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The official website of NFL | saints rookie guard | enabled to prepare for the game of rugby for the New Orleans saints who fired defensive coordinator rob Ryan (Rob Ryan) not only changed the team bye week. according to Fawkes sports news, the team will launch the new show front Andrews Pitt (Andrus Peat) in the next match against the Houston Dezhou. Pitt, the 2015 draft, was selected as a cutting forward to transform the front in the team's training and running in. Earlier this season he was substitute for the injured left guard Tyrone (Terron, Armstead) - Armstead Armstead previously due to a sprained knee missed 3 games. at present, the saints are 4, 6, and the number of teams in the defensive team is the highest in the league.2017 in November 15th, the United States occupation football (NFL) official hospitali cheap nfl jerseys free shipping ty partner On Location Experiences announced that from China in sports tourism officially became the official ticketing agent in 2018 the fifty-second NFL Super Bowl tournament official hospitality program in the Greater China region. This cooperation indicates that NFL enthusiasts from China will have the opportunity to travel to the scene of the world's most famous sports event through sports tourism. In the fifty-first Super Bowl in 2017, more than 112 million people paid attention to the super bowl. John, a CEO official of NFL's official hospitality program, said: "as a mature sports market, China has more and more concerns about professional football in Corinth. Therefore, the bloom of sports tourism cooperation is very important, we will for those fans who want to go to the scene to watch the super bowl for the one and only the exciting events events experience, including exclusive game channel, before and after the admission, rave experience approach and participating in the NFL legend will meet." in sports tourism CEO says Mr. Zheng to the cooperation: "we will NFL the official hospitality plan introduced, the purpose is hoping to build a bridge for the Super Bowl spot to China the majority of sports fans and Super Bowl audience, through our high level of service to provide an incomparable Super Bowl viewing experience for everyone." , a sports tourism company, has over 8 years' experience in the international top competitions, ticketing operation and sports tourism product planning, and is committed to provide a unique experience for Chinese fans. Zheng Zong also said: "the super bowl for the Chinese marketing researchers offer a good opportunity to entertain customers, so that customers can get a lifetime of NFL Super Bowl spectators trip." in sports tourism provides NFL Super Bowl game day experience will include regular game tickets, also can participate in including NFL legend, big artists and famous bands to participate in and enjoy the exclusive before the party, by the well-known chef Andrew Qi Meung cooking delicacies, moreover can also participate in the party, the super bowl is a series of official party and concert etc.., we all know that the New York giants take the Odell football Jr. Odell's American football talent. He relied on the one handed catcher of the Dallas cowboy to win the fame in the United States. Recently, we found that he was not only good at American football, but also found that he was not only good at American football, but also in New York. on Monday night in the United States, Beckham participated in the baseball charity competition of New York with her college friend, Brad Wing, who participated in the baseball competition of New York. He finished the terrible attack of 1 miles on the spot. Beckham at the scene not only completed a home run, he completed a number of such terrible performance, so that the performance of the baseball game itself is rare. we have to sigh that there is nothing he can do.NBA star private car once a year NBA all star in addition to enjoy the wonderful game, all the stars of the car is certainly worth a visit. Kobe, who has the highest annual NBA salary in the 2014-2015 season, can get $23 million 500 thousand. It's perfect for these professional players to buy any luxury cars. Its ?

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