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recently on the NFL team to move back to the Losangeles news the most powerful answer -- Losangeles mayor Eric gassett (Eric Garcetti), he said next year to Losangeles team is likely. At 's meeting on Thursday at the mayor's answer, Gasset said that even if our city didn't want to build a new stadium, I think the NFL team would eventually choose Losangeles. The recent Losangeles Clippers' selling price of $20 million has proved the value of Losangeles. Losangeles Times reported: the owners of NFL team recently received reports from the League about Losangeles development plan. The conference will be opened in New York this week. New York giant joint shareholder Stephen Tisch (Steve Tisch) told reporters that the referees association has a new site in souther cheap nfl jerseys free shipping n Losangeles, Carson district. He said, "it's not going to change anything." on Friday, the Losangeles political and Financial Development Committee adopted the 6 month plan for developing entertainment groups. The plan is to attract a NFL team to the downtown stadium. The two-year plan will be officially opened next week.East Tower - patriot linebacker Haitawa (Dont a Hightower) in the Thursday night race against Emirates fourth suffered a knee injury. Whether it is possible to return is still doubtful. In section third of with seven minutes left, a chief of the line pressure to the members of sea legs off. Haitawa right leg sprain, but to go line treatment. prior to departure, Haitawa gained two tackles. Kathys Marsh (Cassius Marsh) took his place. Haitawa in March this year with the Patriots signed four years contract for $33 million 500 thousand. Last year, the job bowl and the All-Pro two array were selected. Last season, in the sixth week against the Cincinnati tiger, he got 13 tackles, 2 quarterback collisions and 1.5 kills. Super Bowl in Tawa contribution can not be ignored, not only harvest 2 tackles and 1 sacks, also successfully forced the falcons dropped the ball, allowing the Patriots won 25 yard line attack opportunity, this is a turning point in the game, the Patriots touchdown after a successful harvest, as close as 8 points. After all the stories are known.Our football equipment network KELME in Heilongjiang volcano Mingquan Football Club jointly launched the team's 2018 season in a home and away jersey. Heilongjiang Mingquan volcano club as a dark horse, with team, hard work, tenacity, perseverance, wisdom and loyalty of the wolf spirit, from B in a drawing done in one vigorous effort, darling, invincible. Longjiang ribbon "position" should reflect the geographical attributes of the team leader / after Below "One Goal One Jersey back Love" logo is still the continuation of the new upgrade, a charity KELME from the beginning of 2016, a team signed KELME official game in the new season each scored a goal, KELME to the local football school football equipment donated five hundred yuan. 〈/br.The Washington Redskins wide receiver DeShawn Jackson (DeSean Jackson) and the team's contract at least until the end of March next year, but the receivers are impatient to tell everyone that he will return to the Philadelphia eagles. Sean - Mccoy Weile run Eagle (LeSean McCoy) recently accepted instagram live production interviewed told us, Jackson had told him he would return to the eagles. on Monday U.S. time, defensive end Brandon - Graham (Brandon Graham) Eagle told us the same message, he said: "seems to be very happy for Jackson to return the eagle, I am also very happy because he never seems to leave, everyone here knows him, although the middle place unhappy, but he is a good man." Jackson was selected by eagle in forty-ninth place in 2008. After that, he fought 6 seasons for hawks, 356 times catching balls, 6117 yards and 32 touchstones, and was released by hawks in 2013.

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