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The official website of NFL | pirates took over after drinking outside the wedding locked | Football Museum NFL's rest season will happen all the time. last weekend, the Jaguar runner in Jacksonville fell to the pool after falling asleep on the wheel. The Louis Murphy of Tampa Bay pirate took part in the museum after attending the friend's wedding ceremony in Lewis. learned that Murphy had taken part in the wedding of his college teammates and drank a lot of wine. After that, he woke up in the local museum yard. He had to break the window to attract the attention of the police in order to get out of the locked Museum. Murphy himself said, "this is unfortunate. No one was there for me. My only option was to break the window and get the phone for help. Now I am working for the museum to make sure everything is not broken by me. The good news is cheap nfl jerseys free shipping that Murphy was not prosecuted and not involved in the crime. Murphy as a 7 year career veteran, spent two seasons in the pirates, completed 41 passes and 2 touchdown, he was selected in the fourth round of 2009 by Oakland Raiders.The official website of NFL | Tom Brady won the Super Bowl football MVP| in just the end of the forty-ninth Super Bowl game, the new England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady (Tom Brady) with excellent performance of the game, was named the forty-ninth Super Bowl MVP. In this game, Brady 328 yards and sent 4 touchdowns is hundred-percent winning hero.for the next weekend, it will be very busy for the domestic football team. The three consortium will have nine games in different cities, including Hefei, Shanghai, Chongqing, Beijing, Foshan, Qingdao and Dalian. The Shanghai warriors against Shanghai Nighthawk is a focus in the competition this weekend. below is the competition information: AFLC Shanghai Titan @ Hefei crocodile 10 on Saturday 15 August, 13:30, Anhui province highway engineering technical school (Baohe road / Longchuan Road intersection) Chongqing half horse @ Chongqing dock worker Saturday, 15 10, Saturday, 15:00, Banan District melts the European foothills garden, Jihai Sun football base Shanghai warriors @ Shanghai Nighthawk Saturday, 15 10, Saturday, 18:00, Luwan stadium, No. 128 zhaojiatamu Road (near Shaanxi South Road) Fudan dragon @ Beijing iron porcelain brother 10 on Sunday 16 August, 14:30, Xiaowuji fitness center football base, Chaoyang District dongsihuan Qiaodongbeijiao South Xiaowuji The Hongkong @ Guangzhou Si (tiger competition held in Foshan) Sunday, 16 10, Sunday, 14:30, Foshan Tianhang center rugby field, Foshan, Nanhai District, Guangxi North Road, No. 6, 39 degree space creative community, City Bowl Shenyang Hunter @ Dalian sea god Saturday, 15 10, Saturday, 11:00, Jinzhou District, Dalian, Dalian Development Zone vocational secondary school playground Tianjin pirates @ Tianjin black sails 10 on Saturday 15 August, 14:00, Tianjin University of Technology football moon (Xiqing District West Binshui Road No. 399)NFL????|?????????????????????|????? next June, Michael - Vick (Michael Vick) will be 35 years old. Although he is no longer young, Vic believes he has the ability to be the main quarterback and lead the team. In this week's interview, he expressed his views on his future. Vic said: I would like to talk to all the teams in the league and will not exclude any team. I hope I can get the chance again in 2015, and I'm looking forward to going on in the game. At present, Vic is likely to leave the New York jet after the season. Whether it is Vicker or Geno Smith (Geno Smith) is not satisfied with the team, they want to find a reliable and stable quarterback. Wick revealed in an interview that he hopes to play Washington's red skin in the future. , as a Virginia, said, "it's my hometown, and playing there will make me very excited." I said I would like to join any team that longs for victory, but returning home is still the most expected of me. My dream is to play the ball for the red skin. But I don't like the feeling of broken dreams, so I don't want to think about it now. dream is very full, the reality is very cruel. With Vic's current level, few teams are willing to give the veteran's first chance. Vic once said that he wanted to be a defensive coordinator one day. Maybe now Vicker is closer to the dream.

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