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Squash | Hongkong Squash Open 25 held in Hongkong on the European Yongzhi Choude sign chart: Mei Yingyuan, chairman of Hongkong Squash Association (middle) and main guest Zhou Yiyue (right two). Wish Hong Kong will win Li Haoxian's (left), Ou Zhenming (left two) and Ou Yongzhi (right one) in this Hongkong open competition. Our newspaper [Washington] 2012 Hongkong squash tournament will be held next month on the 25 day battle, because the International Olympic Committee to the tournament as the only event to determine the observation of squash, the sport can enter the 2020 Summer Olympic Games, so the tournament is regarded as a major event in the world. Hongkong is a sister in Europe Yongzhi events drawing on the sign, she said, I will pressure as a driving force to the semi-final goal. applies to the only Olympic Games in the Olympic Games has been actively apply for squash the 2020 Olympic Games, the International Olympic Committee decided to open the Hongkong as the only observation event, Hongkong squash team head coach Cai Yukun, the very characteristics that hope in the harbour of the court can make International Olympic Committee officials left a deep impression, to enter t cheap nfl jerseys free shipping he Olympic Games added a squash important chips. ranked sixth in the world in the European Yongzhi tournament ranked No. 4 seed, she was division in the second half in the ballot yesterday, it said she would not Nigao and Malaysia star played in the finals before. Ou Yongzhi was satisfied with the draw and hoped that he would be the top 4 again. men's singles, brother Li Haoxian to Hongkong race as the goal, he hopes to reach the first round of the race even a circle, in order to get more points to improve his world ranking.Matt Ryan and Luke Jikeli the occupation career is far from over, but in view of their glorious career, his alma mater, Boston College decided to fall as they send a high honor. The two person's jersey retiring ceremony will be held separately. Jikeli shirt will be retired in October 22nd against Syracuse University, Ryan's jersey will retire in November 19th against University of Connecticut. "on behalf of Boston College and our fans, we sincerely congratulate Jikeli and Ryan won the match with their college career honors," Boston College athletic director Brad - Bates in the school conference. "Jikeli and Ryan represents the highest level of intercollegiate athletes, also personally defined everyone dedication of the religious rule. The two have a brilliant college career and enjoy a better career. Outside of the game, you will find that these two are all the gentlemen who ask themselves with integrity, self-discipline, generosity, and enthusiasm. They make all of us proud. " Jikeli 2009-2011 years validity of Boston College, No. 40; Ryan 2003-2007 years validity of Boston College, No. 12. Two people were selected at the first round of the draft. Jikeli is 2012 ninth overall, Ryan's 2008 third CIS position. During the period of at the Boston College, Luke Jikeli for two consecutive years in the first team all American, and won the prize in the last quarter of Pakistan tex (NCAA who was the highest award). Matt Ryan created history passing record (4507 yards) and was elected ACC League player of the year.The official website of NFL | Atlanta Falcons season at | Rugby face take on an altogether new aspect. last season's Atlanta Falcons did not perform well, and failed to break through from the Southern League of nations. The biggest problem of attack side is offensive front line, but the biggest problem of defensive side is that it is terrible to rush to power, almost the league's worst level in recent years. But because the new coach Dan Quin (Dan Quinn) from the Seahawks to falcon, now seems to have feeling in the rush forward take on an altogether new aspect. The team defensive player Jonathan - Babin Noukeu J line (Jonathan Babineaux) local time on Friday evening in an interview about the matter said: I particularly love Quin's defensive system, I think this system can let all people adapt and play their own strength. There should be a different season this year. Quin's defense system emphasizes the oppression and impact, which makes Babin Noukeu J, players can participate in the impact of passing his past few in the past, the Falcon is playing double gap defensive system, more emphasis on stability, but it is more conservative. can be clearly seen from the red Falcon pass strength before the start of the new season two station to improve, this is one of the biggest player on the field but also the number of rookie Vic Beasley (Vic Beasley) and veteran Adrian - Keleiboen (Adrian Clayborn) the combination of old and new. Against the New York jets in second weeks of pre-season games, with a Keleiboen sacks a pass, Beasley by a hit and destroy the quarterback passing, two people are extremely limited playing time to show the good state.The official website of NFL | Buffett wore the number 90 shirt to watch the lion | football game billionaires, the world famous investment expert Warren Buffett (Warren Buffett) every day to earn the equivalent of a year that we earn more money, but the busy weekend rare appeared at the NFL stadium. Buffett appeared on the Ford stadium to watch the Minnesota Vikings playing against the lions in Detroit. As a fan of Ndamm Suh (Ndamukong Suh), he entered the stadium before the game and wore the number 90 Jersey. Buffett, who was filmed at that time, wrote Twitter: Warren - Buffett wore the number 90 shirt of the lions, and this match may be Su's last match on Ford stadium. The same day Buffett and sue a brief exchange in the field, finally sue and Buffett five. In fact, the two of them had met before, when it was introduced by Tom Osborne, a former coach of the Soviet Union. According to reports, Su's agent has recently been looking for a new home for the Soviet Union, and Su himself also revealed that the possibility of staying in Detroit next season is almost zero.

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