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this summer Losangeles goats will be the target of the HBO TV station "hard man training camp". does filming affect the concentration of the players' training? The answer of the ram is "no". rams coach Geoff - Fisher (Jeff Fisher) said, he and the coaching staff and the players had to communicate, players will not be taken, he explained: "we hope that this will be the best shooting, we need such a way to show our own players, is amiable and easy of approach. They know what is the most important, we have had to communicate." , in fact, in the past few years, the team that shot hard training camp is not an advantage. The defending team Aaron Aaron Aaron said, "it's just a video camera facing you. Is it not the same when we play?" ram has just moved from Saint Louis to Losangeles, the four rookie guard Jared gove in the draft (Jared Goff), they need the attention of the outside world, because so far no one cheap nfl jerseys free shipping thinks they can stronger than last season.although it's still unknown whether the Andrew Luck can play in the first week, but at least it can be sure that the corner guard Feng Tai Davies (Vontae Davis) will be absent. Andrew will be absent. on Tuesday U.S. time, coach chuck ppagano's (Chuck Pagano) confirmed that Davies will be out for a few weeks due to a groin injury. Davies was injured on Saturday night against the Steelers in the game. offseason experienced new general manager Chris - Ballard (Chris Ballard) the reshuffle after reconstruction, Davies is a defensive player in a group. In addition to his good performance, his durability is the key reason why he has been able to stay in the team: in the last four years he only missed three games. in the two round of Saturday's game show Quincy Werwilson (Quincy Wilson) - Lashaan injury absence, Melvin (Rashaan Melvin) together with Davies starting. Werwilson Monday to return to training, he and Hairston five round pick Nate (Nate Hairston), Chris (Chris Culliver), Kulifo concores - White (Corey White) and the two round of the 2016 T.J. show Green (T.J. Green) will be the candidate for this position.Washington chief Jay gall (Jay Gruden) has previously said that several veterans are hopeful to overcome the injuries and make a contribution to the team. Washington according to media reports, Garrett Gruden to outside linebacker Junior - (Junior Galette) regression optimistic. Garrett has not played the Achilles tendon for two years in a row. "he can run and lift it now. There's nothing wrong with it." Gruden said, "but we may not allow him to participate in the offseason team activities, but I hope he can return to the training camp in intact." if Garrett is able to keep fit, he will be able to provide an urgent threat to the red skin. groden also said the veteran defender DAngelo Holzer (DeAngelo Hall) had a return sign. Last September Holzer tore ACL, if the injury is good, we may be able to see the safety in the field.The official website of NFL | Payton Manning was confirmed to play rugby playing hurt | 's discussion around the Denver wild horse quarterback Payton Manning (Peyton Manning) over the past few weeks may now be different. NFL official website reporter Albert Brill (Albert Breer) pointed out that Manning had been diagnosed with four muscle injuries in December, but he did not tell most of the details of the others, according to team members' information on Monday. For Manning's injury, the ESPN message was torn for four muscles, while Fawkes sports's Jay Glazer (Jay Glazer) was injured by four sides of both sides of the Manning, including one side pull (or partial tear) and the other side was serious contusion. The 38 year old quarterback for a 990 yard on 121 December 77 passes successfully, 3 touchdowns 6 passes was steals, the performance in the playoffs playing worse, he lost to the Indianapolis team in 13-24 games in the pony had only completed 56% passes and 1 touchdowns. , of course, Manning himself wouldn't use the injury as an excuse. Even though it makes people understand why wild horse will try new tactics in offensive team recently, wild horse still missed the chance to compete in the United States Championship and enter the super bowl for second consecutive years. In an interview after the game, Manning did not comment on the return of the 2015 season, which may be related to his state of mind at the moment. He is not only unable to perform the performance of his own standards, but may also take a long time and endure the pain of the injury. will he be back in the next season knowing that he may still have a similar encounter?

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