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The official website of NFL | Beckham replace Megatron for the occupation | football bowl Odell Beckham Jr (Odell Beckham Jr.) has been promoted to the first line of the professional bowl by the New York giants. On Wednesday, the Detroit lions Kelvin - Johnson (Calvin Johnson) Megatron injury announced its withdrawal from the occupation bowl, as Beckham took over the position of the first candidate was promoted to the first team. Beckham said in an interview with the New York Daily: it's absolutely a precious opportunity for me, and I'm excited to be in a professional bowl. as a rookie, Beckham in this season cheap nfl jerseys free shipping is rarely seen in history, 12 games to finish 91 receptions with 1305 yards and 12 touchdowns, these 3 data set a giants rookie record history. , at the same time, was also the first talent team to be selected as a career bowl since 2002 Jeremy Xiao Ji (Jeremy Shockey). This professional bowl competition will be held in University of Phoenix gymnasium in January 25th, and the squad of two teams will be selected on January 20-21 by Captain Michael Alvin (Michael Irvin) and Chris Carter (Cris Carter).The official website of NFL | show champion Winston said he is not afraid of the rookie wall | football the Tampa Bay Buccaneers rookie quarterback James Winston (Jameis Winston) as this year's draft, has received extensive attention, he at the University during a series of field in the performance of so many people look bad to his new season, NFL's official media people Mike - Mei (Mike Mayock) in York Wednesday local time on the interview to ask whether to adapt to the rhythm of the NFL, there is no hit rookie wall. Winston responded to this: "I don't think about bumping into the new wall. I used to play rugby baseball and play at the same time. This is my first time to concentrate on playing quarterback all year, so I'm very excited. For the first time, I could be so dedicated and professional to grind my footsteps, my speed and other related things. I'm just excited. , after being copied many times during the training camp, believes Winston has the ability to make adjustments, showing himself differently in the regular season.The official website of NFL | Steve Smith laughed at Manning's lack of speed | football once the Carolina Black Panther took over Stephen Smith (Steve Smith), even though he had only one leg, he could run faster than Payton Manning (Peyton Manning). seems to have not changed Smith's view of its speed even though Manning's 12 - yard shot in the United States League final. In fact, the run was Manning's longest running playoff record since 2000. Smith said in an interview: when you see Manning completed a first attack run, I just want to say, my God, that's the traditional quarterback ah, he and Tom Brady (Tom Brady) is a model in this regard. obviously Smith's comments are playing for his former teammates.GAME LOGTACKLESFUMBLESINTERCEPTIONSDATEOPPRESULTCOMBTOTALASTSACKSTFSTFYDSFFKBINTYDSAVGLNGTDPDSun 1/28W 24-234220.Sat 1/13L 14-353210.Sat 1/6W 22-214130.Sun 12/31W 15-104311.Sun 12/24L 23-276330.Complete Game Log ?

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