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Without the culture of the court and the style of the fashion, no one will pay attention to the dress of the football. FILA has released a video to tell consumers how they made polo shirts. On the stadium, the FILA POLO shirt is a landmark fan dress. has passed for decades and has not changed until today. They are the best matches in the hearts of the fans. Usually no manufacturer is willing to expose the process of production of its own sacred products to the world, and there is a story behind each product. From the cotton picking to the present product completion, the process itself is a combination of art and technology. I believe this video will bring enough warmth to the fans. cheap nfl jerseys free shipping The official website of NFL | Red 1 years before signing a 4 million Mustang defensive tackle Knighton | football over the last two days, Washington Red Skin continued to strengthen the defensive front line. Local time on Thursday, the team announced Terrence and former Denver Broncos defensive tackle (Terrance Knighton) is Knighton a 1 year, $4 million contract agreement. the past two seasons, the league's top anti Knighton show runner proper strength, the 101 best free players listed in the official website of NFL, Knighton ranked sixteenth. However, in the new year and the contract Knighton, the salary is lower than the original expectations of the media. The insider said, the reason is that the Knighton shape, which causes a lot of he has been in contact with the team to stop. announced last week, red cloth and defense Barry - Caulfield (Barry Cofield peak) to break up, join the team will become the Knighton position first. On either side of him will be Stephen - to join the new Paiya (Stephen Paea) and Jason (Jason Hatcher) - hatchel. Joe Barry, a new coordinator of red leather, is quite active after taking office. After the completion of the frontal line, the next step of red leather will be to find a reliable and practical second line player.The official website of NFL | cowboy did not have enough salary cap space to leave Murray | football with the Dallas Cowboys news broke they will take over the Mendez Bryant (Dez Bryant) as the number one outside the privilege of using the label, seems increasingly unlikely team will keep running back Mark - Murray (DeMarco Murray). The gets into the off-season cowboys and the salary is up to 140 million dollars, and the salary space is only 10 million dollars. Considering the situation of Bryant and Murray, one person will become a member of the free market. In the next off-season, Dallas is also going to lay off workers to ensure enough salary space. For Jerry Jones (Jerry Jones), finding salary space will be a big problem. , if we consider from the perspective of team development, abandoning Murray means that we need to continue to pick and run in next season. Unfortunately, 2015 is destined to be a scarce running era, and the draft of Dallas draft is only second and third round. so no matter how it is done, once Bryant's privileged label is confirmed, it is doomed to Murray to go to the free market.The home court Jersey inherited the classic red and white tradition of goat. The striped design is ingenious. The striped stripes stand out, bringing different past visual experience. The shoulders and sleeves are red, and there are three diamond side-by-side badges under the back collar. The middle three letter "CDG" is the initials of the Guadalajara club.

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