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The United States packers announced Monday, and left guard Ryan Taylor (Lane Taylor) contract. According to the NFL media reporter Ian Rapoport (Ian Rapoport) reported that the contract for 3 years $16 million 500 thousand, including 5 million signing bonus. Taylor signed with the team in 2013 as a drop show. There have been 46 games in the last four seasons. He started two times in 2015, starting all the season in the last season.The official website of NFL | Mike grenon ready to become the new hero | football team the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in the offseason recruiting, even signed an outstanding performance last season, quarterback Josh McCain (Josh McCown). Coach Smith Lowe (Lovie Smith) said publicly that this season will be the starting quarterback mccain. cheap nfl jerseys free shipping All this for the second grade team quarterback Mike grenon (Mike Glennon) is undoubtedly a disaster, he looks like a forgotten by everyone. but the opportunity is always left to the prepared people. Maikaoenyin injury absence makes grenon become logical starting quarterbacks in Pittsburgh this week with the Steelers game. In the end, the pirate 27-24 wins the victory. Which wins touchdown is due to last minute grenon instigated offensive. At present, the game play is likely to help the grenon secured the first position, but in the next few days, we will continue to pay attention to him and the team dynamic. grenon last season, starting 13 games, although this season was announced to start the season as a substitute, so he never feel lost. Grenon said in an interview: I know, this is NFL, these things will happen. I have to be modest and ready. Although I'm not the first one, I still need to learn and prepare how to start the game. I have to make sure that when the opportunity comes, I'm ready. the game, grenon 42 passes completed 21 times, a total of 302 yards, 2 touchdowns was 1 steals. The last time with the Vincent - Jackson (Vincent Jackson) line success, 5 yards of pass to help the pirates ushered in the first victory of the season. In this regard, coach Smith said: as a young quarterback in the final moments, they will always think through long finish super performance, in order to help the team win. But Mike did not like, without pause he steady, finally help us win. I don't think anyone can do better than him., obviously, the new England patriot could not escape the president's comment on the vent door. Obama made a lot of remarks about the vent door recently. first, he expressed the hope that the Patriots and the Seattle Seahawks are "clean", Obama said in Congress, you need to use your own football, and Obama trademark smile. Although last year the Seahawks won the Super Bowl after Obama and the Seahawks players met, but he declined to say which team you support. But as we all know, if the Chicago bears enter the super bowl, our president must be firm. Of course, now is the president's best chance to choose a new home team. So far, Jay Cutler (Jay Cutler) has not yet got the super bowl.league history the most accurate kicker Dan baylet (Dan Bailey) will miss at least two weeks due to a groin injury. Cowboys coach Jason Garrett (Jason Garrett) said the short-term replacement kicker can hardly be avoided. "we expect him to be absent for at least two weeks..." Gareth said. safety Geoff Heath (Jeff Heath) was completed 2 additional points shot, missed 1 times, is the first since the 2010 non kicker shot additional points. But Heath twisted the left ankle in the match. According to Gareth's statement, if Heath is also injured, the long kicker L.P. L.P. Ladouceur will serve as a temporary kicker. The cowboy has several hands playing trial is expected Tuesday, signing a. According to ESPN reporter Yates, Field Yates, these are Mike Nugent (Mike Nugent), Jason Meyers (Jason Myers), Sam Erwin Erwin (Sam Irwin Hill) and Korean Association.

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