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, according to informed sources, if the quarterback Gino Smith (Geno Smith) can pass the examination, then he will be signed by the New York giants. visited the giant last October 23rd when Smith, who was torn with a knee cruciate ligament, last October 23rd. And he will now Eli Manning (Eli Manning), Josh Johnson (Josh Johnson) and Keith (Keith Wenning) - Wen Ning together for the giants quarterback. Johnson signed with the giant on Friday. Although he did not pass the ball in the regular season last season, he impressed the giant. When Manning entered his fourteenth season, Smith, 26, could be considered a player for the future. 's most popular memory of Smith in the second round of the 2013 draft selection of jets is that he was in the clash with his teammate IK- Don Aime Parry (IK Enemkpali) in the locker room in 2015 and was boxing by the latter. The incident changed Smith's career, and he quickly changed from starting to a forgotten substitute. Smith got the chance again last season, but the cheap nfl jerseys free shipping chance was fleeting. Smith, who started seventh weeks in the second quarter of the game, laced the anterior cruciate ligament in the knee, and the season was reimbursed. He received an operation in November and thought he would be ready to attend a training camp. 's first start in the rookie season was Smith's 4 season for the jet, with a total of 12 to 18. A total of 36 passes had been copied - an average of 1 passes 24 times per pass.many Miami fans were eager to vent their triumphs after a Sunday dolphin victory over the Raiders. After the bad defense to the extreme, after the coach put these problems on the quarterback header last week, the victory of can make this chaotic phenomenon calm and calm. At least one of the players in the Miami dressing room, however, did not think it was worth celebrating to beat the Raiders. "I love the Raiders and the player does not have any respect but in recent years they did not succeed, linebacker Philip Weller (Philip Wheeler) by local media said, the 2012 season he played in Oakland," for me, I don't think we need more happy in this piece things." Weller's view was well adopted, and the dolphins won a bad team and suddenly cut off their coach, Denis - Allen (Dennis Allen). There have been plans this season American League East title for Miami, with the 2-2 team record following the division champion of Oakland beat so catharsis is stupid.The official website of NFL |49 boss: Brooks all is well | football San Francisco 49 outside guard Ahmad - Brooks (Ahmad Brooks), because of the time problem, in last week's game chose to leave the field. Team coach John Harbert (John Harbaugh) today expressed his views on the matter. He thought Brooks was doing well and emphasized that he played an important role in the team. has reported that Brooks will attend the team's training on Wednesday local time and will play on the weekend against Washington's red skin. Harbert said he would not punish him for his actions last week. But the specific situation and Brooks's time problem, only in next week's game we can get the answer. if Brooks can return to the team, the 49 players will become more powerful. At present, Alton - Smith (Aldon Smith) for return, Nawoluo - Bauman (NaVorro Bowman) will also participate in training this week. The performance of the new rookie Chris - Belland (Chris Borland) is beyond everyone's imagination. If they are all healthy, the 49 defense team will have the ability to change the trend of each game.retired quarterback Koelb NFL based (Kevin Kolb) with head injuries forced not to retire at the age of 30. We all know that he had 4 concussions, the first time he was in the Philadelphia hawks in 2010, and the last was the pre - season in Buffalo Bill in 2013. And now, his feeling of head injury is similar to that after the injury. In his manuscript written to his Monday morning quarterback, Koelb describes a disturbing scene after suffering multiple brain injuries, . Sometimes you don't know whether the current symptoms belong to the symptoms of concussion, but there are some symptoms that can't be myriad. Every second, my ears have been fired like a gun on my ears, and never disappeared. At the same time, the feeling of light has a great influence on me. When I was in the business conference room, I would be very polite to apply for sunglasses, or it would cause a headache and a visual illusion. I can overcome these symptoms, but short-term amnesia is hard to overcome. Sometimes I don't know if I've forgotten everything because I'm busy doing things, or because of the symptoms of concussion. And in the last concussion, Cole Bo is said to have a very simple question, such as "where are you?" No answer. His wife persuaded him to retire and did not need to persuade him as much as before. Koelb, he has repeatedly mentioned that he is very pious, unlike some people with ulterior motives. But as with those who have played in NFL or are playing, it is unfortunate that it is impossible to avoid a brain injury. And all of these are worth reading.

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