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The official website of NFL | Eagles defensive coordinator: Kelly won't go anywhere | football Philadelphia eagle on a defeated indicates that the team will have new changes, but Davies has the team's defensive coordinator Bill (Bill Davis) said the coach chip Kelly (Chip Kelly) will not leave. Kelly had been invited by the head coach of a university after receiving news from . Davies said in an interview that Kelly would not go anywhere. I assure him that this is undisputed. He is a soldier and he will not run away. It is reported that the university may be a University of Southern Calif or a Louisiana State University. Kelly's coaching in Philadelphia was perfect at the beginning, leading the team into the playoffs. But after the rest season, the key players were released. The players who did not adapt to the team system led to a series of terrible consequences. no matter whether Kelly agrees to ta cheap nfl jerseys free shipping ke the position of chief coach of University, his way to Philadelphia is almost at the end. But maybe there is a coach position of NFL team worth winning. That is Tennessee Titan, his quarterback of University of Oregon.Colin Capet (Nick Colin Kaepernick) still stay in San Francisco 49 'lines have been less likely to look and trading. Unless the 49 men suddenly cut him off, Capet Nick looks destined to spend 2016 seasons in 49 people, which means he will compete with Blaine Gabbert for the first place. in order to win the starting job, Capet Nick must return to health, he had in the offseason respectively in the left shoulder, right thumb and knee surgery. He was a step closer to recovering his health. 49 people didn't pick Geoff Driskel Driscoll in the draft until the sixth round. Capet Nick or Gabot made the way to start the next season, Jeff. Capet Nick in the team's new coach. Kelly (Chip Kelly) is more suitable and more contracts in the offense, if two people competition it may let him take advantage of. But according to reports in the current training and excellent BOT dominate the team. To win the start, Capet Nick has to get back to health. Passing is the first step to test your health.Seattle Seahawks by news again, the team rookie running back Thomas Rawls (Thomas Rawls) an ankle injury in this week's game, he will be out for the rest of the season. Pete Carroll, the coach, confirmed the news. Rawls was injured in the first attack of the seahawks. as a undrafted Rawls this season, Sean - Lynch in the horse (Marshawn Lynch) injury, he has accumulated 786 yards to 5.6 yards, F. Although he only played 7 times, the number of punching balls has entered the first ten of the league. after losing Rawls, with the Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson (Russell - Wilson) excellent play, at the same time to get 4 wins in a favorable position in the wild card race. However, in order to further, the Seahawks need to find the right staff to share the Wilson running back pressure as soon as possible.The official website of NFL | rams Coach: quarterback | football team intends to draft pick , who won the quarterback Nick Foles transaction this month, did not dispel the idea that Saint Louis ram wanted to add a quarterback to the draft. we were interested in choosing a quarterback, and coach Geoff Fisher (Jeff Fisher) told the media at the NFL conference this week. Getting the Nick's deal won't affect our decision in the draft. at the Florida State University four Wei Jie, Winston Metz (Jameis Winston) and University of Oregon quarterback Marcus Mario Kobita (Marcus Mariota) may in turn to the top tenth rams have long been picked out of the case, sounds may be in the ram just behind the round pick quarterback. NFL official website draft expert Mike (Mike Mayock) - Mei York that Brice of the Baylor University - Patti (Bryce Petty), University of California at Los Angeles, Bret - Hendry (Brett Hundley) and the Colorado State University Garrett Grayson (Garrett Grayson) few people left the best quarterback, but the ram is looking in through the transaction (Sam - Bradford Sam Bradford) to the Philadelphia hawks are Fuchs behind the bench for the rookie quarterback Austen Davies and backup quarterback (Austin Davis) and Keith Nan (Case Keenum) - based competition playing time. Fisher talked to Patti, said he had a very strong arms and good business performance test. The rookie will meet with the ram before the draft. no matter what the goats have done in the draft, it is still the eye for foes to have long lost stability to the quarterback. If he can't do it, don't count on Davies, he or the rookie can save the team.

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