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's attack group members are gradually restored to health, there is a man to return to training. Delaney Walker (Delanie Walker) has been unable to train for the ankle injury, and today he is finally back to training. Although still limited, but he also finished last week despite his 5 receptions for a 71 yard. protection front Quinton - Spain (Quinton Spain) was unable to fight on the toe injury. Safetys blindern traavik (Brynden - Trawick) neck injuries, also restricted to participate in training. But the rest of the Titan were healthy.tigers July 29th news Losangeles ram now officially has a training player. The star defense cut-off Aaron Donald (Aaron Donald) did not report to the training camp with his teammates. Donald's contract is due to expire after the end of the 2017 season and the team has executed the 2018 contract option. The cheap nfl jerseys free shipping re have been reports that the goats have made a "huge" contract offer for Donald, but Donald wants to get the league's top player salary. tried to change the situation despite the fact that many teams had not been given a renewal two years before the new rookie contract, and Donald was trying to change the situation. Previously expressed the hope to become the league's highest paid players New York giants wide receiver Odell Beckham (Odell Beckham) in this offseason are in a similar situation, but he did not choose to stop training. Donald has been selected as a professional bowl at three degrees. He has been selected for the best lineup and won the best defensive player of the year. He has every reason to raise this requirement. There is no capital loss of ram player, especially the team currently has a new coach Sean McVeigh (Sean McVay) at the same time the team owner hopes to create a super star in Losangeles. The rare thing about Donald's talent is that he can play at any position in the defensive front and never needs to leave the field. He can also make great pressure on his opponent to reduce the burden on the outside hand of the ram. last season Donald got 8 shots and 5 break passes at a new career high and 2 forced balls.The official website of NFL | bears running back injury better than expected | football foty Chicago bear race guard Matt - Matt Forte left the field this week. Fawkes coach John (John Fox) said in an interview after the game, Foti may require surgical treatment of the injured part. Monday at local time, NFL official website reporter update Foti's injury. It is reported that the old runner's injury is better than expected, only knee sprains, and will not have a long-term impact on his war. Relevant sources, Foti may even catch the game next week. Next week the bears will be against San Diego in week night game lightning. Fudiben season has been completed for 548 yards forward, his status directly affects the team's offensive. This season is the last year of the contract he needs by Foti, continue to play the game to win a big contract for yourself. news: bears running back forty knee injury, unknownThe official website of NFL | rams defensive end active recovery as soon as possible, return to | football local time on Wednesday, 13 players were listed on the injury list by Saint Louis rams and 8 players were absent from all training. One day later, the situation improved sharply, only 4 players still missed training: guard Roger Safford (Rodger Saffold), cornerback Jenkins Norris Jia (Janoris Jenkins), defensive tackle Aaron Donald (Aaron Danald), safetys Cody Davies (Cody Davis). also had good news on the team, and defense front Chris - Chris (Chris Long) has started a restorative training this week. He had been included in the injury reserve list, and the team revealed that Lang's comeback may be earlier than expected, but the team won't give him pressure. coach Geoff Fisher (Jeff Fisher) said: his recovery is just beginning, but his presence can be an inspiration for every one of us. Of course, everyone's attitude is also a kind of encouragement to him. He will now continue to recover in accordance with the doctor's request, and so far everything is going well. Injury caused him to lose weight, and some of his muscles declined. He needs to get back to his previous strength, and we have a lot of confidence in him.

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