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even-even soccer equipment network Nike company and the French club Paris Saint Germain launched a new classic and modern work team - New Jersey in New York today, the Ligue 1 side will be wearing a white shirt and a delicate and elegant style of Paris to defend the honor in the new season. The shirt has the details of red and navy blue, and the underneath is white shorts and socks. the shoulders and sleeves from the low-key fine lines of the city of Paris as a fashion capital of the world's reputation, as light as fine lines reminiscent of Paris's nickname "La Ville Lumiè re (Twilight)". this shirt is not only reflected the details of the design of the Nike logo, more players to provide the performance, technology innovation and sustainable environmental protection kits. Nike Dri-FIT technology can absorb sweat from the body to the outer surface of the Jersey and quickly evaporate. It will keep the players dry and comfortable and put into the game at the best.The official website of NFL | Saint Louis rams and the ma cheap nfl jerseys free shipping in defensive end signed 6 years | football Saint Louis rams ensure that Robert Quin (Robert Quinn), a powerful passing player, will still be able to play for them in the future. NFL official website reporter Ian Rapoport (Ian Rapoport), according to people familiar with the news, said Quin signed a 6 year, 65 million 600 thousand U.S. dollar extension contract, the contract includes 41 million 200 thousand dollars of guaranteed income, which will keep him in the 2019 season of ram. Quin's rookie contract is 2 years left, so the team has to abolish his remaining 2 - year contract to sign a new 6 - year contract. It was a happy day for Saint Louis rams and Robert - Quin, and general manager Les Snead said in a statement by the team. Since he came to the team, Robert has grown to be one of the most destructive forces in the defensive end position. , 24, is one of the most dominant passing players in the league. He got 19 shots in 2013 and was the first to be the best team. Quin should be more popular last season in the competition of the best defensive player. If he plays in a big market team, he should get more touting. Quin each in his first three seasons in the season's contribution is gradually increased, from 19 to 10.5 captured and killed 5 times to capture a monster like last season. The four - grade player made 34.5 escapement with only 48 games. The 2011 fourteenth - position rookie is the cornerstone of the defensive front's defensive team. As the leader of NFL's best defensive frontline, Quin is undergoing ankle surgery on his teammate Chris Lang (Chris Long) and will take more responsibilities when he is at least 8 weeks away. The rams defense team is the basis for the possibility that it will be the bottom of the National League. The team in the future will be expected to count on the defensive team. The ram knows that Quin will play an important role in future success, and they generously give Quin a new contract.Philadelphia eagles in third weeks before the season match match away to 39:26 victory over the Green Bay Packers, it is worth mentioning that all scores are from the first half of the. The eagle's firepower in the first half was so fierce that it was mainly due to the hot quarterback Sam Bradford (Sam Bradford). ; ";"; ";"; ";"; ";"; ";"; ";"; ";"; ";"; ";"; ";"; ";"; ";"; ";"; ";"; ";"; ";"; ";"; ";"; ";"Bradford a game will quickly enter the state, in the first quarter of 10 and 10, with 121 yards and 3 touchdowns, completely off the hook packers defensive. Subsequently, Mark Sanchez, who took the place of its Mark Sanchez, also performed well. He continued to lead the hawk attack team all the way, and scored a high score of 39 points before the end of the first half. The showed the strong strength in the preseason, the three preseason game with high score big points difference won easily, their attack rate allowed their opponents to be caught off guard so even a few, the backup quarterback average strength, still can continue to advance in the game to complete. also ran the main Wei dema branch - Murray (DeMarco Murray) 6 run with 28 yards, look good. Jordan Mathews (Jordan Mathews), the team's number one, still took 51 yards in the very limited time. The Hawks are advancing at full speed to meet the new season.The official website of NFL | Green Bay Packers preseason ticket fares lower | football Green Bay Packers have sold all the tickets for the team since 1950s. but the packers season ticket owners this season have to pay more for the regular season, the relative will be compensated in the preseason ticket. , it is reported that the tickets for the packers will be 45 dollars or 62 dollars for the pre-season match, which is not very cheap. The regular season tickets will be 95 dollars and 122 dollars, compared with the original increase of 5%. , according to the survey, the ticket price of packers is in the nineteenth place of the league. Because the packers are fans and shareholders, and the only thing in the US is the sports sector. The increase of revenue may be to fill the cost of renovation before the stadium.

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