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The former Denver wild horse quarterback Payton Manning (Peyton Manning) won the 2016 Tennessee figures award from the Tennessee sports hall of fame. won the prize on Saturday at the annual luncheon at the Tennessee sports hall of fame at the Tennessee sports hall of fame. The award of is awarded to individuals or organizations that make outstanding contributions to Tennessee while displaying outstanding personality and leadership skills through sports or other means. Tennessee sports hall of fame executive director Bill (Bill Emendorfer) - Emmen Dover said in a statement issued this honor for many outstanding people in the US over the past 50 years, but no one greater than Payton." worked at the University of Tennessee in the Manning University, which was retired after winning the Super Bowl champion of wild horse. He created a history of passing yards and touchdowns record record.The official website of NFL | new England patriots away Denver Broncos ten things | football about the ten events of the new England patriots' challenge to Denver wild horse by the new England patriots in the United States League final on Sunday: 1. if the Patriots win, they will be the ninth time they enter the super bowl, which will also create a new record. Now with the cowboys and patriots Steelers are 8 in the super bowl. In addition, also is the quarterback Tom Brady (Tom Brady) of t cheap nfl jerseys free shipping he seventh Super Bowl trip, will also be a new record. Now he is 6 into the super bowl, like the Mike Lodish (Buffalo Bill defense). 2. Mustang quarterback Payton Brady and Manning (Peyton Manning) age together is 28603 days (78.4 years), which is a new record in the playoffs both starting quarterback and the highest age. The previous record was 27704 days (75.9 years), is by John elvy (John Elway) and Dan Marino (Dan Marino) created in the 1998 season American League semi-final on. The tournament will be fifth playoff Brady and Manning meet, is the largest number of records the history of the NFL two quarterbacks met, count the regular season two against 16, Brady with 11 wins and 5 negative lead Manning. 3. Brady scored 6 against the Broncos career wins and 8 losses (including playoffs), the Broncos also became the only one in the history of the upper hand against the Brady team. In the playoffs, Brady Manning led the horse's record is 1 wins and 1 losses, including the game of the 2013 ALCS -- and Manning. 4., if patriots win, it will be patriotic coach Bill Bailey Chico (Bill Belichick) as the coach, winning the League Championship for the seventh time, and it will also break the record of the divisional champion from the Super Bowl era (1966). 5. because of a foot injury, Manning in return more choice in the center behind the formation. Last week against the Steelers, 36 stalls such a kick-off, more than any other games this season, the Broncos in Manning back after two games designed 50.5% run ball tactics, but in the 9 games before this season Manning injured only 36.5% run ball tactics. The 6. Mustang took 179 yards against the Patriots during the twelfth week of his fight against the Patriots, a game that the Patriot has played at the top of the ball Defense this season. Among them, the three time of Denver's rush to the ball were carried out on the outside side of the terminal. The Patriot defense made the Mustang go down 90 yards on this route, which is the worst performance of the Patriot defense in the past two seasons. 7. in partition half 〉Aaron Rodgers the ball toward the right running, ran to an end to a lion, like couldand, another Rodgers - Richard in the end zone in the arms out a sister killed the ball fiercely into her arms, juesha!!! The packers players and coaches like winning the super bowl that like the wanton celebrate; on the other side, Detroit Ford stadium tens of thousands of audience cries, male players The face turned ashy. It's a pity that this time the God of rugby is on the side of the Green Bay. Although won this war, the packing season "only" 8 wins 4 losses, season six Zhou Shunfeng smooth, bye Monday, packaging industry experienced a painful five and four defeats, and was not easily won the big reversal. Why do the packing season so the "roller coaster", this article will make analysis for you. 1, the injury is as fierce as the tiger again Jordi Nelson pre-season knee injury claims will make packers fans a long season with deep hatred and resentment, then, the packing list of work-related disease reimbursement have continued to add several ministers: Sam Barrington - the main inside linebacker and Andrew Kuaerlesi - the main proximal front, Sean Richardson Josh and Boyd: an important defensive rotation player. Isn't that serious? Then the main injuries sidelined is more shocking: number of Aventis - Adams (3 weeks), Blaine Braga (4 weeks), Morgan Bonet (4 weeks), Cory Lindsley the ankle, shoulder, T.J. Lang Ma Liusi Randall's knee, which does not include the Addie ray West his heavy leg to continue fighting, and last week against the bears, Rodgers left hand clutching his teeth when the packers fans all over the world that tugging at the heart. NFL regular season is certainly such a protracted battle, such a large area of the wounded, to the main stage, or can not be 100 percent, let Mike Mccarthy in Paibingbuzhen stretched. Taking into account the packers in recent years often injuries, I think the team medical team this season to blame, but injuries as fierce as a tiger, is one of the most direct questions in front of the packers. 2, the defense team is good, but not perfect The 2010 season the packers to second points, lost fifth yards less achievement aspirations in the super bowl, but later season the packers are ranked nineteenth points, eleventh, twenty-fourth, union thirteenth, defense seems to be suddenly lost hardness, even against running do not, not to mention the corner guards frequently missed the. As everyone knows, the packers have excellent twenty-first Century epic draft vision, the 2011 quarter defense problems, packers hard, four years before the 12 round draft picks, they used the 8 pick defensive team rookie, including all 4 first round sign. So on the defense construction, this season runs down to league sixth less, lost yardage twentieth in the league, but it is worth noting that the first 6 games lost 16.8 points to 355 yards, after 6 games, lost 22.8 points to 358.6 yards, defense code number is still astronomical, but losing is not the beginning of the season, this is.The inner and outer sides of the shirt have a sign of honor to the national glory. Jersey chest printed by hot pressing technology team badge was five stars around the rear badge below and shirt collar is printed with the word "Brazil". Inside the cuffs, there are two words, Amor and Orgulho, which are located in the inner side of the Jersey, and the rhombus pattern from the Brazil flag is inspired by the exciting slogan "Nascido Para Jogar Futebol".

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