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Spain issued a statement denying the political tendency of Jersey to cancel other _ _ oriental sports news live to see it pays attention to us comprehensive sports east sports 〉 comprehensive sports 〉 Spain's jersey issued a cancellation statement, denying political inclination, Spain's jersey issued a cancellation statement denying political inclination. 2017-11-08 07:53:39 tiger putter sports tiger in November 8th -- the day before yesterday, Adidas officially released the Spanish national team at the world cup in New Jersey next year, but the New Jersey and the Spanish national team in the 1994 World Cup in the United States when the shirt is very similar to that in the right shirt has dark and yellow vertical strip, which makes the Spanish national team jersey looks like new printed on the flag of the Republic of the Spanish Civil war. Bu cheap nfl jerseys free shipping t according to the official Spanish Football Association, the dark part of the New Jersey was not blue but purple, not the same as the national flag of the Republic. , despite this, the New Jersey has caused great controversy. After discussion and research, Adidas and the Spanish Football Association decided to cancel the launching ceremony of the New Jersey. The players will take a picture while training, but there will be no New Jersey unveiling ceremony. later, Adidas also issued an official statement that they did not have any political tendency to design their shirts. [source: ASP] returns home Oriental Sports 〉 〉 12 next 24 hours hot text to see more 〉 〉 small selection of popular video to see more 〉 〉 see all 〉 hot sports related anecdotes today wonderful atlas recommended reading in NBA Spanish Premier CBA comprehensive sports recommended for you ENJOYZ football equipment network 1 days ago Sohu Sports 2 days ago little Kim 1 days ago German football field Tatort 2 days ago Sohu Sports 1 days ago ENJOYZ football equipment network 6 days ago people's knowledge 1 days ago chicks 2 days ago Sohu sports 23 hours ago Even even football 1 days ago shoes and dogs 2 days ago Sohu sports 22 hours ago ENJOYZ football equipment network 1 days ago ENJOYZ football equipment network 1 days agoThe official website of NFL | Aigo backup quarterback dispute two year round pick preemption | football last week, after the performance of Ryan Malet (Ryan Mallet) in his reporting performance, did the new England patriot lineup change in the depth quarterback position? when Tom Brady (Tom Brady) local time on Friday against the Philadelphia hawks only participated in the two wave of attack on the fate of the rest, is a rookie Jimmy - Benguela Mandelbrot (Jimmy Garoppolo) became the No. two quarterback. Grab Lo quickly led the offensive team finished two impressive scoring offense, first is to complete the full guard James Devlin (James Develin) touchdown pass after pass to wide receiver Brandon Rafael (Brandon Lafell) completed a touchdown, and at the same time, frustrated malette only sidelines. Bill Biliqieke (Bill Belichick) NFL is the most difficult to predict one of the coach. He has the habit of trying to turn the team's depth to the top of the game second weeks before the season. now think are become the number one Glasgow lock Brady is stupid bench. but if the Patriots last only two quarterback, mallet is the one to leave.recently, the executive officer of the Dallas cowboy, said in a radio interview that the team made a clear refusal to sign a talent show for a veteran. he said, "the team's trade show is signing Adrian Peterson (Adrian Peterson)? We're not going to sign a new veteran with any show. " Peterson is 30 years old. He doesn't want to play in the Minnesota Vikings anymore. He has been in touch with Dallas. At present, the cowboys have the first round of 27 and second rounds of 60 pick draft, if they do not pack Peterson, they will also choose a runner. well, if you really like the interview said, then obviously Peterson next season may not appear in Dallas, unless there are other cowboy arrangements."Like the players, fans also aspire to be loyal to classics while pursuing excellence. Therefore, we meet the aspirations of players and fans, retain classic elements in design, and integrate into the most advanced technology at present, to meet the needs from field to street, street to stadium."

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