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The official website of NFL | veteran receiver Moss did not intend to retire | football , a 35 year old veteran who takes over Santana Moss, believes he can find a new host before the start of the training camp. Moss said in an interview: I am a free player now, and you all know the attitude of the team to the veteran. I'm going to be in my career for fifteenth years, and my agent is still in contact with a number of teams. In spite of some disappointment, I still enjoy my present life. I won't choose to retire. is about to be 36 years old in June this year, Moss used to play in New York jet and Washington Red. Last season, he only got 133 offense, completed 10 hits, and pushed 116 yards. Vic, another veteran Michael (Michael Vick) want to show through their personal training camp still has the capacity based on the league, but the team has no interest. be cheap nfl jerseys free shipping fore the draft, the red has open and frank Moss, but with the team in the draft in the fourth round pick from the Duke University - Jamieson Claude (Jamison Crowder), and in the sixth round pick from the Ohio State University Ivan Spencer (Evan Spencer), the team of Moss shut the door.The official website of NFL | Brady glycopyrronium Koski surprised | rugby ball and all the people, the new England patriots headed quarterback Tom Brady (Tom Brady) on the same tight end rob Gelon '(Rob Gronkowski) last week with the Denver Broncos in the game that single catch was unbelievable. Yesterday, ESPN played the Stadium last week highlights the microphone to shout at the Brady 'Gelon after the ball: this guy is how to hold the ball!? G Ron Kowski in the last two weeks a total of 18 ball, 254 yards and 4 touchdowns in the. said he had just returned to his would be underestimated, according to Brady's meaning, but also can make each other 'has Gelon defensive player: scared you can imagine how to prevent him, our training camp in nowadays a lot of effort, although Darrel - Lives (Darrelle Revis) responsible for guarding him, but gloon general can also try to make excellent ball, he is so strong, it is difficult to compete with his occupy position. The confrontation between Lives and Marcus is very interesting, especially after a lot of improvement in the precision of movement of gelon. took over the Gelon kousky dislocation outside really solve the problem of insufficient Brady hand weapon.(U.S. time) Wednesday morning, Joe Hayden (Joe angle Haden) is a member of Cleveland Brown. In the evening, however, he had become one of Brown's dead enemies in the same district. The Steelers and Hayden has already agreed a three year contract for $27 million. Hayden is expected to account for $7 million in the 2017 season. Hayden plans to visit Steelers tonight. He is the first round of the 2010 show, every year with the Steelers to fight two times, the Steelers aware of his strength. And Hayden knew some of the Cleveland offensive defense tricks, and 11 days and two teams were going to meet the game. , and Brown is not a loser. They still owed Hayden $4 million in 2017, but now they don't have to worry about it.The official website of NFL | Bill took over: Manuel is growing | football Buffalo Bill is 7 - 5 at the moment and remains hopeful for the playoffs. In the first four weeks of the season, the team used the young EJ- Manuel (EJ Manuel) as the first quarterback to get 2 - 2. Then the coach Doug - Maloney (Doug Marrone) decided to launch the veteran Kell - Odon (Kyle Orton). despite the discarding of the 2 - grade quarterback Manuel, his teammates still saw his progress from the training. Wide receiver Robert (Robert Woods) Woods said in an interview, Manuel learned a lot of experience and skills from the Orton body, which helped him continue to grow. Woods said: we have won a lot of games now and are going all out to return to the playoffs. For the two quarterback, the situation is really different. But I have to say that EJ is progressing, he has changed every day and gets better. He once quarterbacks learned a lot, I hope one day to see him on the pitch using these skills. He is accumulating experience in another way. Woods believes that some quarterback will take longer to adapt to the level of professional competition. For teams and teammates, everyone should be able to help the players and give him more patience and opportunities.

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