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The official website of NFL | trade deadline approaching on star | football trends NFL this season's trading deadline in October 28th, now from the deadline only a week or so, the Seattle Seahawks have used Percy HARVIN (Percy Harvin) trading opened the show to the big screen, let's take a look at what we know is the star player trading maelstrom. NFL????????y????????-?????????Ian Rapoport?????????????|??????????? 1. Tampa Bay pirates take over Vincent Jackson (Vincent Jackson) Rapoport said the pirates had been selling their number one, and many teams had approached them. At present, pirates only win a bleak victory. They are not the most urgent positions for them to improve. They are more inclined to train this year's first round rookie to take Mike Evans (Mike Evans), so they are willing to accept any reasonable offer. 2. buffalo Bill run CJ- Spiller Spiller (C.J.Spiller) this year, Peeler in the contract, but his position in the squad but less attention, playing time is veteran Fred - Jackson (Fred Jackson) and Anthony Dixon (Anthony Dixon) to carve out more cheap nfl jerseys free shipping than half, Bill coach Doug - Malone (Doug Marrone) never seem to know how to maximize the role of Spiller. and the Dallas cowboys from the beginning of last season to exchange Peeler, their star running back Murray Demark (DeMarco Murray) although the state has been hot, but excessive use of suspicion, also hope to be able to get reliable substitute jeans under a running back to share Murray's offensive pressure. But it was a pity that the Peeler clavicle fractured season in the match between Bill and the Minnesota Vikings yesterday, and his trading prospects were overshadowed. 3. Cincinnati tigers near end front Jermaine Gray Sam (Jermaine Gresham) last year, the tigers chose the new rookie near front Taylor Eft (Tyler Eifert) as the focus of the team. This season, Alfredo heal up full of blood return, veteran Gresham playing time is greatly compressed, but Gray Sam is still in the contract, rather than let him leave as a free agent, can be shot as soon as possible return. It is reported that the Seattle Seahawks of Gray Sam was very interested in.The official website of NFL | left injury list dolphins running back to return to training | football after nearly 7 weeks of rest, the Miami dolphin team runner Sean Moreno (Knowshon Moreno) could take part in training camp. When Moreno underwent knee arthroscopy in late June this year, announced that the runner would be removed from the list of Physically Unable to Perform (PUP) on Wednesday. The move out of the list means he has passed the physical examination and can be trained. Moreno's original recovery schedule was a month, but he was not in a hurry to come back. this offseason Moreno was with the dolphins signed 1 year $3 million a. Moreno was unlikely to fight the first pre - season of the dolphins against the Atlanta falcons, but it was a step in the right direction for him to return to the stadium. despite Moreno's recovery, his teammates, Lamar Miller (Lamar Miller), have been firmly held in the first place. In this case, Moreno needs to prove that he can be a valuable substitute. In addition to the possible role of the big run, Moreno's main chance is probably to get the playing time when passing the ball. Last season, when he played in the wild horse, he served as the catcher and the cover player of Payton Manning (Peyton Manning).The official website of NFL | Wallace is doubtful and confirm the absence of VIC | football Pittsburgh Steelers still did not veto this - Ross Lys Berg (Ben Roethlisberger) this week with the possibility of playing in the Kansas City Chiefs in the game. In the team's latest report on injuries, Ross Lys Berg was listed as a doubt. Another quarterback, Michael Vick, has been determined to be unable to play this week. this week, Ross Lys Berg had a limited participation in the team's training, and he had been hauled by knee injuries for the last 3 weeks. Relevant personage thinks, do not rule out Ross Lys Berg has not yet recovered to 100% cases, the pain is not fit. Some people think that because this week the Steelers will face the league's top player Justin - Houston Chong biography (Justin Houston), Jean Ross Lys Bogdo rest for a week, it is better to decide. previously, Steelers coach Mike Tomlin (Mike Tomlin) said that the team will arrange for Landry - Jones (Landry Jones) first. If Ross Lys Berg is sure he can't play, the team may add Taylor Murphy (Tyler Murphy) into the big list as the substitute quarterback. related news: Harrison: good defensive performance supports the quarterback news: Steelers Coach: Landry - Jones will serve as the starting quarterbackThe official website of NFL | Panthers linebacker Graham Jimmy attacked | Rugby the Carolina Panthers in the just ended Sunday night race with a victory over the Seattle seahawks. But even if the win, the Panthers linebacker Thomas Davis (Thomas Davis) expressed to Jimmy - Graham (Jimmy Graham Seahawk) dissatisfaction. , he says, is the kind of person who cares only about his achievements and doesn't care about the team's winning and losing. The struggle between the two people can be traced back to the war in the south, when Graham was still the saints. this game Graham finished 8 times to carry out 140 yards, the team is the largest number of players, but he is not satisfied with his performance.

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