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Thursday, Pittsburgh Steelers announced that team president Dan Rooney (Dan Rooney) died. Rooney is a highly respected figure in NFL, and he has served as an American ambassador to Ireland. There are few people in the history of the NFL and Rooney in such a long time to maintain such a big influence, he and three former president of the league is close friends, help solve labor disputes and promote the alliance is more diversified, few people can do this while still people who is still a part of the blue collar city of Pittsburgh the. Rooney will be remembered by his imprint in the history of the alliance. But for those familiar with him or the people who work for him, they lie in the impression of his Rooney and the Secretary will still eat together in the cafeteria in the game team, and later to the locker room and each player will shake hands, after the media work area to stop and chat with reporters - even in the Steelers Super Bowl before the start of a few minutes are once drove his car with a visiting reporter visited their communities. Rooney in 1932, just a year before the establishment of the Steelers, was born, his life and his father created the Steeler cheap nfl jerseys free shipping s together. In his youth he was a ball boy, in high school he served as a school team and was selected as the best team in the League two. At college he majored in accounting and have begun to help the Steelers signing. He is also responsible for selling the advertisements and the layout of the games, and learning all aspects of the operation of the team. Now other members of the Rooney family do the same. After over 30, Rooney began helping his father to manage the team. They will join the team boss meeting, sitting next to the Mara family of the New York giants. Rooney often said that one of their greatest achievement in 1950 and 1960s were never other city will attract the Steelers moved elsewhere. when Rooney took over the day-to-day running of the club, which is the Steelers started making the most successful. In 1969, he persuaded his father hired chuck Noll (Chuck Noll) as a head coach, led the Steelers eventually Noel won 4 Super Bowl champion. In 1987, he was in charge of the player's personal work in place of his brother. It was he who asked coaches and other management staff to consider the selection of the quarterback - Rothlisberger (Ben Roethlisberger). but he has a greater impact on the alliance. The three term President Peter Rosel Alliance (Pete Rozelle), Paul Tagliabue (Paul Tagliabue) and Roger Goodall (Roger Goodell) are dependent on his advice. He gave Godell a lot of help. When Godell was chosen as the president of the union by the boss of the team, Rooney came to Goodall's hotel room and told him the news. Rooney often took the lead in negotiating with the players in the labor agreement, especially in 1980 and 1990s, which gave him the reputation of the mediator. NFL official website | Dezhou signed veteran cornerback Joseph | Rugby Houston Dezhou people love their shawntae combination, so they don't intend to let them leave. NFL official website reporter Ian Rapoport (Ian Rapoport) reported on Thursday that Dezhou people have extended the contract with Jonathan Jonathan Joseph (Johnathan Joseph) for 3 years, the contract value is 22 million dollars, including 11 million 500 thousand yuan to protect income. signed the contract with Joseph three months ago with Joseph and Kareem - Jackson (Kareem Jackson) for the 4 - year value of a $34 million contract. Now Dezhou people ensure that Joseph will start with Jackson for fifth consecutive seasons. This stable starting combination will allow Dezhou people to gradually train the first round show Kevin Johnson (Kevin Johnson) to join them. , 31, has entered the last year of his 5 - year contract that he signed with the team before the start of the 2011 season. In the professional rugby focus net last season, he ranked twenty-eighth in all 108 qualifying horns.New Balance, general manager of football Richard · Wright (Richard Wright) commented that this is designed for the Celtics club design shirt: "it is an honor and one of the top teams in Europe, the partnership reached the Celtics club, learn a lot of things, to help the New Balance to achieve the ambition in the football field. We believe that the New Balance top technology NB Dry technology and NB Flex technology jerseys will accompany the players of the club to win many matches next season.Xiamen Xingguan Bowling bowling | 2016 06 month 23 days club Chen Zhihong title appraisal name grade first bureau second third fourth points were divided into subtotal bare naked let ranked total score ranking of the field integral Chen Zhihong C2052132261948381837856289318 E175207169163714241187381485627.5 C184195239192810045810485537 Huang Keyong Chen Hong Zhijian of wheat B1721832442228211220833385346.5 A192202233215842170859184956 D19818015718371824977421283965.5 Wang Chung Wen Xu Jiang had pure D192163195164714241007381483875 Xiao Wei D1941642021827420937421283585 Liao Junwei E14118719119471301237131982695 Mao Liqin C19417117120173724607619821105 D192172164190718010071817818115 Yang Chunsheng where Mercedes D1801611651786843210071618816125 B2071721932237950307955815135 sun Jianqing Wu kdgarden C181180190173724246074811808145 Chen Zhimin C16818522416774418457628807155 Xie Jun E1661521581646402414066425804165 B210171170218 Huang Jianguo 7690327697801175 sun dragon B2361432101827710307716801175 clock C24117914617173704573716782195 C166134205173678246070222762205 C19517118315970806070821758215 Su hopo-bright civilization Xie Dingchuan Fan Shaohua E1341551481666032414062727757225 A16717019819973424075810748235 Li Xiu Qin Lin Chen Wenhai E1501441401135473214057929719245 A20318616312667832071020710255 rich B12820222612868403068423704265 A17616716513664432067624676275 Hong Chen Chung Ching Chen cautious Toshinaga A177168145165655006552665〉

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