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The official website of NFL | Bill and the jets game tickets will be distributed to the public free | football this week, the competition between Buffalo Bill and New York jet was delayed to Beijing time due to snow disaster in Buffalo area. At 6 a.m. on Tuesday morning, the venue was also replaced by a neutral Detroit. The Detroit lion then said on the team's official website that the tickets for the game will be issued to the public free of charge and will not be charged. At the same time, the lion also said that fans holding tickets for the original venue should also be allowed to enter the Ford stadium in Detroit to watch the game. these free tic cheap nfl jerseys free shipping kets will be issued at 10 a.m. on Saturday in the United States and East. All the seats can be seated, first come first. In addition, satellite TV operator DirecTV said on Friday that the game will be broadcast by Sunday Ticket, so that the local residents of buffalo and New York can see the match on TV.Baltimore safetys wedell Eric crow (Eric Weddle) said after the team hard win he will eat some ice cream as a celebration. Weddle does not love sweets, but indulges in sweets. he said: "every time I will consume a gallon of ice cream, I will eat a little, then one hour after Sunday's game at half-time, I have second copies of the game on Sunday so I almost want to eat a gallon of ice cream, this is really bad." Weddle also revealed that her favorite flavor is caramel and Oreo tastes. In November 28th's victory, Weddle tweet wrote, "to celebrate victory, Oreo ice cream and caramel taste is delicious." When was asked to do it when he was asked to lose, Weddle's answer, "I hardly touch ice cream." It's clear that losing is not a bad thing for him. ? left Jiefeng George Venter (George Fant) when the summer ACL tear, the Seahawks did not consider looking for a veteran free agent reinforcement. But the story is different now. According to ESPN reporter Yates Rumsfeld (Field Yates) reported on Monday, the Seahawks workouts Brandon - Albert (Branden Albert). Albert was briefly retired and returned to NFL by Jaguar in August. Seahawk previously used Rees Audi Iyambo (Rees Odhiambo) instead of the first attack but they fight, group output in bye need not week to rectify. Left guard Luke - Joe Cole (Luke Joeckel) will undergo knee surgery this week. if Joe Cole has to be absent after the recovery, Audi can be a temporary nurse, but it is too early to say.The official website of NFL |: a team manager Edelman is the cover of | rugby union the new England patriots fans have been asking who is outside their take over, now this man appeared. Julian Edelman (Julian Edelman) received an anonymous general manager of praise, he said Edelman is now the cover of the NFL alliance. This comment is just the famous ESPN reporter Mel kiper (Mel Kiper) recorded, he believes that Edelman ranked in the 2009 draft of the fourth strength. Edelman was a draft in 2009. He was a quarterback in college, and now he has completed 197 catches, 2028 yards and 10 touchdown. In the forty-ninth super bowl, he became the goal of passing the ball 12 times 9 times to advance 109 yards and 1 array. Edelman is a dangerous player, he has a sense of harmony and good feeling, and superior speed easily let him rip the Seahawks defensive.

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