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The main body of the new logo is very similar to that of last year, but the new one is more rounder. armband from the design point of view, the new season will be very similar and before. But because of the Spanish bank BBVA will no longer sponsor from next season, the Spanish Ligue 1 and 2, so the name of the BBVA has been removed from the armband. the original link:as a rule, this year's New York jet training camp will be quarterback competition. Geno Smith and Ryan Fitzpatrick (Ryan ) Fitzpatrick are likely to go to the top of the competition. Smith, But recently attack jets coach group (Chan Gailey) - check gailey said that Smith will still be the first cheap nfl jerseys free shipping . He said this: "now, keno is the first start, at least the first week and Cleveland Brown's game is the starting point." He said that Smith and Fitzpatrick's competition is not what we think, he praised Smith said: "I know you see too much disappointment, if we can let him go, I can't imagine he can have much success, to be honest he could do very well." in the 2 season Smith pass last hit rate only 57.5% completed 25 touchdowns and 34 interceptions, and was sacked 71 times, his occupation career score is 71.5. Fitzpatrick has been in the League for sixth teams, his passing success rate is 60.2% completed 123 touchdowns and 101 interceptions last season in Dezhou, Houston start, completed 312 passes for 2483 yards and 17 touchdowns and 8 interception was of course, was sacked 21 times, Dezhou people under his leadership made 6 wins 6 of the negative record. it's all right, let's wait and - Newton Panthers quarterback (Cam Newton) for the right hand thumb injury restricted in training on Wednesday, but the team that does not matter. coach Ron Rivera (Ron Rivera) understatement that Newton is just sore. The team's official website has released a picture of Newton's right hand with no finger gloves. this season, Newton's pass rate is 62.1%, 2232 yards, 14 array, and 11 times. The Panther's record is 7-3. Next week their opponents are the twentieth - ranked jet.The official website of NFL | Britt hope to continue to play football | RAM after the end of the season, Kenny - Britt (Kenny Britt) will be a free player again. The catcher revealed this week that it hopes to continue as a member of the Saint Louis rams for next season's game. Britt said: I hope to be able to go back here and continue to work for the goats. This is a young team, a good team. Young people have not fully developed their potential, and I want to continue to pay attention to their growth. I hope I can help my teammates and witness their success as part of it. After 's 5 - year Tennessee Titan career, Britt was in the best season of his career in the ram. He received 48 times, 748 yards, and two of his career. But for the goats, they don't spend too much thought on Britt. The goats are not lacking a young and talented relay, but the team has never been able to find the number one to rely on. Studman - Bailey (Stedman Bailey), Blaine Quirke (Brian Quick), Austen (Tavon Austin) - tahon and Chris - Givens (Chris Givens) this season because of different reasons for their performance just passable, receiving yards were less than 450 yards. left Britt in a way to help the ram, but the team's top priority is to find a quarterback that has been trusted.

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