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The official website of NFL, Joe - Thomas Brown criticized the Cleveland management in football nest Cleveland Brown has lost his whole game, they are still looking for how to get a victory to the United States Sunday they left Jiefeng Joe - Thomas (Joe Thomas) could not help out tucao. Thomas told reporters: you have to lie on the bed for what you do. The bed is more Brown lost his right tackle Mitchell Schwartz (Mitchell Schwartz) and the three occupation center bowl Alex Mark (Alex Mack) both become the free player. lost to Pittsburgh Steelers game, Brown's offensive line opponents completed 8 quarterback sacks. Thomas said, "we have lost many good players. Those who lost may be the best players in this position, but this is our strategic plan for the rest season, and the decision we made ourselves. Obviously they are making personal decisions because they are so-called experts. Brown is currently 0 wins and 11 losses, this season they pick 14 players, 12 of them have been in the team list, this adjustment takes time and patience but not everyone has such patience, occupation career for 10 years Thomas has missed only 1 games, every year he can enter occupation bowl, six elected t cheap nfl jerseys free shipping he best team. ? The above content of is reproduced from the Internet, which does not mean that the station agrees with its views and is responsible for its authenticity.The official website of NFL | Panther proximal front: better, will be able to win the game | football this week to 17-13 victory over Cleveland Brown Carolina Panthers, they only need to win the last game of the regular season, the playoffs will be among the. A month ago, Greg Olsen (Greg Olsen), who had been in a 13-31 defeat to Minnesota Vikings, said: "now we mess up. We cannot do anything well. After winning the game this week, Olsen revealed his new idea in an interview. Olsen says: when you are doing well, you can win the game naturally. When you are bad, losing is also taken for granted. Our performance this season is less than expected and it takes a lot of pressure to play well in this situation. At some point in the season, we were really bad. But now we are back, and we have grown into a more powerful team. This is the fact that the performance is better and the game can be won. coach Ron Rivera (Ron Rivera) looks forward to next week's competition in the interview: This is very different from our plan before the season, or even a few weeks ago. We are very surprised by the development of the situation, but in any case, the opportunity is in front of us. We need to look ahead, take the game, win the division and go to the playoffs.The NBA season is coming, the off-season trade players let this season added some variables. In addition, the NBA shirt has also changed a lot, a built-in NFC chip will meet the fans together with the new season. NBA and Nike recently launched the NBA team for the new season of "Statement" version of Nike NBA Connected Jersey Jersey, but this shirt is no longer pure clothes, the biggest bright spot is not the style, material and color, but in the bottom left of the NikeConnect label shirt inside a piece of NFC chip. Use the NFC function of this shirt is also very simple, just download the NIke Connect app and using NIKEPLUS account login, and then use the intelligent mobile phone touch NikeConnect Jersey label, you can see all kinds of information corresponding to the team jersey in real time, such as teams and players, the game data highlights, private players list etc.. Besides, can also get the benefits of unlocking the NBA 2K18 game, buying tickets for the match and Nike's new shoes in the event that the daily mobile phone touches the label of the built-in NFC chip. NFC technology is not fresh. At present, many intelligent devices support NFC function. The use of mobile NFC function to brush buses and payments has become more and more popular. The combination of jerseys and NFC technology is relatively rare. is the first season for Nike to replace Adidas as the exclusive sponsor of NBA shirt next season. NBA and Nike may all hope to strengthen the interaction between fans and players through the integration of jerseys and digital technology. NBA President Adam · and Xiao Hua (Adam Silver) praised Nike's shirt at the shirt conference in Losangeles: Nike's shirt has set the latest standard to better connect enthusiastic fans to their favorite NBA teams and players. Once again, Nike has brought basketball to a new level, which is the top technology shirt of the league. for the new interaction of "NFC shirt", and Nike vice president Stefan Olander also said: we know that we can make the best products. But on this, we want to do more. We know the passion of the fans to the stars and the team, so in this respect, we want to contribute. , according to NBA, will later launch the Kobe and Jordan's commemorative version of the "NFC shirt", which has not yet revealed the details.The official website of NFL | Bill nearly end staged 12 years team best performance | Rugby Buffalo Bill recently appointed veteran Kyle Kell to become the team's first quarterback. At present, he has found his number one goal, which is the near end Scott Chandler (Scott Chandler). Chandler and Orton partner in two matches, completed a total of 10 receptions for 126 yards, this has gone beyond the EJ- and Manuel (EJ Manuel) 9 times the ball 116 yards partner. In this week's game of 22-37 to new England patriots, took 6 hits and a 105 - yard career high in the new England season. This is Bill's 49 men's match with San Francisco in 1992. After Pete Mai Ze Lars (Pete Metzelaars) completed the 113 yard catch, the team first completed the 100 yard catch near the front. Bill coach Doug Malone (Doug Marrone) said: "I think he did a good job and accomplished some wonderful catching up. He has the ability to win every match. I just hope we can do better in other places and win like a team. This season, Bill has 15 passes, and Chandler has arranged 5 of them.

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