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Beijing time in November 14th, the Carolina Panther met the Miami dolphins at home. Calvin - Benjamin will move to the Mid Black Panther trading to Bill, the dolphins will be the main agaj sent to the eagle, at the same time the two teams cleared and team rhythm is not perfectly in tune the stars. How the result of the transfer operation needs to be reviewed in a future history, the game is just the beginning. opening up dolphin initiative, hit the ball attack, but the third 5 yards Cutler pass too quickly failed to pass, punt kick to the 16 yard line half panther. The Panther head attack attempts to punch the ball did not get a pass code number, three to 8 yards, Mika Free catch stop change to deceive the defense first attack, but the next tranche of 1 yards Newton failed to pass the defense, the two teams opening show considerable power. Punt after the dolphins from the eleven yard line started, the first two were offensive defense Panther pulls the third, 13 yards Williams tried to get a good punt position was Luke Skywalker - Jikeli caught only in the position near end kick abandoned. abando cheap nfl jerseys free shipping ning kicks will be over half, but the Panther's special service fouls back to 35 yards. Pass to the middle Shepard won the first two of 10 yards Newton false, but Shepard under attack again unmarked mistake to pass, but rely on the ball and Samuel Stewart rushed the ball quickly or Panther won the first half of the push. In the end Dixon scored five yards, Newton himself rushed the ball to get the first attack, but the next attack in Newton ran out of pocket pass almost by the dolphins safetys TJ- Macdonald steals, Panther as offensive group was affected by the bad passes, the next attack and did not get the first attack only kick. Ganor 40 yards shot hit 0-3. dolphins attack, Jay Cutler's pass is still unstable, but three to 8 yards or find the sideline Stiles won the first attack. Under the third 7 yards long yardage again find Cutler pressure receiver. But the ground offensive is limited, the next three conversion Alan Cutler challenge end failure, choose to punt. The Panther attack - Newton ball high cam gear, third gear 10 yards outside the road direct connected Fangqiesi, Tours under a offensive punch ball by the line cover directly to the first attack. Two 8 yard pass to Samuel Newton false delivery to attack dolphins half 32 yards, 10 yards next second Stewart road out of the whole twenty yards into the deus ex red zone! Second 8 yards Newton managed to confuse opponents out of 5 yards, 3 yards short code to the third party Chess won the first attack. ?????????-????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????10-0????? The Panther's attack team showed a kaleidoscope of attack in the attack. The dolphin team attacked, and Cutler found the slot, Landry.The official website of NFL | Redskins began to promote "the new plan | football stadium The Washington red team took the first step in finding a new stadium. But there's no clue where to choose. On Wednesday, the red skin boss, Dan Snyder, told Washington CNS that the red skin had begun to plan the new stadium. , he said, "maybe it's in Washington, or another stadium in Maryland. Maybe it's in Virginia. Anyway, we've started to think about this. The red team began training at the FedEx stadium in Maryland since 1997. The red team, a famous old football league, has been training at the FedEx stadium in Maryland since 1997. The stadium was originally named after its predecessor, Jack Kent Jack, and the result of the new stadium's death was that the new stadium had not been put into use by the Kent Cooke. Cook's son did not have enough money to buy the team, and finally his foundation sold the team to the businessman Snyder. After the new boss took office, the first fire was to sell the naming rights of the stadium, and finally the highest FedEx bid was successful, and now the FedEx stadium.the pirates in Tampa Bay did not perform well this season, and so far only a victory, at the bottom of the league, lost the hope of the season. The repeated defeat also made the pirates feel dissatisfied. After tenth weeks' defeat, the team leader Gerrard Mccoy (Gerald McCoy) publicly expressed his dissatisfaction with the team's performance. Mccoy said in an interview: "we are not the whole team once, discipline may be divided in public opinion, I've been the worst team." Mccoy has always expressed confidence in the team, but in the tenth week of the Atlanta Falcon competition, the pirates made up to 10 fouls and sent them to the other more than 70 yards, which is not acceptable to Mccoy. Mccoy, as the top defensive cut-off of the league, recently signed a 7 - year contract with the team of nearly $100 million. The team leader so disappointed on the team, coach Smith believes levy (Lovie Smith) was not.The official website of NFL | packers fans jumped into the sewage pipe in search of lost tickets | football no one can question the loyalty of Green Bay Packers' fans to their team. you can hear the slogan of the refueling packer on the day of the game, anywhere on the court. As long as there are packers, they will fill the stadium. When the fans lost the Packers' tickets to Dallas Cowboys last Sunday, he immediately made up the action. learned that the fan was blown into the sewer line at the time, but he did not give up, and he jumped directly into the sewage pipe and looked for tickets. Luckily he finally found the ticket. , who saw the scene at the scene, said: I saw this scene for the first time in 275 packers.

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