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The official website of NFL | Bill and the jets game will be | football in Detroit on Monday Buffalo was attacked by a devastating snowstorm, which directly led to an additional game added to the NFL this Monday. NFL spokesman Michael Siegel Norah (Michael Signora) announced on Thursday that the western New York public lighting facilities affected by the weather, taking into account the public security problem, buffalo Bill team and the New York jets game will be arranged in the U.S. Eastern time Monday night to the Detroit lions is the Ford home court. said: this morning, like Nora Seeger said, Western New York public security facilities need a period of time from the snow disaster recovery. We have been communicating with the resources that the league and the Red Cross can provide to deal with the snowstorm. The game will be broadcast by CBS so that fans in New York and buffalo will be able to watch it. It could have been played on Sunday, but considering that Bill had not been traine cheap nfl jerseys free shipping d this week, it was postponed to Monday night. The male lions' training facilities will be opened to Bill on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. and Monday night's ticket and related competition information will be released later. The alliance will also release the relevant work arrangements to the public as soon as possible.'s previous two seasons, Miami dolphin's Jordan Philips (Jordan Philips) is performing badly, but with the excellent performance against Atlanta falcons, he is ready to start his own dominance class performance. Adam Gase, the coach of the team on Wednesday, said: "I can see that every defence of him is out of full play." His performance in the second half of the last match was impressive. He made the right choice of 2, 3 times. " Phillips's excellent performance this season helped the team win 2 victories. The Ndamukong Suh, the star defensive player of the team, commented on him this way. "I think he is in the right direction and has a very good mental attitude. When a person focuses on what he wants to do, he will become the person he wants to become. Compared with others, I can see his growth from rookie to now. and Phillips himself were not satisfied with the training performance on Wednesday. He said, "I can perform better, I can do more, I have done many wonderful performances, but I have missed a lot, and I need to do more."The official website of NFL, Korean president said that work will soon be determined by the football team wo red fire general manager Scott Maikekelaohan (Scot McCloughan) has been in the past few months, the successor is still unfunded. President Bruce - Alan (Bruce Allen) told reporters that the team would soon be able to decide the final position. we meet with a lot of people and talk, and we can make the final plan immediately. Alan said. was asked if the team would hire a general manager of a real, or just will give players the personnel department and the scouting department by members, Alan is evasive. first, I was very pleased with their performance in the free market and the talent show this year. I also said that we have high quality employees who are still doing well in some difficult situations this year. The fresh blood they brought to the dressing room was exhilarating. We will know who eventually joined the job. Alan said that they could add 1-3 people to the working group next. The above content of is reproduced from the Internet, which does not mean that the station agrees with its views and is responsible for its authenticity.In 2015 the Suzhou hurricanes one Bowling for second weeks Huang Suizhen won | Bowling Tournament 2015 Suzhou hurricane one bowling second week season, the name G1G2G3G4 number fairway points plus bare week week minus score sharing lucky ranked name 19--1 Suizhen 194179257237867 yellow 867217742 first yellow Suizhen 214--2 summer Yufang 2091932002128147 821205791 second 21319123216880412 816204641 Yufang summer 310--1 Wang Caixiang third Wang Caixiang 415--1 Lu Rongming 189203186204782 782196597 fourth Lu Rongming 511--2 774194 high Yongxiang 204190214166774 lucky 2 high Yongxiang 610--2 Wang Liangxin 168225207170770 770193 single high Wang Liangxin 713--1 191223189160763 763191 66: Xue Jinlong Xue Jinlong 89--2 Xiao Mianren 912--1 Xu Wenjun Shaw Mianren 189216189168762 762191 192172207188759 759190 Xu Wenjun 1010-- 3 Li Jianqiang 169204202180755 Li Jianqiang 755189 1116--2 753188 1216--1 21119617016073716 Jiayi Zhang Zhang Jiayi Wang Jian Wang Jian 17220118316772324 747187 1315--3 171190181203745 149--3 745186 Ma Jiqing bear horse sueyoshi active 177207159199742 lucky 742186 1 Xiong Youyuan 1513--3 Takai 1615--2 Xu Haiqiang 732183 Tian Jing 17016018220271418 17220216814668818 706177 66 178139224159700 700175 Dashun Xu Haiqiang 1712--2 Baiyun Baiyun 1814--1STL17319116514167024 694174 STL1913--2 yellow Jingmin 13813619915062319 lucky 642161 3 14014416116360824 632158 Huang Jingmin 2011--1 story lucky 4 roaring 2111--3 Liao Bo 13211613914152824 552138 Liao Bo

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