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Green Bay Packers are troubled by the injury and the poor performance of the second line defense will not return to one of the old ones. NFL official website reporter Mike (Mike Garafolo) and Lafoluo reported Tuesday cornerback Sam Sears (Sam Shields) due to concussion is placed in the injured reserve list. The team subsequently confirmed the news. hills because of concussion symptoms occur and missed the last four games. With Lafoluo reported no symptoms of hills such as the team expected to disappear. The hills I Instagram expressed the hope that he can return this season. packers can activate sills in eight weeks after leaving the injured reserve list. The earliest date he could return was the match against the Chicago bear in December 15th. a total of five career hills how suffered a concussion, the doctor wants to keep him in return from a recent concussion fully recovered.2010 wide receiver Victor (Victor Cruz) is a defeated player, then the New York giants coach Tom cheap nfl jerseys free shipping Coughlin (Tom Coughlin) gave him a chance. then with two thousand Cruze yards receiving season touchdowns and countless ball dance and a Super Bowl trophy in return, but injuries have left the Cruze giant, now Coughlin came to the Jacksonville jaguars. seems to need the help of the old coach Cruze Cruze will, it is reported this month in 23 or 24 days to visit the jaguar. at present, the Jaguar's external players include Allen Robinson (Allen Robinson, Allen Helens (Allen Hurns), and Mackay Lee (Marqise Lee), but they still lack the guidance of a veteran veteran. Ke Luzi last season but missed a game over the past 2 years he has done only 6 games, the 2011 Super Bowl season he finished 82 catches for 1536 yards.Rugby |NFL became the first sports league to live on Sina micro-blog in China NFL became the first sports league to live a live event on Sina micro-blog in China star network news , December 28, 2016, the US professional football league (NFL) announced that today it signed a strategic cooperation agreement with sina, micro-blog, China's leading social media platform. in addition to the six regular season games broadcast in the past few weeks, Sina micro-blog will also broadcast the last week of the regular season Sunday night games, three playoff games and the super bowl, which is NFL as the first sign of sports alliance with sina micro-blog has created a sports communication protocol. Sina micro-blog sports manager Zhang Zhe said: "we are very pleased to NFL and establish strategic partnership, the hope can help NFL better future Chinese to expand market share, micro-blog users can make the first time to watch live matches and watch the race short video content at the end of the game, and these contents will be forwarded and user communication. Based on the events, we will also work with NFL to promote commercialization of advertising. We also believe that the future social media will be the core of the promotion of sports events at home and abroad. Sports and social interaction will be the most important part of the industry chain. "Sina micro-blog will be an outstanding partner for NFL to promote and attract fans in the mainland of China," said NFL general manager Richard Young. We are very excited about being able to promote NFL games to hundreds of millions of fans with Sina and micro-blog. We firmly believe that the long-term partnership with sina micro-blog will be of great value to both NFL and Chinese sponsors. " Sina micro-blog is one of the most popular social networking sites in China. It has 132 million active users (DAU) and 297 million month active users (MAU). Its market impact is equal to Twitter and Youtube in the US. An average of 100 million messages are posted on micro-blog every day. now, NFL has more than 1 million 500 thousand online viewers in China a week, while the ratings are still growing. In addition, more than five million people watch NFL video clips on average weekly, and many users watch early games by watching video games. Besides the live broadcast of micro-blog account, NFL will also issue short videos, highlights and other NFL peripheral video content, including 10 weekly good balls, 5 weekly running balls and catching balls. through this cooperation, NFL has further expanded its dissemination in China's digital media platform, and has made more platforms and more convenient ways for Chinese users.Even the recent international football equipment network Jersey museum will be exhibited more than 500 pieces of Jersey fall football superstar, they are also in the past ten years decades have withstood the test of time. Thousands of people come to visit the museum this very , after Mata beat Liverpool game in 2-1, also accepted the story behind the interview for his shirt. In addition, the inspiration for the 18 World Cup German team shirt - the 90 year World Cup shirt designer Ina Franzmann also came to the scene.

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