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announced the new England patriots sacked wide receiver Leonard Hankison (Leonard Hankerson). 10 days ago, the team brought him under the cause of the injury, but he failed to move the team at last. According to the official website of NFL reporter, if in the transferring stage no team and he has a great possibility of signing Hankison, once again returned to the patriots. believes that Henderson did not show their full strength in the patriot, but he is also optimistic about the team can make a difference in the future. The team still hopes to continue the study in the playoffs, or even the next season. Hankerson, who has been in the League for 5 years, has been unable to get a good chance of proving himself. He played 10 gear in the game last week and did not get a chance to catch the ball. in addition, the Patriots rejoined Chris Harper (Chris Harper) from the training lineup to the 53 people's list. In the twelfth week and the Denver Broncos game, he took a punt when sell the ball away. The reason for the team to choose Harper is that he is more familiar with the tactics.The official webs cheap nfl jerseys free shipping ite of NFL | Vikings coach believes Bridgewater can play the next game | football Minnesota Vikings quarterback Teddy Bridge Voight (Teddy Bridgewater) took part in the complete training on Friday. Although he had not passed the brain concussion inspection process, the coach Mike Zimmer (Mike Zimmer) said he thought Bridgewater would play the next match. Asked if he thought Bridgewater would start Bridgewater on Friday, Zimmer said, I don't have any doubts. for the next match against the Oakland Raiders, Bridgewater may not be determined to be formally listed as a battle. In the game against the Saint Louis rams in the game, he ended up at a time when the ball head by rams defender LaMarcus Joyner in the preparation of sliding (Lamarcus Joyner) elbow impingement. Joyner was fined 23152 dollars for that. did not receive the media interview during the concussion check process this week, but Zimmer said all week that he thought his quarterback would be able to play the game. Bridge, Voight,Dallas Cowboys star running back Murray Demark (DeMarco Murray) is the league the best running back, he is expected to break the Eric - Dixon (Eric Dickerson) season rushing yardage record. The number of yards that Murray ran out of the first offense this season was more than the number of other running guards, and the horror was visible. but is such a terrible big kill, but was still a game last week to stop the cardinals, Murray in the game 12 times in the first file to punch the ball 28 yards out only. The famous NFL analyst Mike - Mei (Mike Mayock) pointed out that the York Cardinals key guard Murray is mixed defensive front, and talented team defense. Cardinals defensive coordinator Todd - Bowes (Todd Bowles) is one of the most radical and the most creative coach in the league, this season he was crazy to use raid quarterback strategy, the main rotation players up to 6 more than the second tier. He used a variety of defensive systems in the face of cowboy competitions. Considering the lack of core Cowboys quarterback Toni Romo (Tony Romo), Bowes temporary evolutions. Over the past four years the Cardinals defensive front formation is 3-4, and against the Cowboys Cardinals is changed to 4-3, this change makes the ground cover of the league's best Cowboys offensive front some be caught off guard. although the Cardinals defensive front this season lost occupation level of the Carlos Dansby bowl (Carlos Dansby), Darryl Washington (Daryl Washington), John Abraham (John Abraham) and Darnell (Darnell Dockett) doctor, but the Cardinals still relying on a group of veteran and defense on the ground, and Taryn Qiang Wei Matthew (Tyrann Mathieu) is to contribute to the comeback of the Cardinals on the ground. Bowes's excellent tactical adjustment and development of players to help the Cardinals to hold the alliance with a group of remnants of the hottest offensive weapons. Bowes's excellent coaching ability has been the league's attention, the next offseason he will be competing in the top teams.Josh - Gordon (Josh Gordon) is back. NFL announced on Monday that the Cleveland Brown has qualified to return. Gordon will be penalized 4 matches before returning to qualifying, but he will be allowed to take part in the training camp. met with the president of the league, Roger Goodell, on Wednesday, after Gordon failed to pass a drug test in March. He was supposed to be eligible for recovery in August 1st, but Godell decided to speed up the process. , who is often banned from the competition, has not played since December 2014, Gordon has not played since December 2014. Now he will be back in the fifth week's competition against the new England patriots. He is expected to play the first time with Cory Corey Coleman. if Coleman performs well and Gordon returns, Brown's combination can show his potential for the first time for the first time. In addition, there is also a young runner Duke Johnson (Duke Johnson) who can serve as a catcher. However, no one can match Gordon's unique physical quality. Though it feels like a century ago, Gordon has won the 2013 season of the league's most catch number in only 14 games, and has only gone through 3 seasons. if - and this will be a little unlikely possibility - Gordon can get out of trouble and contribute to the offensive attack which is badly needed to attack. Brown fans may finally be able to get some fun watching the team's attack.

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