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many fans have the hobby of collecting the home team's jerseys. The new season has been carried out so far. The fans of the Premier League club, do you start the home team's new season's jerseys? Let's compare the price of the 20 team home shirts in the Premier League this season. is the most expensive player in the Premier League team. The player's home price is 100 pounds in the 2017-18 season, and the price of the football version is 55 pounds, which is almost half the price of the player's Jersey. Manchester United's football shirt is priced at 60. (Note: Manchester United Official mall does not provide players' version of jerseys, players' edition Jersey is the same quality Jersey as the players play. The fans' jersey is the Jersey replica with the quality less than the player's Jersey. ) 's player's home court Jersey price is 90 pounds, ranking second, but Manchester City's fans' jersey is the cheapest in six Premier League teams, priced at 48 pounds. By contrast, the home jersey for Spurs and Chelsea's fans is a little expensive, with a price of 60 pounds an cheap nfl jerseys free shipping d 59.95 pounds, respectively. Chelsea's player version of the Jersey is 89.95 pounds, almost the same as city. The Crystal Palace is the only player who sells the players' edition Jersey besides the six Premier League teams. Their players' edition Jersey is the cheapest, which is 48.99 pounds. Burnley and Everton fans shirt is the most expensive version of home court in the league, priced at 40 pounds. All the teams in the season does not participate in the European war, Newcastle shirt is the most expensive, their fans version is priced at 54.99 pounds Jersey home court. in the fan edition Jersey, Manchester United and Tottenham's home court jersey for the price of the most expensive is 60 pounds, Chelsea home court Jersey price is 59.95 pounds in third, Arsenal Jersey 55 pounds in fourth, ranked fifth in the home court for Jersey club newcastle. Under , let's see how much the price of the twenty teams' fans' jerseys are: arsenal: 55 pounds (player version 100) Bournemouth: 45 pounds Brandon: 48 pounds : 40 pounds Burnley Chelsea: 59.95 pounds (89.95 pounds of player Edition) Crystal Palace: 44.99 pounds (player version 48.99) Everton: 40 pounds Huddersfield: 45 pounds Leicester City: 50 pounds Liverpool: 50 pounds Manchester City: 48 pounds (90 pounds for player Edition) Manchester United: 60 pounds Newcastle: 54.99 pounds Southampton: 50 pounds Storck City: 45 pounds Swansea: 45 pounds hot Spurs: 〉The official website of NFL | was fired for leaking Pierre Paul | football injury information 2 New York giant defensive player Jason Pierre Paul (Jason Pierre-Paul) fireworks accident led to amputation of his fingers, and was known for the first time after the incident. recently dismissed 2 staff in an emergency surgery hospital for Pierre Paul because they leaked the medical situation of Pierre and Paul. Jackson Memorial Hospital gives the official explanation: after investigating in July 2015, the disclosure of Pierre Paul's condition is related to the violation of the relevant provisions of the hospital. This is not allowed in our hospital rules. The final confirmation is that 2 staff members have provided personal health information for patients. At present, the 2 people and the expulsion of patients' privacy are the highest goals of our hospital. at that time Pierre Paul's fireworks incident was spread in the summer.The official website of NFL | pony become the most suitable home football | rice , since the original Baldi Rice Ray has already won her appeal, which team will consider it? Overall, the Indianapolis Colts are most likely. first, rice and colts coach chuck ppagano's (Chuck Pagano) have a great relationship, two of his former teammate, defensive end Cory - Redding (Cory Redding) and Arthur Jones (Arthur Jones) are currently playing for the colts. second, the Colts need one or two strength of the front running, the main players Ahmad - Brad Shaw (Ahmad Bradshaw) has been suffering from a severe ankle injury, Les is the only candidate to fill the position, because Les can not only complete the task and he punches the ball, there is a remarkable ability to protect pockets. in any case, the price of rice is not very high, but he is reluctant to leave home (New Rochelle) too far, do not love rice big city and being too media dogged, so Indianapolis is definitely a good place.tiger June 15th news the outside hand Eric - Dirk (Eric Decker) quickly began to find a new host. , on the first day of his becoming a free agent, revealed that he met with Tennessee Titan. New York jets formally cut Dirk on Tuesday after they couldn't find a deal. Dirk, a 30 year old, suffered a torn shoulder torn muscle last season and a hip injury that needed surgical treatment, which led him to only play 3 games. intended Dirk to be an interesting move for Titan. They have already had a lot of good players in the catcher's lineup. ????????????????????????????????-??????Corey Davis???????-????Taywan Taylor???? If Titan finally signed Dirk, the quarterback Marcus Mario Kobita (Marcus Mariota) would have more pass goals. Titan chief Mike Muraki (Mike Mularkey) said the meeting was to understand Dirk. and from the outside point of view, Titan is an ideal new place for Dirk. His wife is a country music singer.

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