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1986 summer, Abu of southern New Mexico Albuquerque that day ushered in fifty newborns, the Forster family also welcomed a son, ariane. 's father Carle is also an olive fan. He is not only a football player, but also a University of New Mexico catcher. He left a little bit in Denver wild horse to become a professional player. Ariane has a brother Abdul, and said he was madly in love football, but rather he is the brother of the "tail", but he is also a lack of football talent, one family football dream, lies in the body of the. Carle is an African American father, mother Bernadette is a Mexico born American, this family is destined not too rich, but no fine clothes, football spend enough! At the age of seven after the first contact with football, Ariane has become a "Crazy", primary school teacher asked him a question: "what you want to do after growing up?" "Become a NFL first!" The same with many young players in the NFL, the waste with no place of youth in track and field, but also with many different players, very small when the dream is to b cheap nfl jerseys free shipping ecome a running back, enjoy the pleasure of go by like the wind speed. The family moved to San Diego, joined the Sean Bay High School Ariane m, 2004 the crazy high season, he frantically 2000+ codes and recorded 24 touchdowns, won the best player in the league, then let Tennessee Randy Saunders and running back coach Trooper Taylor enamored, then offer a scholarship, "as we return to Tennessee play it." One year after the 2005 season of red, became the first NCAA rookie season, Gerrard's injury after Ariane lucky to become a starter, and cut down the third in the game against the Vanderbilt University game total number. The 2006 season and LaMarcus Kirk formed a volunteer army "to run the health committee", which makes some backward Ariane in data, but some of the game was a shining moment to see his strength. The 2006 season has become number one Ariane volunteer army offensive weapons, not only to punch the ball over a thousand yards 12 down touchdown, the ball part has 39 catches for 340 yards, if at this time to participate in the draft, then will enter at least three ariane. About ten years ago, the volunteer army coach Philip Fulmer successfully persuaded back Payton Manning to go back to school after the big round, this time to stay, he was successful! This makes the Fulmer smile, said "the beast will usher in a large round." Often backfire at the beginning of the season, the knee injury is not caused by injury, but he cannot fully, which makes his performance and data plummeted. After the end of the season, the school broke the record number of punching ball, punching ball Mawang become history he is happy, but not bad, the four seasons, has begun to affect his future occupation career. college Ariane 650 times in total only 5 times to punch the ball off the ball, a coincidence, but dropped the ball several times in some weight 〉The official website of NFL | wilfork: Lynch is the strongest League running back | football who is the best running guard in the league now? DeMarco - Murray (DeMarco Murray) in the code number on the way ahead, leviant - Baer (Le 'Veon Bell) to run, but the new England patriots defensive tackle Vince wilfork (Vince Wilfork) believes that the Seattle Seahawks running back Sean Lynch MA (Marshawn Lynch) is the best. volflock said he looked better and better. After more critical games, he has entered a new realm. This is the sign of a great player, and he is the best runner in the league. As long as the ball is in his hands, he can kill his opponent at any time. In the 2014 season, Lynch made his opponents 101 times, and the data led the league. In the past 4 years, he has averaged 1612 yards, 14 times a season. Lynch in the playoffs in the same eye-catching performance, there are 5 single field push over a hundred yards, totaled 8 touchdowns. As the absolute core Seahawks offensive group, Lynch hopes to lead the team won the Super Bowl champion. If he can accomplish this feat, he may have a chance to hit the hall of fame in the future.even-even soccer equipment network Pakistan a giants Flamengo club recently to join Adidas launched a new season home court jersey. The New Jersey continued to use the traditional black color collocation Club plus white details. 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