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The official website of NFL | violate free agent signing provisions fined chief appeal fails | football , the chief of Kansas City, appealed against NFL's punishment for violating the free player's contract rules. It was rejected by NFL Roger President Roger Roger. The chief will not be able to get back the third round of the draft and the sixth round draft of next year's draft. But the team was fined from $250 thousand reduced to $200 thousand, while the coach Andy Reid (Andy Reid) fines decreased from 75 thousand million dollars to 60 thousand dollars, but the other part of the punishment, including the general manager John Dorsey (John Dorsey) $25 thousand in fines still remain unchanged. , we thank you for having the opportunity to appeal this matter. We know that we have a slight reduction in our fines. The team chairman Clark Hunter (Clark Hunt) said in a statement. However, we still believe that the facts in this matter and the Confe cheap nfl jerseys free shipping deration of the alliance have always been inconsistent. The punishment for similar violations cannot be allowed to suffer the most severe punishment related to such acts in the history of alliance. NFL indicated that the chieftain had not reached the time allowed for such a behavior when he contacted the Philadelphia hawk's NFL Maclin (Jeremy Maclin) who was about to become a free agent last year. Mclean, who was finally signed with the chief of the sheikh, was still in the contract with the eagle. chieftain never denied that they had contacted Mclean at this time. We have to be responsible for what we do, Mclean said., from the data point of view, Dallas Cowboys lost much of Murray Murray (DeMarco Murray), but this will not stop their progress. The team has signed a new contract for the reintegration of run guard Lance - Dunbar (Lance Dunbar) by signing the running Darren - Mcfadden (McFadden). When the training camp opens, the cowboy can ensure a large number of substitutes. In addition to , cowboys may be interested in the 2015 draft. It is reported that they may choose to visit the players ahead of time, and the players they are looking for are Melvin Gordon (Melvin Gordon). Gordon and Todd Gurley of University of Georgia are regarded as the best two runner in this year, so we can look forward to which cowboy will choose in the year to come, Todd.Pittsburgh Steelers on Saturday announced the second grade linebacker Jarvis Jones (Jarvis Jones) from the injured reserve list, turn into 53 activation list. Jones had been missing for 9 weeks in a row because of broken bones. may be unable to play because of the injuries of veteran James Harrison (James Harrison), so Jones will occupy the position of an inside guard with Arthur Moatz (Arthur Moats) in the match against Cincinnati tigers this week. Another major rookie line, Ryan Shazier, will also be expected to return after three weeks of absence. but the Steelers defense group also received the bad news, the main cornerback Cole taze Allen (Cortez Allen) was placed on the injured reserve list, the rest of the season. Allen in the offseason with the Steelers signed a multi-year contract after this season slump, but because the second depth is too bleak Steelers, Allen is still the team who play the file in more than 2, his absence for the weak Steelers defense to say it is one disaster after another second.Maxwell: the NFL website | system is very suitable for me | football ESPN reported, as a free agent cornerback Byron Maxwell (Byron Maxwell) recently and the Philadelphia talk, not only because of the abundance of Eagle cap space for Marx, to meet the conditions, more important is the defense system and the former Seattle Seahawks have many similarities, this very attractive to him. Maxwell said in an interview: the eagle and the Seahawks defensive like, are single safetys high coverage strategy, and combining with the oppression of man. This team is also very strong, if the eagle can show good faith, I will certainly give them a priority. recent hawks coach kipper Kelly (Chip Kelly) in order to set aside the salary space repeated a radical cut mine, more than when the play of the team veteran and traded star Sean Mccoy ran Weile (LeSean McCoy). For the reason why so urgent make a lot of salary space, the outside world has a lot of speculation, generally considered one of the reasons is the desire to upgrade the team Kelly second defense, on the season the second overall performance is bad, the eagle array has only Malcolm - Jenkins (Malcom Jenkins) a main line. in addition to the pursuit of Marx, Mccati, an eagle on tour Wei (Devin McCourty) - German intention, if the Hawks can get the two generals so incurred under, is expected to make a second moment from the defensive weaknesses into strengths.

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