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even-even soccer equipment from January 5, 2015, Nike company and China association formed new partnership, become "Chinese team" equipment sponsor, until 2026. In the future, the 12 national teams under the Chinese Football Association will be armed with Nike equipment. The first official appearance of the new equipment will be the first match between China and Saudi Arabia in the January 10th Asian Cup group. The Chinese national team will formally replace the New Jersey in January 7th.(Cam Newton) - Kim Newton met with reporters Thursday, he only in the terrible accident last less than 2 days, according to the diagnosis of his back came two fractures. Newton on Wednesday announced a number of photos on his Instagram, he is very surprised myself alive, the Carolina Panthers all star quarterback expressed the same sigh at the press conference: "I have been a member of his team is Fantasy, it is not my ladder etc.." "I looked at the truck and thought for a moment, someone should have died, and I couldn't help laughing." was not all jokes for Newton, and he was really lucky, and he said, "who cares when I return? I am very grateful, and I can breathe. " Newton was selected in the first round of the 2011, won the Heisman, broke the ball and run the ball ro cheap nfl jerseys free shipping okie record became the first rookie quarterback completed the first game 400 yards, the first single season for 700 yards and 14 touchdowns rushing the quarterback.Beijing time on Friday October 28th at 8:30 in the morning, NFL eighth week competition kicks off. The Tennessee Titans NISSAN stadium in Nashville, South China against rival Jacksonville jaguars. At present, the Titan team's record is 3 - 4, while the Jaguar team in one game is 2 - 4. The two teams played two games in the last season, and both sides won a victory at home, 1 - 1. At the beginning of the competition, Titan quarterback Marcus Mario Kobita (Marcus Mariota) came forward to find the near end Delaney Walker (Delaine Walker) to advance 18 yards, but they failed to push ahead and kick the ball in the half court. The Jaguar team also abandoned kicks as quickly as possible. The external hand shad - Mathews (Rishard Matthews) after Mario Kobita's pass, with 16 yards. Kicker Ryan Succop (Ryan Succop) hit a free kick of 32 yards to help team 3:0 first open the record. The Jaguars were forced to regain the ball out of three, the titan. Titan Murray (DeMarco Murray) ran the ball 22 yards, and then the first quarter ended. easy side battles, Mario Kobita find accurate long pass receiver Kendall Wright (Kendall Wright), a 36 yard touchdown, leading the Titans 10:0. The Jaguars to third out. Titan Murray and Derek Henry (Derrick Henry) ran the ball to get the first attack. In the half of the Jaguar, Kendall - Wright took 15 yards to catch the ball. Finally Derek - Henry flush the ball 6 yards, the score became 17:0. The Jaguars attack is still no improvement, third consecutive three out. Mario Kobita cross found tight end Philip Supeina (Phillip Supernaw), Supeina 44 yard touchdown on the sideline ball forward; but replays showed that Supeina has been out of bounds in the Jaguar 14 yard line. Next, run De Marco - Murray left the ball 14 yards to score, Titan has been 24:0 ahead. The Jaguar team took over Marquez Lee (Marqise Lee) with quarterback Blake (Blake Bortles) - Boteersi passes for 21 yards for the first time to help the Jaguars get first attack in the second quarter. Then, three to 6 yards, Bortel J was inside guard Avery (Avery Williamson) captured and killed Williamson, once again in this half punt. The Titans took advantage of the last two minutes of the first half, with the kicker Ryan salkp 22 - yard free kick, 27:0. The team entered the second half with the score of 27:0. The second half of the Jaguars through a short way forward, running back Elton (T.J.Yeldon TJ-) received two passes with 12 yards. Finally Bortel J passes the ball to find the near end Julius - Thomas (Julius Thomas) 10 yards, followed by Bortel J to finish the ball to complete two yards and 2 points conversion, 〉this Thursday, Brown in Texas - Brown cut Hu (Sashi Brown), quickly signed John Dorsey (John Dorsey). So fast management personnel changes are rare in the history of NFL. In the first press conference, Brown Dorsey position is not easy in torsion. The only way to find a quarterback is to find a quarterback. Dorsey mentioned in today quarterback led alliance at the end of the season, the team needs a good discussion, a little bit of progress. "There are 4 and a half months for the show, and 3 months in the free market. We still have a lot of time to plan. " Brown has the league's youngest quarterback configuration: DeShawn Keyser (DeShone Kizer), Kevin Hogan (Kevin Hogan) and Cody Kessler (Cody Kessler), the past two years, three per capita won the first. Count, Jonny - Manzel (Johnny Manziel), Josh McCain (Josh McCown) and Robert Griffin (Robert Griffin) in the past 4 years, Brown replaced 9 starting quarterbacks, but failed to find its own Mr. Right. for Dorsey, the good news is that the former manager for the team now left a lot of salary space, 5 former two show. Among them, it may be two consecutive years to get the number one, and this year may also be the big year of the quarterback. For Brown, finding the next quarterback is the key to the future. as Brown boss Jimmy - Haslam (Jimmy Haslam) to explain how to solve the problem, the West team quarterback will directly affect the future of the team's tenure with him. "let me say that: before getting a real quarterback, Cleveland Brown won't get better. We do have Deshawn and the other two quarterback in the lineup. We will still work in the draft and the free market. We will do everything we can to find the quarterback that will lead us to success. " "this is John's primary task. We have to have a quarterback by all means. " 2017 draft, Dorsey chose Patrick - Ma Hons in the first round, let Keyser overall decline was chosen by Brown. In his rookie season, Keyser almost surrendered the league's worst transcripts: the success rate of 52.5%, 11 touchdowns, 15 steals, 0 wins record. Kansas City Chiefs term, Dorsey has worked with 49 people in San Francisco traded for Alex Smith (Alex Smith), this year is likely to be Smith's last year in chief. The two sides have the opportunity to cooperate again.

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