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even-even soccer equipment network Adidas company and the French club Lyon jointly launched a new second team in the 2017-18 season Away Jersey, New Jersey created by the club, the players and the Adidas, black, grey and white building a deep, elegant form, provide more choices for the team in the remainder of this season.'s recent answer to the rest of the population that has seen Robert Griffin III III (Robert Griffin III) in the rest of the season has been mediocre. ESPN expert said: "if he looks dreamy, it must be you overestimate his voluntary training camp. I mean, this training is mainly touch rather than confrontation, so Griffin didn't leave any deep impression, I am not sure whether this is a bad thing, he is learning a new offense, but all the premise is to keep him healthy, so a positive place lies in the training the camp he looks very healthy, we can only look forward to the July 29th camp." expert Grossi also gives his own opinion: "I watched all of their training, from the cheap nfl jerseys free shipping beginning of 90s the first time I saw such a passing quarterback, like his passing in the yard to throw the ball, in addition, his slide training seems to tell us" who said I can not slide, so we need to wait for the July camp on him." , this is not the first time anyone has commentary on Griffin's training condition for business trip. For him, it is not necessary for him to show his basic passing ability and skating ability to the outside world. Everything seems to be in a bad direction.Pittsburgh Steelers linebacker James Harrison (James Harrison) not to retire. retired and was persuaded to return to the team for more than two years. Harrison, 38, didn't let anyone worry about his future after losing 17-36 to the new England patriots. "I haven't finished yet," Harrison told reporters in the dressing room. Harrison released his own training video on personal social media and will still spend a lot of money in maintaining his body. He said the money would be between 400 thousand and 600 thousand dollars. Harrison still seems to be able to offer a lot of excellent performance. He has made 2 hits and 1 copies of the ball in 53 times this season. The Steelers defense needs his existence, he can continue to attack the opponent attack trouble. Not what can motivate him at least one more year than the lost in the distance to the super bowl and when one step away. No Steelers held in February won the parade, but they might celebrate Harrison will leave the team.Beijing time on Friday October 21st at 8:30 in the morning, NFL seventh weeks of the regular season game kicks off, 3 wins and 2 losses of the Green Bay Packers home court against 1 wins and 5 Chicago bears. Green Bay star quarterback Aaron Rodgers (Aaron Rodgers) career 16 time against Chicago, a record of 12 - 4 negative, occupying an absolute advantage. However, last season, Green Bay had lost 13-17 home court bears, Chicago spoiler Bret faffe (Brett Favre) Jersey retirement ceremony. at present, quarterback Aaron Rodgers this season - 60.2% ball hit rate of only twenty-sixth in the league, plus the main running back Eddie RESINES (Eddie Lacy) for the season, James - Starks (James Starks) from about 4 weeks, the Green Bay attack group can get rid of the game will collapse a large watch. In the aspect of bears, quarterback Blaine Brian Hoyer's quarterback score has reached 100.8, and four games and half games have passed 6 to 0. However, their record is only 1 wins and 5 defeats. In order to win a victory, the performance of the defending team is very important. Green Bay first sent the defense of their own, they have succeeded in forcing the bears out of gear. Aaron Rodgers led the team into the other half, four stalls 4 yards, wide receiver Nielsen (Jordy Nelson) through the ball 9 yards. Randall Cobb (Randall Cobb) in the end is not the final ball, kicker Mason Crosby (Mason Crosby) 32 yard free kick hit, the packers lead 3:0. The bears took the Joshua Bellamy (Joshua Bellamy) Blaine Blaine to pass the ball for 25 yards, but they couldn't push on and had to play in the middle court. Jordi Nielsen made the bear tour Adrian Amos (Adrian Amos) defensive Defensive Pass Interference foul, pushing 44 yards. Came to the score line, four grade 1 yards. Running back the guest over Thailand - Montgomerie (Ty Montgomery) to punch the ball without fruit, Green Bay, the ball right away. second began, Blaine - Ko al led the bear team attack team from the 1 yards of the side to the 50 yards of the midfield, and had to abandon the kick again. Heuer tried to pass off injured in third. The packers quickly abandoned the kicks. The three quarterback quarterback Matt Barkley (Matt Barkley) was promoted to Heuer from the training team at the beginning of the season. Ran Wei katim - Kaili (Ka'Deem Carey) rushed the ball 24 yards, and then Barkley ran off completely, Al Jean Geoffrey (Alshon Jeffery) took the ball 11 yards. The last kicker Connor Barth (Connor Barth) 39 yards free kick, bear 3:3〉

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