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The official website of NFL | von Miller outstanding performance will | football Brady into trouble in the new England patriots and the Denver Broncos of the ALCS, Tom Brady (Tom Brady) throughout the game try to avoid the Mustang rushed from the hand, but he was unable to change. Derek Wolf (Derek Wolfe), DeMarcus DeMarcus (DeMarcus Ware) and Feng Miller (Von Miller) composed of Chong lineup ruled the whole game. Miller with excellent performance to destroy the Patriots right tackle Marcus (Marcus Kannon) - Canon, he completed 2.5 sacks, helping the team in the super bowl. In addition, Miller also completed a steals second touchdowns and laid the foundation for the mustang. The 19 game, Brady was hit, the number is high single game 2006 season. if Miller ruled the outside, then Wolf ruled the inside. The game he finished 6 in the individual holds, 1 sacks, 1 forced his opponent lost yardage grapple and 3 impact brady. The old man's performance was the same. He got 0.5 shots, but he hit the quarterback 7 times. Although the attack team's performance is still not stable, such a strong defense is still an important reason for the wild horse to have the ability to win the super bowl.The other side of the NFL website, Brady: the main output, rugby taunt MAX wo this week the biggest news: Patriot reverse jet, Tom Brady oc cheap nfl jerseys free shipping cupation career wins 200 games! Then next Monday the game against the rams is likely to win 201 wins and become the first man in history. American media including domestic media certainly is the countless people flatter, indeed, as of twenty-first Century the greatest football player, not one, as if all the great words in his body are suitable, but not to a proper extent, Brady machine, is a real person, so he also has a variety of shortcomings. The United States well-known sports website b/r writer Geoff Perlman recently wrote an article "why everyone hates Brady? "I also agree with some points, how many people are there how many people hate Ai Brady brady. however, 200 wins, wins the number of enemies, just tied the rival Payton Manning, so this week's column to Zoupian Jian Feng, and Brady to chat, Brady's a great crime -- between the story of provocative mocking. is the presence of provocative love Brady field and love with rivals, twitter and social ridiculed opponents, this is not a secret, the breakdown of his guilt, really let their teeth black cloth, cloth fans applauding. time: October 9, 2016 location: , Cleveland first energy field this season for fifth weeks, the race to the end of the third quarter, the Patriots 30 to 7 lead Brown, another away victory will look in the bag, I saw three 5 yards, Brady found targets are dead, then along the right ball break, Brown was eventually rushed to pass rookie Emanuel hit the sideline AGPA. Just place and fell to the ground in Brown bench all before him. And then, Brady excitedly made this position: this position you can call it Boulter style, even China like martial arts in the bow to shoot eagles, but in any case name, at home, in front of each other to make the bench celebration, it is indeed difficult to crazy, the fans immediately donated to Brady and the mountains and seas are whistling boos, really bad, and Brady himself in business together also interesting to laugh. careful fans may find this season, fifth weeks, not just a game Brady lifted back? Indeed, it is can be lifted back to action? Imagine the background at that time, in the face of the Patriot league's worst opponent, leading 20 points, just a first attack on the arrogant to celebrate, and the high school football team also celebrate the wanton rout of primary school what is the difference?for the Miami dolphins, the September game was just a warm-up, and the real test was still behind. The dolphins started with 2 wins and 2, with a 5 win rate to meet the upcoming October and November demons. In the first 4 games of the season, the dolphins had been a great surprise to the fans and had been very disappointed. The next match will prove that the Dolphin will be a black horse this season, or will continue to sink in the East. the next two weeks, the dolphins will hutch the Warring States to the north. The Green Bay packer is 3 wins and 2, and it is in good condition. In the past two weeks, under the leadership of Aaron - Rodgers (Aaron Rodgers), the packaging workshops were all cut down by 40 points. A week later, the dolphins challenged the Chicago bear, even though the bear team won only 2 games, but the healthy offensive lineup was still a nightmare for all the league teams. After rivals include San Diego lightning, Detroit lions, buffalo Bill and Denver broncos. dolphins have the talent of winning, but how to turn talents into results and display potential on the field will directly decide the location of dolphins after the devil's race. Joe Philbin, the dolphin coach, said in Hugh week that the team needs to be consistent, and how to keep a good state of state is the key to the team's present.The official website of NFL | back to the glory days of starting point? Welker's visit to | dolphins Rugby Miami dolphins will meet a player who has been sent away by them. NFL official website (Ian Rapoport) - Ian Rapoport reported that Welker - wide receiver Weiss (Wes Welker) will visit the dolphins on Wednesday, this is his first visit to this offseason known. the unsuccessful rookie into the League for 33 years and took over the start of the 2004 season high stage of their own occupation career in the dolphin, he had only stayed in San Diego lightning game. He played in dolphin's third season, he made 67 receptions for 687 yards and 1 touchdowns. The subsequent offseason he was Bill Biliqieke (Bill Belichick) with a second round and a seventh round pick price traded to the new England patriots. There, Welker became one of the most high-yield grooves in the new millennium, with more than 1000 yards in 5 seasons in 6 seasons for patriots. He has played for the Denver Mustang for the past 2 seasons. 's career in a series of concussions after 11 seasons put his career in danger. Last season Welker in violation of regulations after the expiration due to doping ban played in 8 games and missed 2 games. He couldn't pull up the space with his opponent's corner guards, and only got 464 yards from 49 passes. That's the lowest data he has ever received since he came out of the second season of dolphins. if dolphins now choose to sign Welker, it is most likely that he will be a young overseas catcher to guide dolphins to be gathered as a forefathers, including Jarvis Landry (Jarvis Landry) and Kenny Stiles (Kenny Stills), who has recently been traded.

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