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The official website of NFL | Haiying safetys combined field good partner, good brothers | football field in 2010 May, with Earl young - Thomas (Earl Thomas) and Camden - money Eisner (Kam Chancellor) came to the Seattle seahawks. Recalling the spring years of the year, Thomas revealed that at that time he was a person who only knew how to watch sports programs. When the two first met, chylor invited him to watch the cartoon. On this topic, Chanslor was very happy: I asked him to come to see Family Guy, and I think it was fun. I told Earl that he had to develop more ideas and learn to play jokes. 4 and a half years later, two people have become the Super Bowl champion safetys combination. On the presence of the two people, what are their relationships? The chancellor believes that he and Thomas can be regarded as friends: we hit it off, from the first meeting, he said I was' strange ', I would say he is "conservative.". We are sincere to each other, and that's the relationship between us. I think that if you are sincere to a person, you will naturally reap the respect from the other. cheap nfl jerseys free shipping This kind of fetters also makes us more powerful on the scene. Thomas says the two people have a big goal. He also expressed gratitude to coach Pete Carroll. Carol arranged for them to become roommates in the two year's rookie season, giving them the opportunity to learn from each other and learn from each other. This arrangement brings, has gradually reflected in the day after the game. When talks about the match on the field, chakler says: we know each other very well, not only ability, but also responsibilities. We need to make up for each other's mistakes and solve the problems that the other side can't solve. We are always saying, 'wherever you are, I'm on your other side.' If one of them missed the defense, the other must finish the defense. I think this is a kind of communication, a kind of mutual understanding. This kind of relationship will bring us a lot of help on the field. talked about the tacit cooperation on the court and talked about the relationship between the two people. Chloe always wants to make Thomas more relaxed. Earl is serious about his work and is very serious, which is exactly what we should do. But sometimes, you want to help him reduce the pressure, add some interesting things to him, and make him laugh. Thomas expressed gratitude to his friends. From the Kuso family to the Super Bowl champion, chusler thought the journey was unbelievable: sometimes you would think this crazy, which I never thought of before. We'll talk about how to get better and do some crazy and simple things together. When you set this experience,The official website of NFL | Cardinals Coach: in the face of the Seahawks himself as the | football is not the only every 9 wins and 1 teams are willing to put themselves in a low attitude to challenge every opponent, but Bruce - A Ryans (Bruce Arians) led the Arizona Cardinals think so. This week they will face the Seattle Seahawks, A Ryans said the linnet should consider himself as a weak. A Ryans said in an interview with the local media: let's think so, we are the one who has gone down. We have enough motivation to win the game. They are the defending champions and everyone wants to beat them. We are 9 and 1, but it's not over. , for the 6 - 4 - negative defending champion, is a playoff game, a game that can't be lost again. No retreat Seahawks hope to win partition leader, they need to learn a lesson from the defeat of the season. Last season the Cardinals at Seattle, 17-10 retreats. At the same time, last season's win also helped the Cardinals ended the opponent's home court 14 game winning streak, the Seahawks hopes to complete revenge in Seattle nature.Beijing time in February 26th at 3:45 in the early morning, the twenty-sixth round of the Serie A League launched a focus battle, Milan in the 2-0 win over Rome. Carla Bria scored a goal in this game to help the Rossoneri win. The Italy right back was interviewed by Italy Sky Sports and Mediaset Premium after the game. Calabria said: "I teammates praise at the end of the game, I have to ask them to eat dinner!" "I was found Alison came to me, that is a shooting body conscious action. Now that things are going well, this goal also helps me to increase my confidence. " "we're going through a great period. The team was doing very well tonight and was happy to get three points away from the road. "Gattuso's first day of teaching let us understand the meaning of wearing a Milan shirt. We are working hard and must continue along this road. " "Gattuso brought us the right attitude towards success, and what he brought to us was incredible. He focused on every detail, and he passed it to us now. " "I grew up watching Paul - Maldini play, but no one dared to match him."The official website of NFL | Grover Lecce Cox: we will take the red | football the Philadelphia hawk defender, Lecce Cox (Fletcher Cox), assured the fans that the team would beat Washington's red skin on Saturday. When was interviewed, the reporter's question was about the professional bowl. But his answer is: professional bowl is one of my goals, but I think my biggest goal now is to win next Saturday. I promise we will win, if you ask me what can prove that we are going to win, then I want to say what do you think we can't afford to lose? apparently Red Coach Gruden Jieyi - (Jay Gruden) may not think so, it seems that the game will be very popular.

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