baldwin, Faber Kurt due to indecent gestures fined in rugby nest the five fingers on each hand are important, especially for those who make money by catching and defending the ball. , the longest of the five fingers, made some players lighter in their wallet this week. Seattle Seahawks wide receiver Doug Baldwin (Doug Baldwin) and Cincinnati tigers linebacker theze von Bo Fickett (Vontaze Burfict) because of their cost of sports moral behavior has been fined $12154. The two of them were punished because of the public erection of the middle finger. Baldwin finger is to express the offensive coordinator Daryl Bevier (Darrell Bevell) attack tactics of discontent. The tactics were finally completed by the quarterback Russell - Wilson. we're fucking in the red area. Do you want me to pass the ball? Baldwin laughed at the attack after the game. Pass the ball to me. Baldwin finally completed touchdowns, but in the end because the Seahawks score and win so Baldwin's behavior did not cause a great disturbance. but compared to Baldwin, Bo Fickett's story is not so happy. The controver cheap nfl jerseys free shipping sial tiger tiger line may be seen playing the middle finger on both sides of the grandstand at the team's home defeat to Buffalo Bill. whether the game wins or not, the result is the same for two people - a huge ticket issued by the league. The above content of is reproduced from the Internet, which does not mean that the station agrees with its views and is responsible for its authenticity.The official website of NFL | Griffin III $2 million 750 thousand sale of Virginia mansion | Rugby has been in the past 4 years. Robert Griffin III (Robert Griffin III) once called Virginia a home and wanted to finish her career in Washington, D.C., now everything has changed. March 7th American time, Griffin was released by red skin, his red - skin player's career also ended. recently chose to come to Brown, Cleveland. So he needed to sell his mansion in Virginia. According to the news of the reporter, the house cost 2749000 dollars, and he spent 2500000 dollars when he bought it in 2013. his house covers 9000 square feet, 3.13 acres, 4 bedrooms, 6 bathrooms, and a swimming pool home cinema. , which was built in 2010, is not old. The reason for selling the house instead of holding it is mainly that the next door neighbor is Jay Gruden, the red leather coach.NetEase sports February 18th report: Beijing time on February 18th, in the all star dunk contest, Larry nance staged a tribute to the old people's feelings play, successfully qualify for the finals, and deducted 50 points out in the finals, but eventually lost to Mitchell. is this Nancy dunk contest topic character, his father old Nancy had won the dunk contest champion, although he has been known to the physical quality, but has not participated in the dunk contest, until now to meet the fans curious. He in the first round last stage, also made great suspense, magic two actors live performances, costumes from Knight Huanyi, warm up immediately replaced the old father Nancy in the sun's No. 22 retro, on the sidelines is very proud of the old people. wants to make his moves one handed circle, reverse dunk, like my father in 1984 to win the action. He finally buckled when he tried second times. He had a good sense of beauty, and the judges also gave 44 points, second. and his second buckle pressure is not small, he changed the knight Jersey, starting from the basket, he turned his arm into the air turn buckle, big radian, the difficulty is not small, eventually got a score of 49 points, successfully qualify for the finals, the opponent is Mitchell. Wait until the finals, the old Nancy is personally for his son to play the toss, buckle second and finally succeeded, he made the ball after a large windmill dunk action, finally got 46 points. But Mitchell was so good that he got 50 points for the first goal. second is a small South buckle plate self polishing buckle is characterized in that the air after he got the ball again the ball hit the board again, only the ball into the buckle, the audience saw the details of the playback are crazy and cry, the judges also conform to public opinion, given 50 points out. eventually Mitchell high two small Nancy eventually won, but a stunning button small or memorable nantes. origin: NetEase sports Author: Kewell responsibility editor: Ouyang Yan _NS4899The 2017 season is the fiftieth season for the Cincinnati tigers to fight for NFL, and they will add a new team mark to the home and guest uniforms. "since 1968 since the construction team, both in the Nipote Stadium (Nippert Stadium), river (Riverfront Stadium) before the stadium and now Paul Brown Stadium (Paul Brown Stadium), we have gained many support." Owner Mike - Brown (Mike Brown), in an open letter to a fan, wrote, "our fans have never changed over the years. Thank you for your support, and I thank you on behalf of the tigers. We are looking forward to celebrating the team's victory together with you. Although still has financial and venue problems, the tigers are still part of Cincinnati. Although the embarrassing wins and fewer, but the team continues to attract fans. Brown continued: "I don't know what the fiftieth season will be like, our team is good, but NFL is very competitive. I very much hope that this year will be the year of the tiger. If you can choose, I will bring you a lifetime of unforgettable experience, as you gave me. Thank you very much, although the word 'thank you' can't fully convey my thanks. " tigers 2011-2015 were able to kill the playoffs every year, but they were lost last year. Coach Marvin Lewis (Marvin Lewis) has entered into a contract last year.

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