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N correspondent Chen Shengzhong correspondent Xu Jinxiong Lin Lijuan A man of 80 Washington Putian blamed the serious cases of infringement of intellectual property rights, worth more than 700 million yuan. Yesterday, the reporter learned that Putian Chengxiang District procuratorate recently in accordance with the law suspected of selling counterfeit registered trademarks of commodity crime approved the arrest of a criminal suspect. is reported that the suspect Fang was born in March 17, 1980, the secondary school culture. In mid February last year, a 300 thousand yuan investment in housing in the vicinity of Putian city blood center and near the road of literature Simon District, were used as a warehouse and stores, from the city of Jinjiang clothing purchase of counterfeit Nike, Adidas, MLB and other signs of Jersey sales network through "Datang Jersey home" website. in the meantime, the store distribution side of a name card sent to Putian local network engaged in trade, and gradually expand the sales channels, the warehouse is responsible for the packaging and dis cheap nfl jerseys free shipping tribution of up to six employees. in March 20th of this year, after receiving the report from the Putian police, 450 thousand Nike shirts, NFL jerseys, 200 Adidas shirts and 35 thousand ball Jersey marked MLB trademarks were found in the warehouse of Fang. by Nike and Adidas Corporation for sample identification, the jersey of counterfeit products, worth 705 million 656 thousand yuan.????????????????-??????Geno Smith???????????????????IK-?????????IK.Enemkpali???????????????????????????????6??10?????? As a result, the veteran Ryan Fitzpatrick will automatically become the first quarterback. this is not a bad thing for the jets, Fitzpatrick in the League for many years, the typical is better than some worse than the last season with Houston he Dezhou effect, surprising show a good offensive efficiency, ranked in all season scoring fifteenth quarterback, the new evaluation system in the occupation football website focusing in his score, a vastly higher than keno Smith. Although according to various media reports said Smith in the offseason qinxuekulian, is expected to make progress in the new season, but according to his first two season's performance, it is difficult to give too high expectations. In contrast, "Harvard brother" Fitzpatrick is obviously a better quarterback, he worked in the buffalo Bill and jet current offensive coordinator gailey (Chan Gailey) - money in all, two people with fairly understanding, the ball plus jet current lineup is not wrong, but let the people for the Fitzpatrick new season a lot of expectations.The official website of NFL | giant Pierre Paul: adhere to the renewal is not worth the discount | football New York giants defensive end front Jason Pierre Paul (Jason Pierre-Paul) is obviously paying attention. At the age of 26, the end of the season's contract is about to expire. He was asked if he would consider the pay discount when he was asked to renew his contract with his old family. His answer was: This is a commercial act, which will affect my family. looks like the answer. He the season with 10.5 sacks with the Saint Louis rams - Robert Quin (Robert Quinn) parallel alliance eleventh, first 11 games of the season only 3.5 times, but the last 4 games and scored 7 sacks, but considering the last 4 match was sacked in the League after the 10 rate. and he was a good runner this season, and his 46 independent escapement took all 4-3 of the league's defensive fronts. In many ways, Houston bears the same defensive performance as the Chicago defensive team Lamarr Houston in the Oakland Raiders in 2013, and he signed a big contract of 5 years and 35 million dollars with Chicago in this season, of which the guarantee money is 15 million. and Pierre Paul's career record is 16.5 times, and he wants to test the water free market for big contracts. The value of defensive fronts may not be that big. Last year, the Tampa Bay pirates signed a 5 year contract of Michael Johnson (Michael Johnson) for 43 million 750 thousand dollars.The official website of NFL | Indianapolis pony year contract renewal Mathis | Rugby Indianapolis little horse won't be able to get Robert Mathis (Robert Mathis) to make a contribution on the court this year. But that did not stop them from keeping the old man to pass the ball. pony announced on Tuesday that Mathis had signed a 1 - year contract renewal, and his contract will end in the 2016 season. Mathis has been punished for his 4 punishment for violating NFL's performance of drug use, but he has been reimbursed for his season because of his laceration of Achilles tendon in private training recently. NFL official website reporter Albert Brill (Albert Breer), according to people familiar with the matter, said Mathis was put on the list of non football injury reasons this year (non-football injury list), and he would get all 6 million dollars salary. His salary in 2016 will also be $6 million. , 33, was one of the best defenders of the season, leading the league with 19.5 escapement and playing the best squad for a while. The pony lost 8 games in the first 4 games in the absence of their best pass. Despite the injury, continues to play an important role in the team. Coach chuck ppagano's (Chuck Pagano) who met with reporters on Monday called Mathis the assistant coach. This is a very well paid assistant coach.

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