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Denver wild horse announced on Tuesday that the team has reached a deal with the New York giants. The wild horse will get the winner of the giants, Brandon Brandon (Brandon McManus). Then, the Broncos renounced kicker Mitch Ewald (Mitch Ewald). Macmanus was supposed to be given up by the giant. Don't want to lose his waiver wire for his wild horse and get the player from Temple university with a conditional seven - round sign. Mustang is now in urgent need of help in the position of the veteran kicker Matt Platt (Matt Prater) in the 4 game ban after the start of the game. Macmanus lost to the Josh Brown (Josh Brown) in th cheap nfl jerseys free shipping e competition of the giant kicker, but the rookie impressed the giant in the pre season by hitting 46 yards and 47 yards of free kick. According to the New York Times, he had hit 75 yards in training. Macmanus also made some achievements in kick-off. There were 10 touches (touchback) in the 11 kick-off of the pre-season, and they also had experience in the discard position. Such a versatility is a reason why many eagles who may need to play kickball may pursue him, and the management of wild horses may have known about this situation. Then he felt that the players who needed the transaction urgently needed to replace Platt.what do they do when the players do not train at the court? Rob Kowski (Rob Gronkowski) the Gelon became a member of the transportation. that sounds a little exaggerated, but our new England patriot near front has really moved some furniture. began to appear in the furniture store Gelon kousky let little surprised people, he was wearing a "Bob" T-shirt, carrying a sofa to a local house. After as porters' new furniture with Gelon has visited 2 single mother families, one of which he also spent a little time at home to help the little girl do homework. it all sounds cool, isn't it?new subject field of Jersey continued on a shirt in the overall design style. The red shirt at home matches the details of green and white. This design originated from the jersey of the Indonesia national team in the 50s of last century, and green came from the army's clothing at first. Continue to wear the Indonesia shirt emblem, a chest shield Garuda bird.The official website of NFL | bears Houston's diagnosis of anterior cruciate ligament tear | football season talked about meaningless sacks celebrations, the Chicago bears defensive end Lamar Houston (Lamarr Houston) have not learned the Detroit lions linebacker Stephen Tullock (Stephen Tulloch) lessons, and torn anterior cruciate ligament Tulloch to celebrate their early in the season after the sack. repeated the same thing on Sunday after the bear team caught the new England patriots 25 points behind the other substitutes' quarterback. On Monday, many media reports that Houston also laced his anterior cruciate ligament, which meant he ended with 1 Notes in the bear season. and Houston's encounter can remind Tullock behind those captured and killed some of the dance should be more gentle. thought Houston would say sorry and regret it, but we wait until he did the same with Daluoke speaking man, I'll do it again.

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